ICHS (Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Society) Town is a housing society with modern facilities, specially designed for the government employees lining in Islamabad.

The town was constructed in 1960, replacing Karachi as the capital of Pakistan after 1963. Because of the proximity of Islamabad to Rawalpindi, the cities are considered as sister cities.

Islamabad is a beautiful, spacious and calm city with plenty of greenery compared to other cities in this region. The town has a history that dates back to Asia’s oldest human dwellings. The first Aryans from Central Asia, former caravans from Asia and the enormous armies of Tamerlane and Alexander have been in this region.


beauty of ICHS Islamabad
The Margalla Hills are situated to the north of the city. The climate of this region is almost summarized by hot summers, monsoon rain and chilly winters with a light snowfall on the hills. The ecosystem of Islamabad also ranges from wild boar to leopards.

After Pakistan was founded in 1947, it became clear to represent the diversity of the Pakistani nation. So that a new and permanent capital city had to be created, it was deemed fitting to place the new capital, where it could be segregated and yet accessible from the remote corner of the world, from the market and commercial activities of Karachi.

Consequently, a committee was set up in 1958 to find an ideal site for the new capital, with a particular focus on location, environment, logistics and defence, aesthetics and natural and scenic beauty.

The housing ventures in the capital city of Pakistan makes it more valuable in the eyes of ordinary people, investors, and also overseas individuals to take interest and enjoy the standard way of life.

The rest is up to them whether they want to accommodate themselves in a low range of properties or high. They can enjoy every type of perks that people might wish to have in their lives.

Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Society:

Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Society (ICHS) town provide a completely facilitated and enjoyable experience for residents. The project has been registered by the Department of Cooperative Societies of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), and its registration number is 313.

It stretches over 1500 Kanal and is primarily planned to encourage families of the middle class who wish to choose a high-quality lifestyle. The developer is well aware of the benefits of this beautiful place that is also being highlighted in their promotional campaigns.

The proximity to the new airport, as well as to the State Life Society and Sawan Garden is excellent for their prospects for the future.

Furthermore, it seeks to host 35 to 40 thousand residents by supplying them with new amenities & services. The society offers regular facilities, including schools, clinics, a park, security screening 24/7, a jogging track, a community centre and mini golf club, a business market, masjids, and a sports complex.

ICHS Town Owner and Developer:

ICHS Town was developed in 1989. The proposal was taken by a coalition of government officials of that period.

Islamabad Co-operative Housing Society is designed by Zoom Developers who are also located in the federal city of Pakistan.

owner and developer ICHS

As per the current source, the developer has reserved about 9-15 Kanal of land for parks alone. Additionally, investors do not need to care about the necessary facilities, such as electricity, coal, and the daily availability of water.

Similarly, it is perceived to be one of the most accessible housing systems near the Islamabad capital. Thus, it also draws the attention of foreign citizens.


The No Objection Certificate (NOC)  was approved by the related departments, and here are the further details;

  • Registration No. 313, Cooperative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad.
  • NOC No. 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF from Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Fatah Jang.
  • NOC No.6/53/Misc./D-28/2008 from Ministry of Defense, Government of Pakistan.
  • NOC No. HQCAA/1124/44/ATS(P/C) 2693 from Civil Aviation Authority, Headquarters, Karachi.
  • NOC No. DD(EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892 from Environmental Protection Department, Government of Punjab.

ICHS Town Launch:

Multi Gardens was founded in 2004; however, with the establishment of the first housing development at E-11/3 called Islamabad Gardens in 1989 and E-11/1 in 2001, the business goes back.

The authorization by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) of layout designs for the community complies with prescribed rules and procedures.

Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Society (ICHS)Town Location:

The location of the society is in the vicinity of Tarnol & Fateh Jang that is 5 minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport via road. It is just 24 kilometres away from Zero Point Interchange, Islamabad. By immediate access, you can enter the Town location quickly via the main Kashmir Highway.


Besides, it is also accessible nearby Kasana Dam Road & Airport Cargo Road. The society is anticipated to be built over an area of 9000 Kanal of land located near Fateh Jang Road at about 24 KM from Zero Point. So, the housing society indeed seeks to satisfy the housing needs of about 35 to 40 thousand residents.

Proximity to New Islamabad International Airport:

It is located next to the CPEC route at a distance of just 3 km and only 4 km from New Islamabad International Airport.

The town provides beautiful views of the splendid Margalla Hills situated in the vicinity of Islamabad. The site is attracting the attention of both the developers and the fixed income community following the opening of the New Islamabad International Airport.

