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Faisal Hills Project is developed under Zedem International’s new housing society. The residential society is a complete package for its residents situated near Islamabad on the main G.T. Road of Taxila city. The housing society has been built and constructed with new living amenities and other essential requirements.

Faisal Hills Project:

This residential project is built to provide middle-class families to enjoy quiet living and reasonable rates. The housing society is a whole package to someone who wishes to purchase a house here to make any savings, and it is surrounded by mountains and hills on all sides and facing the main road on the other hand.

Faisal Hills is Taxila’s oldest and biggest residential society, containing more than 12,000 plots, that is 150ft over the ground. The area is under construction, with a vast road connecting G.T. Road and Main Entrance Gate. You may also access from G.T. Road by NHA to enter. Furthermore, the Allah Wala Monument Chowk was also developed wonderfully.

In short, it is a modern and developing housing project in the region of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in Taxila. The project is well built and surrounded by a fresh and green environment. The project was started in March 2016.

Since the number of factories here in Taxila is believed to be the most significant industrial area in the country, this is a perfect chance to live in a luxurious home in your workplace’s suburbs in this respect.

Thus, the housing project would give its inhabitants quality living and facilities at an affordable price.

Faisal Hills

The Taxila:

The Taxila region is seen as Pakistan’s largest industrial district, and here in the city, you can now have a lovely and wonderful home. A well-developed project overlooking natural scenery, such a housing society provides spectacular views over Margalla Hills. They pledge to deliver vital infrastructure at a first pace.

Likewise, the society is based in Taxila’s most peaceful places. Here are a few specifications on the location, characteristics, styles of homes, the group’s payment plan, and other things that will help you determine how appropriate this is for you to invest.

Faisal Hills Beauty

The magnificence of the Faisal Hills Project

The beauty of the landscape in the Faisal Hills project is indeed incredibly futuristic. The scenery of the surroundings Margalla Hills is a residential paradise for its inhabitants. This project is indeed a rare combination of urban culture and useful services in a protected gated community in the centre of Gandhara’s ancient civilization.

The project’s management team works on building projects that reflect contemporary architecture and vision, good building experience, and outstanding project management expertise that have a positive long-term impact on communities and organizations.

Owners and Developers:

Zedem International Private Limited is the developer of Faisal Hills. It is a modern residential community that is developing and will be part of Taxila’s twin town of Islamabad. The project was initiated by Zedem International Pvt, the famous and successful developer of the area.

The developers have launched one mega project of Faisal Town’s most successful projects before moving to Faisal Hills to provide residents with a high quality of living.

The project is situated in the Taxila zone, which is the most significant industrial area, and now your home can be found within the district. It is a well-planned project surrounded by a natural attraction that provides a beautiful view of the Margalla Hills in a safe and clean setting.

For details on other real estate projects, please visit Tajarat.

Developers of Faisal Hills

Zedem International Private Limited

Faisal Hills is a Zedem International initiative that has carried out some of the most outstanding initiatives and focuses on producing concrete, quantifiable marketing, and publicity. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zedem International is Ch. Majeed.

In recent years, they have initiated some of the most promising and excellent projects, and this project is also one of the highest stages. Yeah, we love to be imaginative, too, but we’re more obsessed with ensuring that this project produces success.

The international projects by Zedem International are as follows;

  • Faisal Town FT
  • Faisal Residencia E-17
  • Faisal Margalla City FMC
  • SEA Square B-17
  • Faisal Tower at Faisal Town

Faisal Hills sports complex

Faisal Hills Master Plan and Location:

The location of Faisal Hills is situated on the Main G.T. Road near Taxila City, Islamabad’s MPCHS sector, in an excellent and conveniently accessible area. The site chosen has an impressive view of the hills of Margalla and is a little far from the Islamabad Expressway. It seeks to give local people a quality of life at an inexpensive rate.

However, Rawalpindi Development Authority – RDA has already approved. Since May, the society’s construction has begun, with the vote and the issuance of plots. Hence the official map of the housing scheme being established at an incredible pace. It has a vast area that ensures that the properties within the system are larger. Also, the properties will be registered on a first-come and first-serve basis.

