DHA Multan


Multan is the third most populous city in Pakistan by area and is the largest division by population. Throughout the geographic centre of the country, the city is situated on the banks of the Chenab River. Due to the city’s vast number of shrines of Sufi saints, Multan is known as the City of Sufis.

There are bazaars, temples, shrines, and ornate tombs blanketing the city. It is the birthplace of the first great poet of the Punjabi language, Fariduddin Ganjshakar, widely known as Baba Farid.

DHA Multan Ganjshakar tombs

Multan is situated in a bend formed by five Central Pakistan Rivers. It is divided from Bahawalpur by the Sutlej River and Muzaffar Garh by the Chenab River. With a dry port and excellent transport connections, the city has developed to become an important political and economic hub for the region. To add, food, language, Multani Matti, Multan Fort, holy shrines, atmosphere, and industry are the prominent elements.

DHA Multan Project

Considering the real estate side, the recent addition to the network of DHA housing societies in Pakistan is DHA Multan. DHA Multan, like other DHA ventures, offers its residents comfort and convenience, together with security and confidence. The business provides its investors with a range of residential and industrial offerings with world-class facilities. Multan does not fall under the country’s large and affluent cities, but it is well established. For the people of Multan and southern Punjab, DHA Multan is considered as the only prosperous, lavish, and healthy society.

DHA Housing society is one of the most high class and trustworthy housing communities in Pakistan. The first DHA project was DHA Lahore that is running successfully. DHA now has many successful and productive projects in many major cities and towns, such as Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, which had been started primarily for the armed forces in Lahore. It was first created solely for the armed forces; however, it is now open to the general public as well.

The residents of the society should not have to leave the bounds of the vicinity for any simple need even entertainment, and everything will be provided inside the boundaries. It could be said and thus proving generally that only DHA Multan is the ultimate locality to reside in Multan.

DHA Multan Project

Title Holders and The Architects

DHA housing society initiatives are controlled by retired or senior armed forces individuals, and also law enforcement personnel, so there is no special owner of any DHA housing society. Similarly, Lt. General Muhammad Naeem Ashraf is the chairman of this particular project. Whereas, the project director is recognized as Muhammad Shoaib Kayani Anwar concerning the DHA Multan’s project initiative.

The overall aim of the owners and architects was to develop the DHA housing society as a social, economic, and political hub for all kind of people.

The owner of DHA Multan has concluded a contract for the construction and development work of DHA Multan with ProMag. It is the leading business unit of a well-known firm namely the ARETE group.

ProMag by ARETE Group

The Project Managers and Principal Consultants of the overall DHA Multan project are PROMAG Pvt Ltd. They are the leading company in the ARETE Group, a consulting company conglomerate currently leading a number of large-scale and landmark local and international projects in the area. The Group is a leading supplier of consulting services for multi-disciplinary planning, design, and management.

It is indeed a broad-based consultancy for management. It has several ventures either nationally and internationally. EMAAR-Crescent Bay, Airport Circle, Waterfront Condominiums, Eighteen Housing Company, Ocean Heights, and DHA Bahawalpur are among some of the company’s national projects.

Whereas, Rajagirya, United Mall Gugasht, Abraj Al-Jamia Omdurman, and Mix Development Srilanka are a few of its international projects. They provide the supporting details to the housing society of DHA Multan that are as follows;

  1. Management of Projects
  2. Primary consultancy
  3. Supreme planning of the project
  4. Developing architecture
  5. Supervision of Construction
  6. Engineering tasks

Apart from these, agreement for the growth of the DHA Multan industries was given to four developed construction companies. Frontier Works Organization (FWO), National Logistic Cell (NLC), Tahir Builders, and Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB) (Pvt) Ltd. are the names of these corporations. FWO takes advantage of its many years of proficiency and experience.

The Detailed Location

DHA Multan location

The DHA Multan location will also provide Multan with its residents with several residential and industrial options, along with the green and clean climate, new and state-of-the-art living, entertainment for its inhabitants, healthy and sound environments, and easy to use and luxurious amenities. To summarize, for the people who are living in the city, it would become a perfect community.

The particular project is going to add value and demand with respect to the beloved Multan city of Pakistan.

