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Lahore Smart CityIntroduction:

Lahore Smart City is the first smart city launched in Lahore. It was a paramount achievement of Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (Pvt) Ltd (FDH). It will be the second smart city in Pakistan after Capital Smart City Islamabad. They are renowned for their honest dedication and commitment to the real estate industry. Moreover, LDA has approve the NOC of Lahore Smart City.

Lahore Smart City Owners and Developers:

Lahore Smart City (LSC) is a joint project of HRL and FDH. They have pooled their expertise and resources to develop this state of the art housing project. FDH and HRL have embarked upon these projects to fulfill the growing demand for smart cities in the residential real estate district.

Projects like these will have a long-lasting effect on the lives of inhabitants. It has aimed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly environment to investors. It will offer the best living standards at affordable costs.

This blend of high standards at low rates was first available in Islamabad Smart City and now in Lahore Smart City. People are very excited after the announcement of this housing scheme. Investors are eager to invest in it.

This project is going to be the second of its kind in Pakistan`s real estate district. Developers are going to make sure that the living standard of these smart cities will outshine any renowned housing society in Pakistan. FDH and HRL are well-known for the esteemed execution of their real estate projects.

Surbana Jurong (SJ):

SJ is the master planner of LSC. It is one of the top leading real estate consultants in Asia for the development of infrastructure. The company was established in 2015 and is owned by the government of Singapore.

Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. (HRL):

HRL is the symbol of excellence in the real estate development district. HRL has come a long way to achieve this feat with their hard and honest work. The company has set many precedents in various fields for more than 50 years.

Future Development Holdings Private Limited (FDH):

FDH is in the club of leading real estate developers. It is part of the developers for LSC. FDH is famous for developing state of the art housing societies based on international standards.

Lahore Smart City Location:

The location of any society is the key factor in its performance along with other factors. Any investor is keen to know the location of a real estate project because investment return is also based on the premium locations of the residential projects.

 Lahore smart City Map

This is why the planners have chosen a major location of Lahore Smart City in Lahore which will be connected and accessible from the main locations and roads in Lahore. The detailed map of the smart city is yet to be revealed by the concerned authorities.

Lahore Smart City is located in close vicinity of one of the most beautiful and well-planned localities around it. It is located right close to the N-5 National Highway, Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station, and Lahore Bypass.

Smart City Lahore Accessibility:

LSC is accessible in the following ways:

Lahore Smart City Access Points

  • Approximately 01 min drive from N-5 National Highway
  • Approximately 01 min drive from Lahore Bypass
  • Approximately 01 min drive from Kala Shah Kaku Interchange
  • Approximately 07 min drive from Shamke Road
  • Approximately 10 min drive from Hardosohal Muslim Road

Nearby Housing Societies:

Lahore Smart City is located close to a number of main landmarks & residential areas, mentioned as following:

  • Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station
  • UET Kala Shah Kaku Campus
  • National Highway and Motorway Police Station
  • University of Health Sciences, KSK Campus
  • Rana Town
  • Rehman City Phase-6
  • Ferozwala
  • Chak No. 39
  • Chak No. 40
  • Chak No.43
  • Shahdara
  • Sher-e-Bangal Labour Colony
  • Rana Town
  • Gulshan e Babar
  • PEOPLES Colony

Lahore Smart City NOC:

The acquisition of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is the utmost priority of any housing project. This is also the first question of any investor whether the society is legal and duly approved by the concerned authorities. Lahore Smart City has already acquired the NOC from Lahore Development Authority (LDA). As per sources LSC has already acquired 20, 000 Kanal of premium land right next to the Lahore Bypass.

Master Plan of Lahore Smart City:

The management of Lahore Smart City has designed the master plan with utmost interest and enthusiasm. The LSC has initiated the preliminary offers for 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. These plots are limited in number.

Lahore Smart City Master Plan

The districts that are known to be part of the society are General, Executive, Financial, Educational, Health, Silicon, Sports, and Overseas. In the overseas district, the investors would have to prove their foreign residence and identity. This is mandatory only for investment in overseas districts.

Lahore Smart City – At a Glance:

Lahore Smart City enjoys the pleasure of launching another state of the art smart society in Pakistan which will be second of its kind. This revolution in the real estate district was made possible by the innovative thinking and ideas of the master planners.

It is planned to be launched soon by the side of Lahore Bypass road. Its concept is based on a nature-friendly principle and a green co-existence. A smart city based on smart principles will be a sustainable urban development wonder of Pakistan. It will encompass all the necessities on 20, 000 Kanal land.

After Karachi, Lahore has become the second most populous city of Pakistan. The population’s stress on the city is getting unbearable. In this situation, housing societies like this are changing the minds of the people to live in a new way where nature meets innovation. The distinguished urban planning will relieve the populous pressure away from Lahore City in a smart way.