In short, the project indeed has a convenient location because it is situated on the main G.T. road N-5 near the Taxila area near the MPCHS Sector B-17. The project is very suitable for any inhabitant residing in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. It has an excellent location since Islamabad Expressway is close by, and Taxila is Pakistan’s leading industrial city.

Faisal Hills Master Plan

After this proposed venture has been established, the quality of life and the fantastic view of the Margalla Hills are superb. The place will also be a center of activities.

The Let Out Property (LOP) has successfully completed the approval process and the management has earned RDA approval already. They were planning to begin the company growth work in May 2018.

Faisal Hills Islamabad NOC

Amenities and Facilities:

Amenities and Facilities Available in Faisal Hills

The basic amenities and facilities need to be provided by the administrative management. Such facilities are indeed necessary because it will enhance the beauty of the project.

State-of-the-art planning

The planning and infrastructure are indeed the best among the other housing societies.

Modern layout and design

The layout and design of the project are going to be contemporary.

Wide roads & green belts

The roads will be carpeted, and the fences will also be developed.

Modern sewerage system

The water sewerage disposal system is also up-to-date and can make society hygienic.

24/7 water and electricity supply

The availability of necessary nonstop facilities, such as water, electricity, and gas, is also accessible in the project.

High-end Security, such as Walled, Gated, and properly guarded community.

The high-end security and safety system of the project is going to be the contemporary one. It will also help the community to stand out unique among others.

Electricity and Sui Gas system.

The power system and the Sui gas system is going to be updated and contemporary style.

Wide main entrance that provides an eye-catching view.

There would be the main entrance that will ensure that society has a high-end security system.

Community Centre fulfilling all your needs.

There would also be a community center that will help in creating recreational activities for its residents.

Community Centre Fasil Hills


And some other facilities and amenities are going to make the society unique among the other housing societies in Pakistan.

  • Sports complex with different indoor and outdoor gaming.
  • Club and community center for the adults.
  • Maintenance Staff to make sure everything is maintained and in working condition.
  • 24/7 security and camera surveillance.
  • Access to medical care and services 24/7.
  • Schools are built to ensure that your children get a formal education.
  • Hospitals with 24/7 emergency services.
  • Shopping Malls with all the facilities and brands under one roof.
  • Restaurants are providing you with quality food.
  • Public Transport Service.
  • Community’s Grand Mosque.
  • Water filtration plants.
  • Community’s Gymnasium.
  • Community’s Graveyard.
  • 24/7 clean and safe drinking water.
  • Lush green parks and children’s play area.
  • Sports ground with jogging tracks.
  • Markets, schools, and a central square mosque.
  • Community Center.
  • Different Plot Sizes as (139 sq. Yds. to 1000 Sq. Yds.)

Fasil Hills Park

Project details

The project consists of different residential blocks, such as Block A, Block B, Block C, and the newly added Block E. There are 5 Marlas, 7 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 12 Marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal in residential plot size. Furthermore, the bookings can be made at the cost of 10,000 on any plot. The payment balance is paid in fourteen installments in 3.5 years after a 10% down payment that has been paid.

Additionally, Block E is the ‘Executive Block’ right next to the G.T. road. Road improvement work has recently begun on the Executive Block, and price assessments are already ongoing.

Buying a plot in in its venture will be one of your most wise options. One of the most elegant places with appeal with all the luxuries of your life. Buy a house and feel the rest of your days in paradise.

It is also safe and secure to grow up in a stable and acceptable atmosphere for your children. There is a sense of relief to see an exquisite and ideal look under one head with all the facilities.

Block A:

Faisal Town Private Limited established a uniform, cherished, yet clearly differentiated dynamic plan defined for each plot size.

Although Block A has now been sold out, this block presents both residents and developers with many exciting amenities, including a 225″ boulevard and the society’s key commercial center for the residents and investors.

Most notably, the following block is designed and planned in line with modern planning requirements. The minimum street size is 40 feet and up to 110 feet for easy access to all facilities around this sector.

Fasil Hills Block A

Block B:

Block B consists of lovely open areas and parks with a communal gathering place and a garden overlooking the Margalla hills in the vicinity.