Nearby Places

DHA Multan is the meeting point of three Mauza; adjacent to Mauza Sangi, Mauza Kotla Sadaat, Mauza Garay Wahan. In addition to Bahauddin Zakriya University, Bosan Road, and Mattital Road, this expected area of DHA Multan exists without any distance.

The nearby roads are;

  • Bahauddin Zakriya University,
  • Bosan Road,
  • Sakhe Madina Minor Road
  • and Mattital Road

whereas, the nearby housing societies are;

  • Wapda Town
  • MDA Officers’ Colony,
  • PIA Employees Housing
  • Al Falah Modern City
  • Gulistan Homes
  • Buch Villas
  • Faizabad Colony

The Master Plan

Master plan DHA Multan

The DHA Multan master plan is currently composed of phase 1 with various sectors named Sector A, B1, B2, D, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W1, W2, and X. It comprises of 9,000 acres of land, with mainly two entrance points one on Bosan Road and the other on Mattital Road.

Sizes of Plots

The DHA Multan plot sizes are pretty much convenient for its beneficiaries that also entails the feature of advancements in its architecture type. The plot sizes are as follows;

  1. For residential plots
    • 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal
  2. For commercial plots
    • 5 Marla and 8 Marla

DHA Multan Sizes of Plots

Smart Features

DHA Multan is among the Defense Housing Authority’s most appealing and smartly developed real estate ventures that encourage investments. The construction work was accomplished in the promised time that created heightened interest and added to the beauty of this venture. The housing scheme is ideally situated in Multan City, in the poshest area.

There are two main gates in DHA Multan, one of which is called Jinnah Gate and is on Bosan Road, and the other is called Iqbal Gate and is located on Matital Road. For a little while now, the 300-foot Main Boulevard has been in use, and the distance between the two is about 10 km. Bahauddin Zakriya University and the Metro bus stop are also 2.5 km away from the entrance of this particular project.

Amenities available Safety and surveillance

DHA is renowned for its latest security by providing the safest place in the city as a top priority. They guarantee the safety of each citizen as a primary concern, which is why this domestic project is considered Pakistan’s safest housing venture.

They developed a detailed safety system supported by specialist staff and state-of-the-art technologies & hardware. They have been using safe gates, proper configuration, and surveillance through security cameras. From the get-go, they make sure every citizen in DHA Multan is ensured complete security.

Clean and Ecofriendly Environment

It is a famous and successful company that not only makes use of all the latest technologies in order to provide its people with all possible facilities but also ensures that the environment is green and lush.

People will find well-designed theme parks and green belts, making the project for all residents absolutely pollution-free. If one wants a healthy lifestyle for their loved ones in Multan, this housing venture could perhaps be their first ideal solution.

Sustainable Planning and Management

Although DHA Multan comprises a large number of suppliers, every individual resident has the proper team and guidance of all the tools and equipment. DHA Multan has a company maintenance agreement with ProMag. It is a renowned provider of city and planning solutions.

Industrial and Commercial Zones

Commercial plots lines with residential properties are also easily accessible and form an equally important part of the housing society. It facilitates not only the residents of the society but also provides investors and traders beyond the society with a lot of business opportunities. Basically, there is a separate location for business niches where residents can easily access all of life’s basic facilities. There are hubs that are also a fantastic opportunity for the corporate world.

Healthcare Services

Family and personal health are one’s main concern, which is why social authorities care about more than anything. DHA Multan concentrates on supplying occupants with the ideal inpatient hospital amenities. Individuals can consult the finest doctors directly, and also they do have all the emergency treatment facilities available.

Educational Services

Social structure planning includes campuses, colleges and schools within DHA Multan. This society houses the best educational schools and educational institutions. It ensures that the children’s future is secure within society and they do not have to go far to make use of better educational opportunities.

DHA Multan provides its residents with outstanding opportunities for education. SICAS is a particularly unique cornerstone, specifically designed for educational purposes only to ensure children’s outstanding educational achievement.

Availability of Themeparks

All of the lavish and attractive facilities are included in DHA Multan. Another objective of society is to provide healthy fun within its boundaries. In order to achieve this, developers are developing a large number of open parks for the people.

You will also be provided with amenities in a theme park to have a fantastic time with family and friends. Generally speaking, the atmosphere is open and healthy. Today people can also buy luxurious villas to cherish a superb quality of living.