Just recently, Phase 1 -Extension announced the introduction of new plots in a publication. It is a tremendous long-term investment opportunity, particularly if you’re searching for inexpensive instalment plots.

Nearby Areas to ICHS Town:

The society is accessible by the roads at a direct distance, including; Fateh Jang (20 Km), Islamabad zero point (42 Km), Motorway (15 Km), Rawalpindi (37 Km), Murree (77 Km), Gandhara (42 Km), and Abbottabad (112 Km).

It’s only just a few minutes from Capital Smart City, including some of the region’s most influential landmark communities. Furthermore, it is relatively close to University Town, Mumtaz City, and Top City as well.

ICHS near by areas

ICHS Town Master Plan:

As you’ll see in the diagram, this magnificent housing society can be easily accessed from Ternot and Qatbal Village on Fateh Jang’s main lane, Attock Road. To prevent confusion, you could also conveniently find the location of Google map by browsing on your cell phones of Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society.The corporation is located at the intersection of 3 major cities of Pakistan: Fatah Jang, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Master plan ICHS Islamabad

Zoom developers design the master plan of this beautiful town. The illustration of the master plan will give you an immediate visual representation of how this project seems in reality.

Amenities & Facilities:

The Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Society is providing all the modern facilities and amenities at cost-friendly rates. The facilities are part of any contemporary luxurious society that could be termed as a complete residential scheme.

ICHS Amenities and facilities

Under Ground Electricity:

Underground cables have characteristics, such as coated, secured electrical wires, and discarded. Apart from the remote locations at which cable suppliers, such as ports, are exposed to antennas, terminal buildings and substations, underground distribution presents a relatively little risk, including no electrical or wildlife danger.

Street Lights:

Street lights are an essential part of general maintenance and contribute decisively to road safety at night. Street lighting presents some significant advantages. It may be used for protection promotion in urban areas and the enhancement of the quality of life by artificially extending light hours to enable development. Road lighting can also increase safety for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

street lights in ICHS Islamabad


The supply of gas is indeed essential for households, companies, communities, producers and others to depend on natural gas. Natural gas is a smooth-burning energy source used mostly for heating, cooling, production of electricity and the manufacture of primary materials (including steel and concrete), and many more.

The community is going to have this facility that will make them stand unique as compared with other housing ventures.

Sewerage System:

Wastewater sources are an incredibly essential component of municipal sanitation, which contributes to protecting the urban landscape and preventing the transmission of waterborne pathogens by distributing wastewater efficiently to the waste treatment plants.

Schools and College:

The institution routinely collects, assesses and reports statistics on student performances, like retention and graduation metrics as well as proof of student achievement. It officially expresses and responding its dedication effectively to intellectual integrity for instructors, workers and students.

Boundary Wall:

ICHS town community do have a boundary wall that ensures that the residents and everyone around is protected, and also they are living in a secure area. Such type of characteristics makes them stand unique as compared with other housing ventures.

Greens Belts:

It is a good and constructive initiative to build green belts on the roads. It stops urban growth and facilitates the critical recovery of our big cities. It provides 30 million residents in the countryside next door and safeguards the habitat of many of our ancient towns. It has many advantages, such as; protection of natural or semi-natural environments; better air quality in urban areas; ensuring that urban dwellers have access to rural areas with consequent opportunities for schooling and leisure.

Wide Carpeted Road Network:

The development has laid carpeted road network for its locals. It does provide them with the opportunity to walk and do the rest of the activities in a smooth and easy-going way. It makes them stand unique as compared with other housing ventures.

Jamia Masjid:

The mosques are usually an important symbolic location for a Muslim to transform pure divine power on earth, becoming a modest way for Muslims. The mosque is primarily meant to act as a venue where Muslims will participate in prayer. Also, the mosque is a place to worship, study and observe Ramadan celebrations.

ICHS Jamia Masjid

Similarly, an indicating mark with a “mihrab” wall – the niche that indicates the direction of Mecca must be identified, and where Muslims should be faced in prayer will be the simplistic mosque.

Parks and Play Areas:

Children are more attracted to societies where there are scenic playing areas and parks to enjoy. So, an appealing establishment of parks and playlands is going to be a different aspect that ICHS town community is going to have, and make them stand unique as compared with other housing ventures.


Fortunately, a prominent part of the health sector is hospitals. They constitute approximately 50 % of total health care costs in financial terms. The majority of the health care sector is dominated by institutionally.