Fasil Hills Block B

Block C:

The Block C has been the most coveted place for spacious homes in the primary housing market. Luxurious properties provide excellent views of the Margalla Hills community and expected future access by M-1 to the CPEC road.

Block E – Executive Block:

The Executive Block is an exclusive residential building next to Margalla Hills with direct access from G.T. Road. It is close to Taxila District, the museum, and the entire town. Executive Block also offers major construction of high-rise homes, schools, shopping centers, and offices.

The detailed layout plan is created and is attached below;

Fasil Hills Block E – Executive Block

Faisal Hills Payment Plan

Faisal Hills Payment Plan

Faisal Hills Newsletter

The most recent issuance of the June/July 2019 newsletter. They conveyed meaningful and fundamental information on Faisal Hills Housing Scheme G.T. road improvements and future planning plans. Other than innovations, the official rates rise, the cancellation of open files and the withdrawal date for pending installments are also reported.

Exclusive Features:

There are a few salient features that the representative of Tajarat has just derived. You just need to give it a 3 minute read to recognize the significant concerns mentioned in the newsletter. These are as follows;

  • It comprises over 12,000 plots, and also Taxila is the oldest and biggest housing scheme.
  • The company is constructing a 150-foot-wide road with G.T. Road, along with the main entrance doors. You have been allowed to access from NHA’s GT Lane.
  • A G.T. Road entrance is also designed and correctly measured such that you have two separate G.T. Road entry points, where 225 ft. high is the second entry.
  • Allah Wala Monument Chowk has been finely constructed.
  • Development work is being done to construct a bridge on the Nullah and link it to the G.T. road via 150 feet high, but soon it will be completed without any delays.
  • The project will soon be opening a 22-story building on 12 Kanal properties, including a four-story shopping center. The famous and well-known architect Jamshed Khan was assigned architecture and construction works.
  • The major park construction in block A has just begun.
  • In Executive Block, the construction of 3 new parks has also begun.
  • In June, a big Jamia Masjid was inaugurated with a capacity of 3000 individuals and is used by locals.
  • There is also a pleasant and quiet family park in the Executive Block, fitted out with essential swings, gazebos, and benches.
  • The Executive Board of the group, where football, cricket, and basketball will be built, has also opened a sports complex.
  • Overhead reservoirs, underground tanks, and tube wells in A building have been provided with water to the community inaugurated.
  • There will soon be over 40 property offices in the society.
  • To promote file transfers, installment payments, and plot reservations, the society plans to create a 5-floor office on a plot measured 175 to 70. The building has been designed and constructed by the well-renowned architect Abdul Basit.
  • Members are expected to have their unpaid balances by 22 July 2019 to prevent growth penalties and extra production costs.
  • Upon clearing of pending installments, clear your open files before 22 July 2019. After 22 July 2019, the company will cancel all available files, which can be returned after an appropriate justification and a five lacs recovery fee has been charged.

Project Development

Faisal Hills is known to build ripples on Islamabad’s real estate market. One of the reasons for this is that Zedem International is a reliable producer. Besides, it also has an extensive dealership of contented real estate agents who feel their buyers would not regret their recommendation of investing in the project.

There have recently been some intriguing rumors on Faisal Hills, which gives us time to cover them for our readers. We spoke to Saqib Javed, who is a representative in Faisal Hills alone for this purpose. The society is centered in Taxila, behind Margalla Hills, under Rawalpindi Development Authority jurisdiction (RDA).

The project began in March 2016, and a few months later, the developer voted to identify the successful applicants. Initially, 9,000 files were sold to the creator in a 3.5-year payment package. The files available were for the residential plots 5 Marla (25 x 50), 8 Marla (30 x 60), 10 Marla (35 x 70), 14 Marla (40 x 80), 1 Kanal (50 x 90) and 2 Kanal (75x 120).

Faisal Hills Main Road

A Fresh Launch Update

Recently, the developer has implemented a higher pace of 2,500 new project files. The market for these files is low since the price tag is higher than older files. According to the details, these files are exchanged at a minus rate – a very normal phenomenon in a project in which new deals are being introduced with fewer holes.