About Rumanza Golf Course

About Rumanza Golf Course

DHA Multan, Pakistan, has its own golf course, the first of its kind. The DHA Multan Authorities also concluded the Faldo Design company agreement. This organization is managed by Sir Nick Faldo, 6x’ leading champion. The owner pledges to provide his signature golfing experience. The area is 7,500 meters overland to ensure the basic land requirement is met.

This golf club in Pakistan, which has a GEO Golf Course, would have a new benchmark. The services in the golf course cater to new players and also some completely separate golf holes for professional teams and provide all golfers with an exciting and unforgettable experience. This golf course would also offer international tours in Pakistan.

Services for a Healthier Lifestyle

There is a World-class gym that helps everyone to remain strong and productive. These gyms would encourage users to enjoy a healthier DHA Multan lifestyle. Highly qualified gym coaches will probably be available to help people start practising the latest workout equipment and support a healthy way of living.

Underground Availability of Electricity

DHA Multan housing is a company without any electrical cables or poles in the area. The whole power procedure is underground to enjoy the spectacular countryside.

Also underground will be the Internet, telephone and other services provided by wires. All basic services including gas, electricity, telephones, Internet services, and sewage systems have adequate underground coverage and are wired.

Broader Transit System

Due to the well-organized transportation infrastructure, the transit system within the home project would be flawless. Within a short time, people should visit their desired location, since there are less traffic and wider avenues.

High-Quality Sewerage System

DHA Multan is designing state-of-the-art waste management. Developers’ objective is to configure a state-of-the-art wastewater system to help community members.

Community Center

DHA Multan plans to create rational thinking among its inhabitants. DHA Multan will also have a cultural centre and a club for its fellow humans, in accordance with the culture in the DHAs across Pakistan.

The great Mosque and Massajids

Developers have reserved ample land in each building block for building a beautiful mosque with several high cathedrals and traditional Islamic architecture. Separate mosques are available for any sector in order to provide Islamic activities for inhabitants.

The Arena

The Arena is situated right next to DHA Multan’s entrance gate. It is not only the commercial area; it is the entire entertainment system.

All can be found there. This venue has a fascinating playground for young children, a food court, restaurants, play areas, a Multi-Screen Cinema Complex, boutiques, restaurants, hypermart, etc.

360 Zoo Visibility

Parks and fun areas are incomplete without the sound of animals and lovely and green views, all of which are provided by DHA Multan. People and their families can enjoy this exclusive feature in a society where a lot of wild and unique animals can be observed.

Zoo in DHA Multan

Masjid Bilal

In any area of the DHA Multan, masjids and mosques will be available, but a major mosque called Bilal masjid will be the one mosque. It is designed with a lovely tower and architectural style. It can be prayed together by almost 5000 individuals.

Bilal Masjid DHA Multan

Latest Possession Update

The development work is in full bloom. Together with the recent ownership update DHA Multan possession of Sector M has been attained, as per Management authorities. All of the basic conveniences will be fully developed and fully prepared for construction.

Allow individuals of DHA Multan to enjoy your lifelong ambition high-rise way of living. Blocks M, R, Q, U, and H are currently under construction, and Sector A and Sector V will soon begin development work. In addition, electrification work in Sector M and Q is in headway.

DHA Multan is indeed intended to yield Sector Q and R ownership until December 2020. However, it is a glorious decision to acquire in the financially viable living area for both end-users and venture capitalists. At a much more reasonable cost, the authorities give the perfect residential & commercial packages to their customers.

Latest Possession Update DHA Multan

As for the facilities, the primary drainage trunk is already constructed for the developed industries. However, the fiscal year 2020-21 will be a gateway for production in 4-5 new industries, including water tanks and delivery. Thus, it is a beautiful and highly regarded place that provides a luxurious, serene, and advanced way of living.

Development Process

In recent times, DHA Multan wants to make its buyer’s purchases as pleasant as possible. It then declared that maintenance and service charges on the land would be waived off if the owner finishes any work on the property within one year.

This is a huge opportunity, especially with Pakistan’s historic landmark duration. In brief, this announcement created a surge of excitement in the real estate industry.