Hospitals will also reinvest in innovative treatment patterns that reach far beyond the conventional walls of their clinics to discover new strategies to strengthen their customers’ wellbeing. It would be done by supplying disadvantaged patients with access to medical care, with promoting cutting-edge medical research and development.

Shopping Centers:

The facility of shopping malls is appealing for citizens to get out of the home for a while and do anything enjoyable. Shopping centres, including social activities, entertainment, events, product launches, competitions and festivals, will have a great experience.

People are more attracted by a similar approach, which provides both online and in-store discounted deals. It may not only contain exclusive offers such as “buy one, get one free” but also encompasses that users can exchange to win prizes with friends.

So, society is in high swing regarding developmental work. Anyone can visit the site and observe the levels of development to make one’s mind before making the right decision.

ICHS Town Project Descriptions

The ICHS Town initially categorized its area into six residential buildings and just 1 Kanal of housing units. In Quaid Block, new blocks have been introduced. Plots of 5, 7, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are offered on a 2.5-year easy installation plan.

ICHS Town Payment Plans:

At the start of the release, the procedure of registration was deliberately made simple to prospective customers. From 1 October 2015, registration forms were released at the selected banks of Silk Bank, and all the various branches of the major cities of Pakistan. So, the payment was supposed to be paid in instalments.

At present, the plots in old blocks are sold out and are only open for resale along with profit. The housing scheme has unveiled a simple remittance strategy for the community’s newest growth all over Pakistan.

ICHS Payment Plan Residential Plots

The housing company also has special discount rates available for government and semester personnel, Pakistani citizens overseas, Pakistani retired politicians, disabled individuals, widows and orphans.

The most exclusive discount describes residential society from other housing firms in the very same zone, such as Blue World City and Qurtaba City. These companies do not provide special discounts, while directed at people with low budgets and a fixed income.

Terms and conditions:

  • The total expense of the system is an extra premium of 10 per cent for all corner plots and the sections on Main Boulevard.
  • The allocation of residential plots is only for residential purposes, so failure to fulfil this term results in the cancellation of the distribution.

Development Update:

In Phase 1, nearly 50 per cent of work was performed on wastewater treatment lines, road networks and power lines. Despite the sluggish speed of construction work in phase 1, so the earthwork was only finished in 2 to 3 years and more.

The pace of growth has been slow for the past couple of years, but company management has taken up a substantial rate since the opening of the new International Airport of Islamabad.

With the CPEC route closer to this society, the growing economy in the area provides many opportunities and has effectively drawn several developers and investors to invest in this housing business.

Development update ICHS

The recent improvement in the area has contributed to increased prices in the community. Throughout the city, connectors are established for water, gas, power and telephone lines.

Also, the work on carpeted roads have been completed and are linked with the state-of-the-art 160-foot main boulevard in every section of society. Building construction is now finished on the main entrance gate as well as the boundaries of the housing project.

The solar lights on Main Boulevard have also been constructed to render the housing firm more eco happy and protected. Backup generators for all power outputs are also accessible

The drainage system for water and sewerage is also set up across the entire city. The whole development following the facility provided by the project is described earlier, and the new infrastructure offers its inhabitants a reasonable value for the money in properties.

Plots Possession Update:

The project has proposed to approve plot ownership in Phase I within 6 to 10 months. Still, the expansion process would take longer because it is a comparatively recent building block, and the construction work and legal requirements would take a bit of time. The administration of the building group demands two or three years before they are handed over.

sizes and prices of plots in ICHS

Application form:

Various banks would facilitate the application forms to book your plot in the ICHS Town. However, below is the attached file of how the application form would look like when the beneficiary is going to reserve a property via the concerned branch, i.e. Bank Alfalah;

The application form to book a plot in ICHS Town is as follows:

Application form ICHS Islamabad

Investment Standpoint:

Following are the investment standpoint:

  • Long-term investors held the sector competitive because it gives long-time developers a golden chance to invest in housing developments near the international airport of Islamabad.
  • Nonetheless, consider that this development must be long-term. If you retain the property for some time – assume the profit margin would be substantial for 4-5 years.
  • ICHS Town is developing at an unprecedented speed. In Phase 1, 70 per cent of construction was completed: drainage lines were laid, roads finalized, and a grid station constructed.
  • Real estate investment has been one of the most comfortable and most efficient ways of earning your profits and growing your wealth. The real estate is one of the best and risk-free businesses for all prosperous citizens around the world. Without much effort, they will generate higher income within a short period.
  • The housing scheme has been well developed and spectacular and has developed rapidly because of rising socioeconomic trends in the city. It presents an outstanding potential for investment and not only in the housing as well as in the industrial segments of society.
  • The efficiency and value of the investment are improved by the stable highways, well-engineered roads, new architecture and fully updated infrastructure.
  • During at least a year since purchase, keeping the property to make a high return on this project is exceptionally favourable. In the meantime, ownership would also help boost profits. The most advantageous situation is to hold the property for a longer duration, like 4-5 years so that your initial investment will benefit 100% overall.
  • Besides, the facilities in CPEC road and Kashmir Highway are now being built around the society. Furthermore, more routes have been developed. The structure is real indications of all these considerations.

Reasons to Invest in the ICHS Town Project:

The new trend in housing settlements has become critical and appealing in Pakistan because of the diverse and luxury facilities available through their management. The town offers people with all business values fair opportunity to enrich their lives.

Start debating several reasons that contribute to this society’s progress and invite everyone to participate in this venture.

1. Prime location:

One aspect determines the value of every property. And that is the site or location, which is among the main selling points in this residential building with a kind at the boundary of three major cities, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Fateh Jang.

Prime Location ICHS Islamabad

But why should the magnificent views of civilization be overlooked; the strategy demonstrates the stunning scenery of the Margalla hills that mesmerize its community.

2. Reasonable Rates

The above housing corporation has a significant contribution to increasing activity with economic prices. Investors who understand the real promise of this early-invested investment in society gain from the profit and valuation of their property. Working businesses in the CDA fields, such as B-17 Multi Gardens in capital city Islamabad, with comparable views and facilities, provide much higher prices and fewer commercial opportunities.

Therefore, it is not only easy to invest in this initiative but also extremely successful.

3. Convenient Installment Plans

The possibility that it provides multiple standard share sizes and simple instalment schemes is also another great incentive to spend your investments in this low-income housing community. The plots are accessible in residential and commercial blocks in society, from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal in more significant dimensions, so that you can develop in any layout.

With stable payments in instalments, everybody will invest in a positive tomorrow of this housing corporation. The plots are typically first-come, first-serve and are thus better to hold the property until all the top places are rented out.

4. Updated Amenities & Facilities

This housing development could not provide state-of-the-art amenities in its midst as offered by the leading companies in Pakistan. For example, Park View City or Bahria town, however, encompasses all the basic needs needed to live in a pleasant environment involving water, gas, power, shopping malls, shopping malls, parks, schools, hospitals and mosques.

5. Prospects – CPEC road

It is clear that such a housing scheme is next to the CPEC road and has endless possibilities and perspectives. Looking to invest in this scheme is still a smart choice, even without the intentions to use that for residential purposes; this housing venture has affordable commercial prospects. This place is to become a significant hub in the coming years.

Although it will become challenging to buy any property in this field, so we encourage you to engage in society and to appreciate the fruitful outcome of your investments for the rest of your life.

6. Improved Standard of Life

The housing company has a fantastic chance for its residents to enjoy a secure and calm lifestyle. It is never only blessed by design and fitted with new services but also located away from the major cities’ noise and emissions. However, this does not mean that the distance you drive from all nearby settlements is only a matter of minutes, so far, you can’t travel to or from civilization to the port. The housing business is a chance to improve the standard of living in a budget once in a lifetime.

7. Peaceful and Natural Setting of Society

The residential society is privileged with a pollution-free peaceful environment and emission. The beautiful sceneries of Margalla hills surrounding them provide for individuals who appreciate a calm and quiet atmosphere with no stresses and pressures in their everyday routines.

8. Special Discounted Rates

This residential property seeks to provide all socioeconomic values with equitable residential and industrial opportunities. To accomplish this project, the housing firms give the government and semi-government personnel, Pakistani Overseas, Pakistani Officers for Retired Workers, Disabled Persons, Widows, and Orphans directly correlated reductions to make the packages simple and to produce a better standard of life.

9. Recreational activities

The golf club and country club are one of the main attractions. It is an 18-hole playground and is a perfect playground for golfing enthusiasts. Besides that, there is also a golf academy where experienced instructors educate and tutor professional golf players through creative golfing techniques.

For families, there have been parks in those areas. Such gardens are commonly regarded as community parks. These green fields are lined with pathways for football, tennis and basketball.

There have been swings for the children’s joy and pleasure. Trampoline park is one of the famous highlights.