However, this does not mean that the new files encountered buyers with difficulties since residential files of 5 Marla and 8 Marla were already sold out.

What’s New?

The Faisal Hills will have an M-2 Islamabad-Peshawar exchange, and talks occurred between society’s management and the NHA. The interchange would bring immediate and uninterrupted benefit to the community and connect other parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi easier to enter.

The organization’s management is currently completing the project plan and will soon vote. By the end of November, the developer would share the project map with stakeholders and hold a vote in December.

Future Expectations:

We assume the developer will deliver both the older and the latest files for a lucrative premium on the market as soon as it confirms the final map’s news.

All this, for the time being, comes from our end. Read the Tajarat Blog for further updates. In the meantime, you share your thoughts below in the comments section. Let us know what you think about this idea.

Faisal Hills Park

Investment Standpoint

A positive trend may be observed after the real developments as the developer confirms that both old and new files are ready for a benefit on the market as soon as the further details on the final map are verified.

Furthermore, the development process increases as per the time, so reserve a property since the prices will go upward shortly.

The plot sizes available are;

  • 200 Sq. Yards
  • 272 Sq. Yards
  • 355 Sq. Yards
  • 500 Sq. Yards

Faisal Hills Plot Sizes

Please visit our office or get guidance by telephone or e-mail for more information. The representatives of Tajarat would guarantee a stable and safe investment for you.

Reasons to Invest in Faisal Hills Project

Reasonable prices

Since Faisal Hills is in its early stages of development, plot prices are incredibly low. You can also book your plot without a passport in overseas lines. But the time deals are minimal.

Reasonable Payment Plan

Owners realized that it is difficult for Pakistani people to pay a heavy price on one go. So they have released a quick and convenient installment that will assist interested consumers in paying their dues over 3.5 years.

Availability of Contemporary Facilities

In Faisal Hills, services that can be enjoyed superb. Anything essential is accessible 24/7, including water, gas, electricity, safe, internet, and transport.

Primary services include CCTV tracking, constant power sources, community center, recreational facilities and playgrounds, quality childcare and well-known educational establishments, restaurants and pubs, mezzanines and shopping areas with brands, leisure centers, etc.

Gated society

Security and security are things that people in a housing corporation want, which is why private developments have gained tremendous prominence in recent years. Such projects’ construction is one of the most rapidly rising trends in the real estate world.

Those pursuing short-term investments typically buy properties from well-developed developments, whereas those with long-term or medium-term investments buy mainly properties from emerging communities.

Medium or Long-term Investment Returns

It doesn’t matter whether you have small or big budgets. You can purchase land of all sizes and at affordable rates. The price is affected by the locations, structure, liability, and features of each house.

There is always demand!

It is the second most affordable housing society. In this way, the population continues to rise, and demand and development remain high for purchasing or leasing housing on commercial or residential purposes. Moreover, the organization also has economic growth that draws international buyers to the industry.

Ultimate Knowledge Available

In Faisal Hills housing society, you do not have to be a specialist in investment and analysis; unlike any other housing firm, the market can readily recognize the facts and statistics and, with easy commercial choices, simply shows which property you want to purchase for rentals and which is suitable for benefit sales in the future.

You have control over the information!

Your real estate purchase’s success will depend entirely on the factors you recognize in the housing society. The housing society’s main variables and characteristics are readily understood and are appropriate for any form. You need no other contractor to investigate the firm.

Development by other sectors

Some other corporation or donor contributes or constructs utilities, bridges, centers, retail, businesses, and schools, creates jobs, and increases housing value, making an environment a safer place for living. All this raises the worth of your investment without any capital being invested.

Peaceful Standard of Living

There is no air pollution of any kind, exclusively when we talk about harmony and peace. Peaceful life involves live without fear. It is one such housing area, which offers a peaceful life for all the above mentions. It provides a safe and friendly place to live with numerous technology and businesses.

Other Business Opportunities

As mentioned earlier, by enjoying the other sectors’ developments, the residents would also grab the latest business opportunities. The residents will sense the latest business patterns, and therefore they would be able to evaluate their status accordingly.