For high, average, and low-income families, DHA Multan will become a model community with a diverse housing investment. The Community will be distinguished by creative planning, environmentally friendly, safe, state-of-the-art construction, and availability of all amenities indoor living.

It is going to be a community that everybody has to live in an undisturbed central location. DHA Multan has made huge progress since its original conception in 2017.

In spite of the COVID-19 disease outbreak, there has been ever-increasing more development work here, preceded by all precautionary measures and SOPs. The DHA name solidifies the reliability and success of the project. This is guaranteed by the fact that people across Pakistan put their faith in each DHA projects. They fully understand that their interests are protected and that they will have excellent standards of living.

Approximately more than ten areas have now been accomplished and initial work has also been done in accordance with the views of the community. Many properties are given to their rightful owners to begin building their homes in DHA Multan. Wires and pipes are also laid down in order to supply water, sui gas and electricity.

The Payment Plan of DHA Multan

The DHA Multan payment plan has been made flexible for its beneficiaries. DHA Multan sector plots have already been sold, which is why DHA Multan payment plans are effective.

Although it’s completed, at full rates people can still buy some plots. DHA Villas, together with convenient payment systems are still accessible. The prices of these plots are as follows;

DHA Multan Payment Plan

DHA Multan plot files prices began from under ten lacs, and are still increasing to a crore. The concept of a trustworthy and stable community that is established under the name of DHA, demonstrates the assured benefit return with respect to these elements.

The Balloting Process

For prospective customers, DHA Multan proves to be an overnight success. People around Pakistan and abroad want to purchase a plot in this housing scheme as well. In June 2017 a lucky draw was held to declare the winner. This housing society began taking applications.

Then these subscribers charged fees, and the DHA Multan balloting ceremony was done in 2019 and the investors were given ownership of the areas.

These candidates belonged to both citizens groups; civilians and military personals.

Why DHA Multan?

It offers a range of attractions, but the Rumanza Signature Golf Course, the first of its kind established in November 2018, is one of the most impressive attractions. Sir Nick Faldo, one of the leading foreign players, has planned the golf course. The administration is also comprised of foreign highly qualified professionals who ensure that this course remains one of the best golf courses in the country.

This Signature Golf Course is suited for tournament level playing and is ideal for the competitive player with a variety of challenges.

In terms of stability, amenities, and modernization, DHA Multan is a cohesive housing system.

It is and continues to be under the command of officers of the former military, which is why this housing corporation guarantees resident efficiency.

Similarly, all accessible services in the housing society follow global community standards. DHA Multan provides the perfect schools, colleges, hospitals, gardens, parks, theme parks, zoos, and many other facilities.

In summary, the safest home for families is DHA Multan. In comparison, all the fundamental resources the organization offers are incredibly affordable.

DHA multi-plot plots are currently available at the cheapest price, but at least one to two years is required to produce an economic return. However, the benefit would definitely be high.

DHA Villas Multan

DHA Villas is the ideal place for a peace-loving and life. Each villa is nestled inside a tropical sanctuary quietly tucked away from the bustling life of the city. Villas with various sizes 6, 9, and 12 Marlas are exclusive and breathtaking, together with 3, 4, and 5 bedroom villas that can accommodate large families and provide them with a good overall living experience.

DHA Multan declared DHA villas after the residential and commercial plots were made open for buying. They are the best place to make a good life for families. Reservations and confidentiality are often fully reserved for those who live in villas.

Villas Shopping Arcade

The Villas Shopping Arcade foundation laying ceremony was held on 23 April and its construction is scheduled to finish in February 2021. It meets international standards and offers its guests an impressive shopping experience. It features a three-story shopping hub that has capacity in addition to 200 car parking space, with double floor designer stores for all of the leading brands and restaurants in the region.

Such an amazing commercial complex is soon to be accessed by the DHA Villas residents as it is expected to have 250 villas in December 2020 and it is predicted that the Villas Shopping Arcade will be finished in February 2021. The residents would also have the possibility to pray in the Bilal Masjid. These 556 villas have already been designed in grey and the finishing work has already started.

