Discovery Gardens Islamabad is the latest soon-to-be-approved Housing Scheme that is developing in the area of New Islamabad Airport. It is a modern and up-to-date housing venture located at a prime location linked with M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The society is a combined project by Falaknaz Group and the Association of Builders & Developers of Pakistan (ABAD).

Discovery Gardens Islamabad

The environment of Discovery Gardens is eco-friendly. The designing idea centers on innovative living standards for all customers. The owners have designed the housing society as per the modern needs of an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Discovery Gardens Islamabad is already submitted for approval to Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The NOC and all the litigation matters will probably be sorted out soon, and the investors might invest without any doubt.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Owner and Developers:

Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a combined project by Falaknaz Group and the Association of Builders & Developers of Pakistan (ABAD). This dreamland is going to be an up-to-date housing society. Both the companies have pooled their resources to develop this exclusive real estate project.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Owner and Developers

About Falaknaz Group:

There are various entities under the umbrella of the Falaknaz Group. Various entities are working in various capacities. Falaknaz Group’s purpose is to improve the quality of life of the communities that they serve. Falaknaz Group’s heritage of returning to society what they earn evokes trust among consumers, employees, and the community.

Falaknaz Group has a history of developing high-end real estate projects since 1975. The company is known for its infrastructure development at international standards.

They have primarily developed these projects in Karachi, and some are as follows:

  • Gulshan Centre
  • Gulshan Palace
  • Gulshan Terrace
  • Ammar Villas
  • Orison Tower
  • Wonder Tower
  • Harmain Tower
  • Burj-ul- Harmain
  • Falaknaz Centre
  • Falaknaz Plaza
  • Falaknaz Towers
  • Falaknaz Pride
  • Falaknaz Corner
  • Falaknaz Dynasty
  • Falaknaz Dreams
  • Gulshan Bungalows
  • Falaknaz Presidency
  • Falaknaz Dream Villas
  • Gulshan Complex Phase I
  • Gulshan Complex Phase II
  • Harmain Royal Residency
  • Falaknaz Arcade I & II
  • Falaknaz Golden Pebbles
  • Gulshan Luxury Apartments

About ABAD:

Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) is a national-level representative organization of builders and developers, established in 1972 with the goal and objective of joining and streamlining the construction activities of the private sector.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Owner and Developers

ABAD is an authorized and registered property development company under Companies Ordinance, 1984 with Registration No. KAR NO. 4967 of 1977-78 and licensed under Trade Organization Ordinance, 2007. Additionally, it is also affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Location:

The location of Discovery Gardens Islamabad is located at a prime location linked with M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It is located in Mouza Mujahid and is located right next to the Capital Smart City.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Location

It is located in the core of one of the most well-known and popular areas of Twin Cities, which is just 7 minutes drive away from New Islamabad International Airport.

Discovery Garden is strategically located to connect you to every economic, commercial, and social hub in the region. With the help of current, uncompromising security apparatus and purpose-built facilities, the developers guarantee that people will enjoy both socially dynamic communities and privacy at the same time.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Location

The newly planned Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) also passes by this society. The RRR, M-2 Motorway, and CPEC routes provide easy access to society. Thalian Interchange makes it accessible from the Motorway. The project is expected to be inaugurated soon, and the completion date for the project deadline is 2025.


The Discovery Gardens Islamabad is highly accessible in the following ways:

  • Right at with M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • 15 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
  • 6 min drive away from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • 3 min drive away from Thalian interchange Islamabad.

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

The Discovery Gardens Islamabad is highly accessible and close to many nearby landmarks & places as follows:

  1. Capital Smart City Islamabad
  2. Top 1 City
  3. Mumtaz City
  4. Eighteen Islamabad
  5. Qurtaba City
  6. Al-Haram City
  7. Rudn Enclave
  8. Mivida
  9. Abdullah City
  10. Khanial Homes
  11. Star Enclave

Discovery Gardens Islamabad nearby and landmarks

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Master Plan:

Discovery Gardens is a stylishly designed and hand-curated housing society that conveys an ideal mix of affordable and smartly designed plotting for all types of attached homes, modern multi-family structures, and beautiful single-family homes.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Master Plan

The designers have planned a detailed master plan for Discovery Garden Islamabad. The current planning for the society is finalized on 15,000 Kanal that is expected to be stretched up to 35,000 Kanal.

The beautiful housing society is planned at a good location, offering a serene landscape with a lush green ambience of Margalla Hills.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad houses

Society is offering one of a kind lifestyle with a blend of luxury and affordability. The developers have planned the Discovery Gardens housing scheme Islamabad in a manner that provides optimum use of property land and offers plots sizes as follows:

  • 5 Marla (25 X 50)
  • 8 Marla (30 X 60)
  • 10 Marla (35 X 70)
  • 1 Kanal (50 X 90)

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Payment Plan:

Discovery Gardens Islamabad housing society is presenting an extensive range of payment plans for residential plots. The prices are pre-launch prices, and these are subject to change by the management minus any prior notice to the investors. The pre-launch prices as follows:

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Payment Plan

People will choose to select from a huge selection of cost-effective 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal.