People often look for multiple ways to earn money. We hear new and imaginative stuff every single day. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for those in Faisal Hills Islamabad looking to do a profitable business. There are several facilities to promote the company at a well-developed business square. There is a food street at a view to give guests and tourists an aesthetic scenery.

Besides, two major housing divisions, namely abroad and management blocks exist. Houses will return considerable benefit by building and reselling. Another source of revenue from homes would be rental income.

Luxurious environment

In reality, people want to change their lives, and this residential project is the best chance in such a quest. It is built and furnished in a luxury structure with all these amenities. Therefore, in such a situation, you can make money by delivering elegant services. Besides, more luxurious possibilities can be created. Any organization that offers a lavish lifestyle is welcomed. It’s not a long wait. Plots are fast selling, and people are more than expected involved in this business.

Faisal Hills Enviornment

For Booking a Plot in Faisal Hills

There will be a proper process for booking a plot in Faisal Hills. Firstly, you need to fill the application form.

What will be included in the application form?

  • Plot category
  • Mode of Payment
  • Declaration Note
  • Your Credentials
  • Father name
  • CNIC
  • Draft Number
  • Signature of the Applicant

Requird Documents for Faisal Hills

Terms and Conditions for Booking the Plot

  1. There will be a 10 percent down payment, PKR 10,000, which will be paid out at the reservation time.
  2. The remaining amount would be adjusted in the installment schedule.
  3. The payment of the cost of land, development charges, possession charges, and others must be paid out in the promised time. It must be done to avoid any ambiguity at the time of ownership. If not, the reservation would be canceled out as per the legislative measures.
  4. There will be additional charges in case the beneficiary want to buy a customized plot, such as;
  • There will be 5 percent extra charges if the candidate wants to buy an additional corner right beside their land.
  • There will be 10 percent extra charges if the candidate wants to buy a proper corner right beside their land or in the main boulevard.
  • There will be 15 percent extra charges if the candidate wants to buy a corner in the main boulevard.
  1. The applications will be entirely accepted only when the beneficiary would bring along the following documents in the concerned office, including;
  • Copy of CNIC
  • One Passport Size Picture
  • Pay Order/Demand Draft of the Required Asset
  1. If buying a plot for sale, mortgage, or gift purposes, it is compulsory to mention it to the management authorities. So, when the rules approve it by cross-checking the legal means, then you can avail of that opportunity.

The other terms and conditions would be mentioned in the application form. Now it is up to you to observe every term and condition and must abide by every point. It is compulsory to avoid any ambiguity at the time of ownership.

So, it is highly advisable to read out every condition and follow the process accordingly.


Under Zedem International’s new housing sector, Faisal Hills Project has been built and developed. The building association is a comprehensive package for its buyers on the G.T. Taxila town lane. Both modern living equipment and necessary other specifications have been designed and built by the housing firm.

Furthermore, the plots purchased in Faisal Hills is one of the high-end areas with all the luxuries of life. You should grow up in a stable and appropriate atmosphere comfortable and protected for your children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Faisal Hills?

Faisal Hills is a project under Faisal Town Private Limited.

Who is the developer of Faisal Hills?

Zedem International is the developer of the Faisal Hills project.

Is Faisal Hills an approved society?

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved the Faisal Hills and the LOP has also been acquired from the concerned authorities.

Is Faisal Hills an excellent place to invest?

Yes, indeed. Faisal Hills are recently developing, and shortly, it will be a unique housing society as well.

Are the prices of plots reasonable?

Yes, the prices of plots are reasonable. You can have a look at the payment plan attached above in the report.

How many blocks are there in Faisal Hills?

There are mainly four blocks, such as Block A, B, C. The fourth one is the newest, which is called Block E (Executive Block).

Does Faisal Hills include any commercial zone?

Yes, there will be a commercial zone, which will facilitate the residents and the investor to seek business opportunities.

What are the plot sizes available in Faisal Hills?

There are different plot sizes available;

  1. 200 Sq. Yards
  2. 272 Sq. Yards
  3. 355 Sq. Yards
  4. 500 Sq. Yards
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