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Overview of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a quality housing project will be built by FDHL on the M2 Motorway close to the New Islamabad International Airport along the eastern route of CPEC in response to the twin cities’ growing housing shortage. The goal of capital smart city is to establish itself as Pakistan’s first smart city and a showcase for environmentally friendly growth.

Introduction Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad, also known as CSCI, is a large residential development with modern amenities. The project is widely regarded and significant throughout all of Asia.

This project is included on the Capital Smart City map, people know it as Pakistan’s largest housing initiative. Additionally, the proprietors of CSCI want to modernise it to match the eco-friendly city.

Plots for sale in Capital Smart City provide an excellent investment opportunity for both Pakistanis and foreigners. Additionally, the Capital Smart City payment schedule is very reasonable, which appeals to the majority of individuals.

FDHL, or Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited

One of the leading real estate developers in Pakistan and an asset management firm, FDHL supports the creation of smart, future communities in order to offer its clients a luxurious, up-scale lifestyle as well as profitable contributions.

A group association under the Companies Ordinance of 1984 is called FDHL. This organization was created via the collaboration of numerous domestic and foreign corporate enterprises. Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL) and China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd. (CLIC), two of the top businesses with leadership and technical skill capabilities, have combined to form FDHL.

In its residential and industrial zones, FDHL is committed to offering residents a cutting-edge modern living environment. These areas are all connected by designated interchanges providing direct access to the crucial Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) and regions near the CPEC Route.

MAP of City Smart City

According to Capital Smart City Map, the residential project has a land area of 55,000 Kanal, which is more than the neighbourhood community of University Town. The society’s shared master plan is also preliminary and may change as time goes on.

This implies that the country’s first-of-its-kind residential project will gain more land and blocks.

Majestic Location of Capital Smart

According to the Capital Smart City map, the project is situated in the corner of Rawalpindi, close to the brand-new Islamabad International Airport. Additionally, this Capital Smart City’s premier society is being built next to the Lahore-Islamabad highway, which makes it the perfect position.

The location of Capital Smart City is indicated by its proximity to the new Islamabad airport, which is approximately 9.2 kilometres away from M-2 Toll Plaza at the Thalian junction. On the eastern portion of the CPEC, there is another well-known Capital Smart City area. The new Islamabad international airport may be reached in just 5 or 6 minutes by car from this route.

Two more residential societies share a border with this home development. Blue World City and Eighteen Islamabad are two examples. There is no denying how excellent and convenient the Capital Smart City address is. We can help if you’re looking for the capital smart city contact. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Access Points

In the near future, it will also be accessible via Ring Road and Main Chakri Road from the M-2 Motorway. The National Highway, popularly known as the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, provides direct access to the housing society from the nearby localities (M-2). Additionally, it will feature a designated interchange from the highway that has received FWO approval.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Total Area

Capital Smart Society is 10 times larger than its adjacent society, University Town, with a total land area of 55,000 Kanal. One of the housing societies nearest to the New Islamabad International Airport will be this one. The master plan that society has provided at this time is merely preliminary and will be expanded throughout time. Future additions to the project include the addition of further land and a number of new blocks.

Authorities submitted their request for a land extension in August 2019. After the extension is approved in June 2020, the territory of Capital Smart City will be 80,000 Kanals.  It will be the largest housing society in this area.

Planning Permission and NOC

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), often known as Rawalpindi, gave its official approval to Capital Smart City Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate, or NOC. This means that the Capital Smart City Map is now legitimate, and you can easily go buy land.

Due to the inclusion of additional land in the housing design, the first NOC given to the society is now being reviewed. Therefore, NOC is necessary in order to purchase extra land. It is anticipated that the NOC for the modified plan and the additional blocks would be given soon.

Who are the “Capital Smart City” Developers?

Two significant Pakistani development industries that cooperate with one another are the Capital Smart City Islamabad’s owners. Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Litd and Future Holdings Developments are two of the major builders in the area (FDH).

Habib Rafiq is the primary developer of Bahria Town and DHA between these two significant industries (Islamabad). This corporation also has several different housing projects, such as Royal Orchard in Multan, Sargodha, and Sahiwal, in the aforementioned cities of Punjab. This housing project in Capital Smart City has received approval from the Capital Smart City development authority.

About Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd.

In Pakistan, the Habib Rafiq group is well known for its construction and development initiatives. They have a solid track record of accomplishment and have worked on prestigious large-scale construction projects for the past 50 years, both in Pakistan and abroad.