There is an ease provided to the customer while facilitating them with comfortable offerings with payment plans that are flexible and suited for particular needs. Tajarat Properties have financial advisers and assistance programs in place to get customers to jump into an investment right away.

  • The total price for 5 Marla is Rs. 1,800,000. The booking starts with Rs. 400,000 with monthly installment starting with Rs. 15,625 and annual payment Rs. 125,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 150,000.
  • The total price for 8 Marla is Rs. 2,780,000. The booking starts with Rs. 600,000 with monthly installment starting with Rs. 26,875 and annual payment Rs. 160,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 250,000.
  • The total price for 10 Marla is Rs. 3,380,000. The booking starts with Rs. 700,000 with monthly installment starting with Rs. 35,000 and annual payment Rs. 175,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 300,000.
  • The total price for 1 Kanal is Rs. 5,480,000. The booking starts with Rs. 1,200,000 with monthly installment starting with Rs. 53,750 and annual payment Rs. 300,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 500,000.

Here are some additional charges that also apply as per the category plots:

  • Extra Charges for corner plots will be 10%
  • Extra Charges for main road plots will be 15%
  • Extra Charges for park facing plots will be 10%
  • Extra Charges for corner + main road plots will be 20%

So, the Islamabad-Karachi Highway the calmest living experience that is accessible by a beautiful landscape combined with the ever-green Margalla Hills, where nature knocks on your door every morning.

Following are the Pre-Launch Prices of Discovery Garden Islamabad:

Pre-Launch Prices of Discovery Garden Islamabad

  • The total price for 5 Marla is Rs. 1,800,000, with 16 quarterly installments and 48 monthly installments.
  • The total price for 8 Marla is Rs. 2,780,000, with 16 quarterly installments and 48 monthly installments.
  • The total price for 10 Marla is Rs. 3,380,000, with 16 quarterly installments and 48 monthly installments.
  • The total price for 1 Kanal is Rs. 5,480,000, with 16 quarterly installments and 48 monthly installments.

Pre-Launch Prices of Discovery Garden Islamabad

Facilities and Amenities:

The project owners have made certain that all the up-to-date and comfortable facilities are provided to the residents. Following are some of the exclusive and modern amenities that have no match in Pakistan at reasonable rates:

State of the art infrastructure:

The housing society is trying to reach a sustainable transport system to make sure a system for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and other freedom demands. The society will present a high-tech transport infrastructure using higher effectiveness.

1000 Kanal Disney Land & Carnival City:

The management has reserved a vast land of 1,000 Kanal for developing state-of-the-art parks in the footsteps of Disney Land and Carnival City, which would have no precedence in Pakistan. This fantastic playland will provide a leisure time pass not just for the residents but also for the people from around the country. The park will become a beacon for the people.

1000 Kanal Disney Land & Carnival City

5-Star Hotel:

The management has planned to develop an exclusive 5-star hotel that will be one-of-a-kind offering a lavish lifestyle for the residents. The facilities will be of international standards at cost-effective prices.

The Urban Look:

Life in cosmopolitan centers has shifted basic civil civilization. In the contemporary urban realm, all modern-day facilities will be available in this society. So, this is why the housing society will be expected as an entire modern residential center, using an ultra-urbane atmosphere.

Jungle Safari:

To provide the residents with a unique living experience, the developers have planned to develop a beautiful and natural Jungle Safari that will provide a unique experience like never before.

Riding Club:

The developers will develop elite riding clubs that will offer unique and international standard horse riding facilities for the residents to feel a classic lifestyle. The horses will be of a globally recognized breed trained by world-class horse trainers.

Botanical Garden:

The society will provide a botanical garden to offer a close to the natural lifestyle with all the modern amenities. The nature-close ambiance will provide a unique experience that could not be found in any of the housing societies in Pakistan.

With the increasingly busy city life, people gradually get away from the natural environment affecting their health. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, society is developing this botanical garden to ensure an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Eco-friendly Environment:

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Housing society is planned in a way that promised the protection of natural resources. They ensure that the natural regions of the environmental surroundings are not bothered. That’s why Discovery Gardens becomes a relaxing place in which the residents may experience surroundings of tranquility and calmness.

Grand Mosque:

Society is going to cater to all the needs of the residents that also includes religious needs. For this, the developers are building a beautiful grand Jamia mosque. This mosque will be an intelligent mosque with all the modern technology and architecture.

Water Reservoir:

The Discovery Garden has taken into account the residents’ water needs. For this purpose, two lakes are also developed to save a large amount of freshwater from the resident’s daily chores. Filter plants will also be a part of society to ensure clean drinking water for the residents.

Fuel Station:

As mentioned above, this society will be like no other. It is represented by developing a dedicated fuel station for the residents’ convenience not to go out of society to fill the Gas in their vehicles.


The graveyard is an essential part of any society. Life and death are part of life; hence, the residents may choose to bury their deceased relatives and pray for their eternal life’s success. They may also visit the graves of loved ones within the society.

Community Center:

To keep the residents socially active, community centers will prove as the beacon of social life. Here they may enjoy the social activities and participate as well.