ICHS Town Islamabad plots rate is affordable, and also are accessible on the 3-year payment schedule.  This is a kind of one of the housing ventures which will soon drive Islamabad’s real estate market. It is significant of housing developments situated near the international airport of New Islamabad.

Multiple ventures where you can purchase a residential property close to Pakistan’s new aviation hub are the Capital Smart City & Eighteen Islamabad. Ask our representative for more information on the ICHS Town of Islamabad. We’ll keep you updated concerning the project.

So, ICHS Town is made up of a series of housing projects in the vicinity of New Islamabad International Airport. Only several of the recommendations to buy a residential property near Pakistan’s new international airport are Al Mairaj Garden, Smart City Capital, Blue World City Islamabad and Eighteen Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this society:

Q1. What is ICHS?

Ans. ICHS is an abbreviation of Islamabad Co-Operative Housing Societies. The society is established in the hub of Islamabad, near New Islamabad International Airport.

Q2. What are the pros of ICHS?

Ans. The pros of ICHS are:

  • Affordable rates
  • Vicinity to CPEC route
  • Routine facilities available
  • Gated Society
  • Eco-friendly neighbourhood
  • Shorter distance to access in Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  • Others

Q3. What are the cons of ICHS?

Ans. The cons of ICHS are the following:

  • Infrastructure structure is old-fashioned
  • Facilities are not luxurious
  • Fixed sizes of plots

Q4. What is the general area of the ICHS Town project?

Ans. The total area of ICHS town is almost 5500 Kanal of the land. But, with the expansion of the society, it will soon be extended to 9000-9001 Kanal of land.

Q5. Where is ICHS town sited?

Ans. The ICHS project is sited at the main Fateh Jang road that is mainly 42 kilometres from the main centre of zero points in Islamabad. Plus, it is at the distance of 4 kilometres only from the new Islamabad International Airport, and also 3 kilometres away from the CPEC route.

Q6. Who is the owner of ICHS town?

Ans. ICHS Town is an enterprise operated by 22-grade government officials under the Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme.

Q7. Does the ICHS community have flexible access to electricity, gas, and water?

Ans. Although the services provided by the ICHS schemes is not luxurious or updated; however, it does have all the accesses to the necessities, such as water, electricity, and gas.

Q8. What is the latest update about the development status of the ICHS community?

Ans. Almost 70 per cent of the development work is completed, and the rest is also not going slow. It does strengthen the commitment of the agreement that has done between the employers and customers.

Q9. What are the various landmarks situated near ICHS society?

Ans. It is a five-minute drive from CPEC Highway, Islamabad International Airport and Motorway. Also, see heading “location” in the above article for full information.

Q10. What are the different residential plot sizes available in the ICHS society?

Ans. The residential buildings of the business include 5 Marla, 10 Marla and one Kanal plots.

Q12. Will there be any commercial zone as well in the ICHS society?

Ans. Yes, there is a simple instalment schedule in the ICHS scheme for commercial plots. Must check the “Payment schedule” heading in the article above for more information.

Q13. What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?

Ans. ICHS town provides a golden chance to invest in short to long term investments. It is advisable to book your plot now and keep it back for a couple of years to increase your investment.

Q14. Is ICHS town is advisable for long term planning?

Ans. The building society is the best for long-term investment if you have low wages and a small budget, and your profit dramatically in a matter of years by availing the most comfortable option for you to afford to pay the significant amount per instalment.

Q15. Is there any effective instalment plan for the ordinary people who want to grab a reasonable opportunity?

Ans. Yes, the service gives its customers a very viable payment package. The article contains the full scheme of payment presented by the administration of this housing development.

Q16. Elaborate some special offers or discounts for government employees?

Ans. The housing company is different and provides government and Semi-Government workers, retired former Pakistani workers, widows and orphans such reduced rates to avail the offer.

Q17. If ICHS is approved by Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), then why it is recognized as ICHS town Islamabad?

Ans. The group is registered comparatively near the town of Islamabad and is run by the cooperatives accommodation companies of Islamabad and is hence widely known as the Islamabad town and the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society.

Q17. Is ICHS a reliable project?

Ans. It is indeed a reliable project that has the NOCs regarding the concerned departments. So, anyone can buy a property not to regret it later.

Note: Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and questions about this initiative. In the following comments, you may also give us your ideas and opinions to upgrade the set of minds as per the likes of our customers.

In case of any query or want to invest in the top real estate project like Bahria Town Karachi 2, contact Tajarat Properties.