Residential Areas in Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is a massive residential area, being developed on modern rules of urban planning. Once completed, it will be one of the most modern societies of Pakistan and Asia because smart is the new way of living.

Land Area of Lahore Smart City:

LSC is a city of dreams that covers 20, 000 Kanal areas of land offering a new way of living in a newly developed society. It is being planned and designed in a way that it will not let down the residents and interested investors. This will prove to be one of the largest housing societies in Lahore City.

Districts of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is divided into several districts. These districts will be distinguishable from one another, harboring specific features. These features will prove to become the famous identity of the districts. The blocks will be providing all the signature amenities of the smart city to every household.

Following are the districts of LSC:

  1. Gate Precinct District Lahore Smart City
  2. General District Lahore Smart City
  3. Overseas District Lahore Smart City
  4. Executive District Lahore Smart City
  5. Farmhouses District Lahore Smart City
  6. Healthcare District Lahore Smart City
  7. Sports District Lahore Smart City
  8. Silicon Valley District Lahore Smart City
  9. Education District Lahore Smart City
  10. Financial Square District Lahore Smart City

Districts of Lahore Smart City

General District of Lahore Smart City:

This is a block with all the facilities and amenities for the residents with beautiful lush green surroundings. It is solely built for residential purposes with houses, mosques, commercial areas, etc.

Overseas District of Lahore Smart City:

The Overseas District of LSC is one of the two initially launched residential areas. This district is also being developed for residential purposes. This block will only be available for the people living abroad and they will have to show their foreign identity to buy a property in this district.

This district will be developed solely keeping in mind the living ambience of foreigners abroad. It will be hard for the residents to tell the difference that whether they are living in some housing society of Pakistan or abroad. This level of perfection is only possible in Lahore Smart City.

Executive District of Lahore Smart City:

This is the second district that is being initially offered for the investors. The rest of the districts will be open for investors in the later section of developments. This district is also merely for residential purposes. It will have the amenities of parks, mosques houses, shops, malls, marts, walk and jogging tracks, parks, etc.

Farmhouses District of Lahore Smart City:

This district is for those who truly want to enjoy their life by living in a different style. It offers beautiful scenes with all the amenities of a smart city. Residents will have enough space to keep their pets and develop their kitchen garden where they will have the chance to develop a deep connection with nature.

Healthcare District of Lahore Smart City:

This district will be one of the biggest districts of the smart city as it will cater to all the medical needs of the residents. It is perceived to house a 500-bed hospital, big enough to treat a large number of patients with any kind of illnesses and medical emergencies.

Sports District of Lahore Smart City:

A wise man once said health is wealth. It is indeed true because you can only enjoy the blessings of life once you are healthy and health is one of the biggest blessings of God. This district is designed to keep the residents happy and healthy. It will have jogging and walking tracks, play areas, playing courts, parks, green areas with all the amenities and facilities.

Silicon District of Lahore Smart City:

Silicon District is going to be one of the main technology hubs of Pakistan. It will be dealing with most of the technical and technological areas. It will have the offices set up and customer care centers within it. The automated facilities of the society will also be handled by this district.

Educational District of Lahore Smart City:

Education provision will be a key focus area of the smart city. State of the art educational institutions with modern facilities educational institutions will be developed to provide the students with international level education so that they can compete regionally and globally and ensure the development of Pakistan by the hands of professionals and well-educated youth.

Gate Precinct:

It will be the first district when a person enters the residential society. It is the front face of society and so it is going to be developed as one of the most beautiful districts. It will give the facility of modern 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels as well as the villas and houses.

Financial Square:

This is the financial heart of the housing society. It will be developed with banks and other financial institutions and offices, with other conference halls and auditoriums, exhibition and expo centers with all the other facilities of the society.

Residential Plot Sizes in Lahore Smart City:

In the introductory information provided by the management of the LSC, there will be different sizes of plots available for investment. For now, only two districts have been offered to the people. The rest of them will be offered gradually. Following are the plot sizes in LSC:

Executive District of Lahore Smart City:

Following are the sizes of the plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Overseas District of Lahore Smart City:

Following are the sizes of the plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Farmhouses in Lahore Smart City:

LSC has also offered farmhouses for the investors looking for a place to live and invest like none other. Following are the sizes of farmhouses in LSC:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Villas in Lahore Smart City:

For people looking to live with a different perspective, this is the place to live their dream. Following are the sizes of villas:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Apartments in Lahore Smart City:

Apartments offer convenience in a compact area as per the requirements of the residents with all the facilities and amenities of a smart city. The sizes of the apartments are as follows:

  • Studio
  • 1 Bed
  • 2 Bed
  • 3 Bed

Documents Requirement for Booking in Lahore Smart City:

There is some requirement of the documents that you will need while booking your dream property in LSC. Following are the required documents:

  1. 2 passport size photos
  2. 2 photocopies of NICOP (in case of overseas)
  3. 2 photocopies of NADRA issued CNIC
  4. 2 photocopies of your next of kin
  5. Booking Form
  6. Booking Price

Lahore Smart City Payment Plans:

Prices and payment plans for plots fluctuate with time and it depends on different aspects of the real estate market, such as inflation and overall rates. Each district is located in a specific area with featured facilities so, and each district is offering different prices of plots.