Sizes and Prices for Villas

  • 6 Marla – 3 BEDROOMS (1994 SQ FT) for Rs. 10,000,000 in total.
  • 9 MARLA – 4 BEDROOMS (2751 SQ FT) for Rs. 16,000,000 in total.
  • 12 MARLA – 4 BEDROOMS (3149 SQ FT) for Rs. 19,000,000 in total.
  • 12 MARLA – 5 BEDROOMS (3530 SQ FT) for Rs. 21,000,000 in total.

Size of Villas in DHA Multan

  1. The cost of processing applications is not refundable
  2. The reservation fee is charged in the down payment.
  3. The applicant is refunded a booking fee following 30 days of balloting for failed applications.

Note: People must show the applicant’s initial receipt and a copy of CNIC/NICOP for the reimbursement amounts to be received.

Dealers and Members United

The DHA Multan site office was opened on 23 April 2020 and made operational in record time. It helps buyers and distributors to have their records and all other DHA Multan property processes in place for all security protocols. There is a complete operating communications office, P&D, and Transfer Office.

It is located in a state-of-the-art communications office with limited clients on the characteristics, installations, and construction ventures, and has customers wanting to visit the project site.

Inaugurated on the same day, the Dealer’s Enclave has been operating since May 2020. Many dealers are also in the enclave, and the adjacent office streamlines the whole operation. The Dealer’s Enclave, with 24 offices, is a prime place to see prospective customers.

  • This is because the website and marketing office in the vicinity helping distributors and purchasers to get all of their documents completed without having to fly far and wide.

It makes for a convenient transmission of the property and a higher consumer footprint.

A few eminent features of DHA Multan 

A variety of other stellar features and services can also be found in DHA Multan. One is the location for the events in M Sector at The Arena. This venue, which was opened in 2018, is the largest South Punjab event complex.

  • It will accommodate 3,000 guests, and it has 27 hotel rooms, a reception lounge, a cafeteria, a coffee shop, a photo studio, and a bridal room, among other facilities.

Moreover, as families move to DHA Multan, they would not need to think about schooling. Since 2019, SICAs/Kids Kampus now has exceptionally experienced employees, a swimming pool, a robotics laboratory, and state-of-the-art classrooms. They signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Modern Languages University (NUML) for higher education on 15th April 2020.

  • The initiative of constructing an international campus in DHA was taken in July 2020. The project will eventually start.

The DHA 360 Zoo, which was launched on April 23, 2020, and is under construction, will be a real pleasure to children. In accordance with the design of zoological and botanical gardens on Jinnah Avenue, this popular entertainment facility is being established.

It will deliver the biggest aviary in the world, an exciting restaurant, horseback and camelback safaris and playgrounds for children as a means of animal discovery. All these characteristics will be offered in a vast 10 acres’ field.

The Wasim Akram Sports Center, a state-of-the-art hospital with an international consortium, and the new Water Sports & Amusement Park, jogging/walking tracks, dancing fountains, and monuments are also being launched. Other initiatives are currently under development. In addition, the developers have planned space for building materials, supplier shops at DHA Multan, and fuel stations (with the facilitation of members).

  • The boundary wall is also being completed to secure its status as a protected community.
  • DHA Multan is rushing quickly towards infrastructural completion and the lighting process has been successfully accomplished.

In collaboration with the Desert Group UAE, DHA Nursery was set up and fulills its vision of green DHA Multan with a potential of 1.8 million trees and shrubs on 150 Acres. Also, five acres in the Mother Nursery have been reserved for the Mango propagation plant after the symbolic representation of Multan.

DHA Villas Master Plan

The picture is attached for the people to have a visual overview of the map of the DHA villas project.

Applying for DHA Villas

  • A registration form is legitimate only if two villas and two request forms are necessary for each of the villas.
  • DHA Challan Multan is provided on the website.
  • Complete all the application fields.
  • Anybody should apply, either overseas and domestic Pakistanis.
  • Prices are fixed for the DHA Multan project.

Perks of DHA Villas

  • People don’t have to construct any residence on their own.
  • Healthy and safe life with the entire extended family.
  • Fair costs in the medium to high-class budgets.
  • Clean and green ecosystem.
  • Accessibility for 24 hours of essential facilities such as gas, water, and power
  • House planning and repair departments are already one call away.

Subdivision of DHA Multan Askari Housing

DHA Multan will offer another massive project termed Askari Housing, named after Army Officers Housing Scheme (AOHS). The high-quality residential facilities and attributes of this particular housing society have have been well known to real estate investors and buyers. The establishment of DHA Multan Askari will help investors in the residential project overall.