Mini Golf:

Mini Golf will be developed at international standards as designed in another well-known society, Blue World City. This facility will provide a unique and lavish opportunity for the residents. International and local expertise are going to be hired to design and develop this one-of-a-kind facility.

Health Facilities:

The developers have paid particular attention to the health facilities. For this purpose, the developers will develop state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics. The emergency will be open 24/7, the staff and doctors will be available all the time.

Education Complex:

To make sure the provision of international level education to the children. The teaching staff will also be professional and trained in their specified fields to have the best education.

Sports Complex:

The sports complex will provide globally recognized sports facilities to the residents. These facilities will be for all the age groups of the people. Several facilities are going to available under one roof.

Business & Commercial Hub:

The developers have taken care of all the needs of the residents, economic & commercial needs. For this reason, society will provide an all-in-one commercial area. From these areas, the residents may fulfill all the commercial needs from within the society.

Beautiful Lakes:

As mentioned earlier, the society will be different from another around because it will encompass two beautiful lakes. The lakes will provide a marine habitat environment for marine life and scenic views for the residents.

Secure Community:

A sense of safety is necessary for a housing society. A gated community ensures safety. A security system with perfectly installed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance gear provides all-inclusive security to the people.

The society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof system to provide a high safety level for the inhabitants.

Wide Carpeted Road:

The roads and other infrastructure are developed with a high degree of professionalism and equipment to ensure the perfect development. The Main Boulevard and streets are wide and spacious enough to give away a beautiful look.

Discovery Garden Islamabad wide carpeted roads

Salient Features:

Following are the salient and striking features of Discovery Gardens Islamabad:

  • 1000 Kanal dedicate to Disney Land & Carnival City
  • 5 Start Hotel
  • Water & Theme Park
  • Jungle Safari
  • Riding Club
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Grand Mosque
  • Water Resource Reserve
  • Petrol pump
  • Graveyard
  • Resort community
  • Mini Golf
  • Eco community
  • Mix use community
  • Entertainment community
  • Medical community
  • Education community
  • Retail community
  • Sports community
  • Two beautiful lake
  • Multifunctional architectural entities
  • Spatial connectivity with adjacent areas
  • Development driver to Spatial, social and public changes.

salient features of Discovery Gardens Islamabad

Guidelines to follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots in Discovery Gardens Islamabad:

Following are the guidelines to follow:

Document Verification:

Please ensure always to verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before getting into any property purchase or sale, make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the authorities. In this way, your documentation will be valid by all means that may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before concluding the transaction of any sale or purchase of the property, please make sure that your funds align with your purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be made without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the documents’ validity, visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground.

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

Following documentation is required to buy property Discovery Gardens Islamabad:

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next of Kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients

Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable businesses among others. It has excellent investment return potential. But the point to keep in mind is that it will only be profitable when conducted correctly. One can gain several kinds of benefits from investment in the real estate industry. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

1. Financial Security:

If a person has some extra amount or someone has some asset, and he wants to keep the value of that asset high, then indeed real sector is the industry that can keep the value of investment high and not depreciate.

2. Stable Income:

A person can generate a stable income with investment in real estate quickly. One can buy a property, develop it, buy a developed property, and rent it monthly or yearly. Not just this, the rent increases every year by some percentage, so it would not be wrong to say that it gets better than stable.

3. Manageable:

Once an investment is concluded, it’s not like some living thing that you have to look after daily. The maximum you will have to do is visit your property every while to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands of encroachers.

4. Passive Income:

Once someone has invested in a real estate property, then passive income like rent could be generated. Investors buy a developed property or develop an open land and then rent it out, ensuring a steady source generation source throughout the year, uninterruptedly.

5. Non-depreciable Asset:

Real estate investment is a sort of business that will never lose its value once done rightly. Real estate value always increases every year. And if some significant government or private project is started in its vicinity, then the value may increase manifold.

Booking Procedure:

The booking procedure is as simple as it could be. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Fill your booking application form with full attention
  • Attach the CNIC Copies of Applicant
  • Pay Down Payment via Check or Pay order in favor of “Discovery Garden Islamabad,” but confirm the process from management in case of new changes.
  • Cash Payments are also accepted after confirmation by the management.
  • Submit all the required documents, Payment, and Get the receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this society:

1. What is Discovery Garden Islamabad, and how is it different from other housing societies?

Ans: It is a better version of a residential society in the development stage with technological equipment.

2. Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans: Yet, the NOC of Discovery Garden Islamabad is under development with the concerned authorities.

3. Is the development work in full swing?

Ans: Yes, the development is in full swing without any delay.

4. What is the location of Discovery Garden Islamabad?

Ans: Discovery Garden Islamabad is situated in a good location near M-2 Motorway.

5. Who are the developers of Discovery Gardens Islamabad?

Ans: Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a joint project by Falaknaz Group and the Association of Builders & Developers of Pakistan (ABAD).


Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a soon-to-be-approved housing society developing with one aim: to provide a globally recognized living experience to the residents. Luxurious facilities and location are the main features of this society.

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