Payment plans vary as per the categories of the plots. At the moment 3 years payment plan is being offered by the LSC. The following are the approximate plot prices to offer you an idea of rates.

Lahore Smart City 3.5 Yearly Payment Plan:

Lahore Smart Payment Plan

Booking Procedure for Lahore Smart City:

We want our esteemed audience and customers to follow this procedure for booking a property in Lahore Smart City:

  1. You will have to submit a 20% downpayment in favour of “Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd”.
  2. Fill, print, and download the application form. Please read the instructions carefully before filling the forms.
  3. Please attach the required documents with the application form.
  4. You will also have to show the original documents for verification.

Smart City Lahore Salient Features:

  • Smart City Lahore has paid a great deal of attention to international level infrastructure development. Every minute angle in the process of construction is being completed with full care. Local as well foreign engineers were consulted in this regard to implement their expertise.
  • The wide network of roads is well-planned and carpeted. Main boulevards, lanes, and streets are are part of the society.
  • Pedestrian walkways and jogging tracks will also be developed for the residents. It also gives a beautiful aesthetic to the look of society.
  • Smart City has no match in Pakistan and that is why it is providing international standards and efficient basic utilities such as electricity, gas, and water in a smart automated manner.
  • This is a gated community. A sense of safety is essential for the residents. LSC will ensure the safety of the residents by installing a state of the art security system with CCTV cameras and security guards to provide foolproof security to the residents.
  • This pioneering real estate project is providing the topmost medical facilities. Hospitals, laboratories, drugstores, and treatment centers are being developed to treat the patients.
  • Extremely qualified doctors and non-medical staff will be operating up-to-date healthcare machinery.
  • The rates of residential, commercial, and farmhouse plots are affordable in such an expensive-looking society. This opportunity should now be availed because with time the prices will shoot up.
  • Educational institutions are going to be the best in Pakistan to provide skilled knowledge and education to the residents. The courses available will be outstanding. To teach these courses and run the schools highly trained academic and non-academic persons will be employed.
  • Well-planned sewerage management & waste disposal system is being installed with the best expertise.
  • Modern business areas, marketplaces, and shopping centers/malls. Mega Mall will also be expected to the part of the master plan.
  • Parks and play areas will be the soul of this society.

Smart City Lahore Amenities & Facilities:

Lahore Smart City is planned to incorporate all modern housing society facilities and amenities. The level of automation and up-to-date facilities in this society will have no match in Pakistan. From its design phase to the construction phase, no detail has been missed to fulfill a world-class housing society.

All the amenities and facilities are being made possible by the hard work of architects, planners, designers, engineers, and other staff members. All this effort is going to ensure the provision of a luxurious lifestyle in smart and eco-friendly ways. Lahore Smart City is expected to be a magnificent housing society with lavish amenities at affordable costs.

Lahore Smart City Facilities

Jamia Mosque:

To fulfill the religious needs of the residents, the planners are going to develop a beautiful Jamia mosque with modern architecture and designs. Other small mosques will also be built. In this Jamia mosque, a large number of people will be able to perform their prayers at once without any congestion.

Road and Lane Infrastructure:

Its roads and another connection setup will provide an example for other builders and housing societies in Pakistan. This is going to be made possible because the LSC is introducing one of a kind infrastructures by smartly facilitating the people.

Recreational Spaces and Parks:

A lavish lifestyle needs healthy living ways. For this, the developers of the smart city have planned greenery, flower gardens, linear gardens, heritage gardens, lawns, parks, and other greenery which will be a signature part of the society that will be representative of it.

This is all to offer an environment-friendly ambience that will ensure the best possible health of inhabitants. Except for the infrastructure land, the rest of the land will be green areas.

Quality Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions will be one of the most important parts of this esteemed society. These institutions will play a crucial part in the mental development of the unripe minds of children, so that they may become part of civilized society and lead a successful life. The society will include the following:

  1. Universities
  2. Medical Colleges
  3. Schools
  4. Daycare Centers

Educational institutions are an essential part of any modern society. We need the best quality education for the progress and development of our personal lives and the country at a specific pace to meet the high global competition.