  • Askari Housing provides convenient accommodation, particularly for high ranking army officers and families of Shaheed officers.

The project Askari housing has a surface area of 150 acres. The work began in September 2017 during the first phase of development and has just been finished.

  • Phase 1 of the housing of Askari in DHA Multan is divided into 50 acres of territories and is assigned plots of 439 houses.

It will have the corresponding sizes of housing units inside this project according to the above master plan issued by the administration of DHA Multan.

In September 2017, the grand housing scheme will encompass 150 acres of land and construction in its first step. DHA Multan’s Askari 1 occupies 50 acres of territory and will build 439 housing units accordingly. A comprehensive master plan has indeed been initiated by DHA Multan Management.

  • Under this long-term plan, in the DHA Multan Askari phase, there will be five major components of housing units.
  • SU Houses – 1 Kanal
  • SD Houses – 12 Marla
  • 3 Bed G + 3 Half Block Units
  • 3 Bed G + 3 QTR Block Units

Incentives of Askari Housing Scheme

All residences in Askari Housing Scheme will be designed by DHA management and maintain the highest quality building standards. Since September 2017, development has begun. DHA Multan Askari has included: To provide first-class accommodation for residents:

  • Family parks
  • Mosque
  • Futsal in soil
  • Trade Sector
  • A memorial of the war sacrifices

Like Askari Housing Scheme at DHA Bahawalpur, this would be a successful addition to a big project in DHA Multan.

DHA Multan is an exciting investment vehicle and is steadily appealing to investors with its exponentially rising position. The price of plot files is now comparatively cheaper and expects great returns in the next few months.

  • If one would like to purchase plot files from DHA Multan, they need to contact Universal Property Network (UPN) first to get the desired details.

Illustration of Villas and Askari Housing Community

illustration of Villas in DHA Multan

Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, DHA Multan is the best project in the area undeniably and would increase the quality of living there. The continued growth is very inspiring and provides both consumers and investors with diversity like no others. Instead buyers can visit the office or head on over to the website to find out more about it.

It is time to purchase here, because any purchase will quickly yield tremendous benefits and earnings.

It is a business that will never let anyone fail, making sure that their life’s savings are in trustworthy hands to live in Multan.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is DHA Multan being a legitimate housing society?

Yes, it is a legitimate housing society under the DHA project banner. It is owned by army officials and is designed to provide economical and innovative housing opportunities in a limited area.

2. How many categories of plots are available in Rumanza gold course community?

Up till now 12 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal categories are available in Rumanza golf community.

3. What are the different mediums to apply for the plot?

    • Cash payments (in designated banks only)
    • Online portal (on the DHA Multan website by submitting the fee via debit/credit card)
    • How much is the application fee?
No. Category of plots Processing fee
Non-refundable fee Refundable booking fee Total to be paid along with the application
1. 12 Marla 25,000 50,000 75,000
2. 1 Kanal 25,000 100,000 125,000
3. 2 Kanal 25,000 150,000 175,000

4. How many applications can be sent under one CNIC?

You can submit multiple applications under one CNIC.

5. What is the age limit to apply for buying a property?

One needs to be 18 or above to apply for the ownership of a plot.

6. Are there any additional charges?

No, but additional charges @10% will be charged for buying a corner plot.

7. Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are not!

8. In case an unsuccessful applicant loses his CNIC or receipt, would one’s fee is refundable?

Yes, the booking fee of the unsuccessful applicant will be refunded in Pakistani Bank Account (IBAN No.) that the applicant has mentioned in the application form.

9. How will the fee be refunded if the applicant has applied via an online credit/debit card?

The fee will be refunded on their particular debit/credit card which they used to fill the application form.

10. Is there any special quota for army personals?

No, absolutely not!

11. What are the names of the designated banks of DHA Multan for making installment or surcharge payments?

Those designated banks are;

Allied Bank Ltd, Askari Bank Ltd, Bank Alfalah Ltd, Meezan Bank Ltd, Bank Islami Pakistan, Faysal Bank Ltd.

12. What is the deadline for submitting an application either online or in person?

The date till now is 20 November 2020.

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