Their success is primarily due to their unwavering commitment and focus on their profession. They operate in accordance with the demands and wants of their customers. So, as a result of their excellent management and construction work, they have obtained ISO 9000 accreditation.

Habib Rafiq has established himself as one of Pakistan’s most esteemed and innovative developers. For the past fifteen years, this organization has been altering the design of residential infrastructure. It is currently the most reputable and sought-after building company on the market.

Capital Smart City

Habib Rafiq Construction Company’s achievements

The large towns, such as Bahria Town, DHA, and Tariq Garden in several major cities of Pakistan, are Habib Rafiq’s greatest accomplishments to date. In places like Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Islamabad, they also have additional initiatives.

They oversee their interior operations, including electric wiring, water storage tanks, and finishing their duty of spreading gas pipelines in the Capital Smart City Islamabad, in addition to designing and completing their entire infrastructure.

As a result, Habib Rafiq’s name is synonymous with excellence, commitment, faith, and honesty. As a result, each development group considers itself the most fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with HR.

Habib Rafiq Construction Company has undertaken some of the largest and most ambitious development projects in Pakistan, including the construction of various nuclear plants, chemical facilities, major buildings, aviation hubs, highways, and housing developments.

Such Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited (FDH)

The other owner of Capital City Islamabad is Future Development Holdings (FDHL). This business, which was established in 1984, is a collection of construction firms. It is now one of Pakistan’s leading real estate development and management firms.

By giving profitable contributions to its primary clients, it seeks to create new smart cities. In order to create this construction corporation, many national and international construction and management organizations were combined.

A number of engineering groups, technology-based groups, Chinese management groups with their technical expertise, etc. were among these groups. These segments collectively make this construction company a premier lifestyle supplier the power plants in Chashma, Guddu, Balloki, Qadirabad, Kot Addu, and Bin Qassim.

This prominent development company’s major objective is to make new, cutting-edge residential and industrial developments in order to improve living conditions in Pakistan.

As is clear in the instance of Islamabad, the capital city. Along with their connectivity to the future CPEC roads, FDHL seeks to connect the industrial areas and housing developments with the Lahore-Islamabad (M-2) expressway.

Projects “Habib Rafiq Limited” has worked on Power plants

Projects like

  • Sahiwal Power Station
  • Guddu Thermal Plant
  • Chashma Nuclear Plant
  • Balloki Power Station
  • Bhikhi Power Plant
  • Qadirabad Power Station
  • Bin Qasim Power Plant
  • Energy Plant at Kot Addu

Residential building projects

  • The Royal Orchards (Multan Sihawal)
  • Bahria Town: Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi DHA Lahore & Islamabad
  • Lac City Lahore
  • Various cities’ Tariq Gardens
  • Gardens of Bahria
  • Motorways all around the Pakistan
  • In Islamabad, the convention center
  • Tricon Building, Lahore
  • The Taman Sumadar (Malaysia)
  • Bahria Icon Tower in Karachi
  • Bahria Town Karachi 2
  • Metro project multan

Master Plan

Different districts and sub-districts are included in the housing project’s overall master plan for the convenience of our population. The new districts will have access to useful facilities aside from this.

As a result, the Capital Smart City in Islamabad was built on a plot of land that is around 55,000 (fifty-five thousand) Kanals large. It is ten times bigger and better than the nearby University Town housing society, according to the proposed map of Capital Smart City.

The Pakistani government offered a Singapore-based consulting firm the master plan of this housing project so that it would fulfil the highest building requirements. Surbana Jurong is a firm with its headquarters in Singapore. Islamabad’s Capital Smarty City is a creation by Norman Foster.

Capital Smart City

Details regarding Surbana Jurong?

Surbana Jurong, also referred to as (SJ), is a highly regarded consultancy firm with its headquarters in Singapore. Singapore is the location of the main office. SJ is one of the most technologically advanced business groups in all of Asia since it focuses on infrastructure and living conditions that the clients want.

A minimum of 16000 employees and 120 distinct location offices make up this consulting company. They employ engineers, designers, planners, and other specialists in the field of infrastructure. This company’s major goal is to shape various cities and make them desirable places for their citizens to live.

Second, it offers a variety of positions to its staff in order to grow the company of SJ and associated companies. In other words, they contribute to the growth of the local and national economies.