Safe Society:

A sense of safety is necessary for the healthy existence of any society. Lahore Smart City has made the foolproof mechanism of security a priority along with others. The housing society will install CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment is going to be installed in the buildings, houses, and society to provide comprehensive and quick safety to the people.

This will be a gated community where entry and exit points will be monitored with facial recognition systems to authorize the necessary people such as residents only safe entry and exit. This system will be up and running 24/7 by a trained and experienced security staff assisted by the security guards on the ground.

Medical Facilities:

This will be like no other residential society as it provides outstanding medical facilities. Lahore Smart City is going to provide the best healthcare services to its residents. These facilities will be state of the art. The doctors and non-medical staff will be highly trained to offer top-notch treatment 24/7.

These hospitals, labs, and clinics have the capacity to treat several patients and do it efficiently with the help of trained staff and medical specialists. Workload and patient load will not be an issue in the hospital of LSC.

24/7 Basic Utilities:

The developers have committed to providing the residents with a living experience that provide the best quality services. To beautify the society along with all the utilities at the doorstep. water pipelines, drainage pipelines, gas lines, and electricity lines are fitted and concealed underground. This is an excellent step towards making the residential scheme more beautiful and safe as well.

Planned Drainage System:

A failed drainage system completely fails a housing society. A working and efficient drainage system has enough potential to define a society`s development level. The drainage system of the smart city is designed with the capability to cope up with heavy storms, rain, and waste of the society.

This will be an automated system with manual controls in case of any emergency. The construction of a serviceable drainage system is critical for the accurate functioning of a residential society. Lahore Smart City has planned and laid the most excellent sewerage arrangement with wide sewerage pipelines for smooth drainage.

Pros & Cons:

The pros and cons of Lahore Smart City are the following:



24/7 Water (Water Treatment Plant) Perception of high prices
24/7 Electricity (Grid Station & Solar Farm)
24/7 Gas
Daycare Centers
Planned ThemeParks/Recreational Areas
Grocery Shops/Shopping Center/Markets/Malls/Marts
Peaceful/ Healthy/Secure Environment
Gated community with security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV Cameras & security guards
Very close to the main locations & other societies. Easy accessibility
Wide planned carpeted main boulevard, roads, streets, Lanes & Walkways for pedestrians, and street lights
Well Planned Drainage Systems
Green, smart and sustainable housing society in Islamabad
Police station to keep the law & order
Sewerage Treatment Plant
Security System
Irrigation System
Fire Extinguishing Mechanism
Civil Defense Systems
Solid Waste Disposal Mechanism
Free Wi-Fi Zones
Load shedding Free Zone
Electric Bikes
Automated Utility Supply
Automated & Central Traffic Control System

Guidelines to follow while purchasing/Sale of Plots in Lahore Smart City Islamabad:

Document Verification:

Please ensure, to always verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before getting into any purchase or sale of the property make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the Lahore Development Authority. In this way, your documentation will be valid by all means that may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before the conclusion of any transaction of any sale or purchase of the property, please make sure that your funds are in line with your purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be done without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the validity of documents, do visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground.

Why you Must Invest in Lahore Smart City?

This is an evergreen question that arises in the mind of an investor. They find reasons to trust us with his investment.

This is a million-dollar question. Let us satisfy your curiosity by answering this question for you. This is the 2nd smart city in Pakistan, the 5th smart city in Asia, and among the first 30 smart housing societies in the world. The level of automation and automated facilities is unprecedented in this society.

This society is a league of its own and cannot be compared with any other real estate project in Pakistan because this is a completely newly designed and developed project. This society is the merger of automation with technology. This was all made possible thanks to the innovation and experience of the consultants.

This is the time you must invest in this housing society because it is still in its initial phases. Once it is fully developed, its popularity will skyrocket along with its property prices. A wise man decides in time, so should you.

The management of LSC has already gained the NOC and related approval from Lahore Development Authority. There is no doubt that it will soon be approved and completely available for investors. So, waiting endlessly for no reason to invest in this project would not be a good idea. The most sought after characteristic of Lahore Smart City is the luxurious and futuristic lifestyle that it offers at affordable rates.

This is a housing society with distinct top-class infrastructure development. This level of infrastructure and facilities on a prime location with low rates is rare to find in Pakistan.


Lahore Smart City is a 20, 000 Kanal premium housing society, that is built for those who believe in the innovation of the future. Investors are already excited about the Lahore Smart City because they have witnessed the promises being fulfilled in the Capital Smart City Islamabad. People know that their trust in the developers will not be hampered and the level of satisfaction will remain high.

For more info, please visit Tajarat Properties.

It is called a smart city not just because of its name but in reality, it is indeed just that!


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