According to their plans and methods, the building of Capital Smart City in Islamabad was intended to create a new, modern city with the fitting name of Capital Smart City Islamabad. To accommodate new residents in the housing society, their approach incorporates various modern amenities and quirks.

The main goal of their methods was to improve the society’s current natural scenic beauty. Other ideas include for boosting the use of smart cars, public transportation systems like the contemporary metro system, and the construction of new, enormous structures like villas.

In Islamabad, these plans come together to create a magnificent metropolis. The city’s distinctive qualities can also encourage foreign investors to establish commercial hubs in our nation.

Housing Benefits of “Capital Smart Cities”

The fundamental advantage of this housing city is reflected by the Capital Smart City address. Since this society, like other nearby societies, will be close to Islamabad’s new airport. This Capital City’s master plan is currently in draft form, but it will eventually be finished.

The next stage of this project’s master plan is the addition of fresh land, which will allow the building firms to quickly build new blocks of this magnificent metropolis.

In 2019, this city’s officials submitted a request for more land. However, this grand city’s entire area increased to 80,000 Kanals in 2020 after the petition to add a new land for this project was authorized.

Capital Smart City Islamabad will grow in size to become the “biggest-ever” housing development in Islamabad. Find plots for sale in Capital Smart City and reserve one for yourself.

The main Chakri road, which originates from the (M-2) Lahore motorway and may eventually come through a ring road, provides convenient access to this housing development. The national highway of Islamabad, for example, is shown as being accessible on the map of the Capital Smart City. Additionally, FWO has given its design for an interchange that connects to the highway approval.

“Capital Smart City” Structural Plan

The Capital Smart City plan and the development of this substantial housing project have both received approval from the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). As a result, we can conclude that the Capital Smart City housing society is one of Islamabad’s approved residential developments. The first NOC issued to this society is still being revised, however it will shortly be allocated together with fresh land.

The construction of lovely and practical apartments, commercial villas, and other sites is part of the master plan for this housing development in Capital City, which provides this society a new shape. Each district, sub-district, hamlet, and block also have residential villas and family apartments.

  • Healthcare and Education Districts
  • The Overseas Block, Executive, and Panda Village
  • Parks for holidays, gardens, and harmony
  • Gorgeous Lake View Terrace
  • An economic square
  • Likewise, Education City

Residences, Commercial, apartments, and villas

The entire master plan is broken down into facilities, which are then further categorized into distinct districts and sub-districts. Additionally, each district is equipped with practical public amenities.

Below is a list of the districts’ names that are part of the Capital Smart City Master Plan.

  • Foreign Block
  • President’s Block
  • Peace Park
  • Panda Town
  • Village of Aviation
  • School District
  • Medical District
  • Waterfront Terrace
  • Vista Hills
  • City Education
  • Monetary square
  • Vacation Parks

Additionally, the Capital Smart City payment schedule changes based on the size of each block and plot, making it accessible to all.

Interesting features of “Capital Smart City”

Numerous features in the Capital Smart City support and accelerate its growth. The main goal is to draw in and keep interested foreign tourists who might make various kinds of investments in the future.

Residents of the country have a great chance to modify their lifestyles by promoting a modern, sophisticated way of life. As a result, this big housing society’s infrastructure includes all these characteristics for its occupants. Let’s list some of the key characteristics that Islamabad’s capital city has implemented.

  • The city is environmentally friendly.
  • Using international norms, modern living standards
  • Intelligent and cutting-edge security system
  • Providing services for metro buses
  • A safe and clean environment
  • System of underground electricity
  • 24-hour access to electricity, gas, and water
  • Use of sophisticated and clever weather, internet, and traffic apps
  • Shopping centres, opulent hotels, and sports facilities
  • Children’s scenic views of lakes, gardens, and parks
  • The construction of buildings abroad
  • Mosques
  • Various Recreational Strategies
  • A golf course with 18 holes, hotels, and resorts
  • The future airport’s proximity to the area
  • Future society that is most sustainable

All of these characteristics work together to give you a decent way of life, especially in the years to come.

Capital Smart City” Facilities and Development

The management of Islamabad’s Capital Smart City is doing everything in its power to improve and develop new residential and investment-focused criteria for its potential inhabitants and investors. Planning for the Capital Smart City development took into account all locally available services and amenities in order to improve the quality of life for residents.

The Capital Smart City Developments Project delivers first-rate amenities to create a community in Pakistan that is worth living in and is healthy.

Capital Smart City

The following are the primary services and amenities offered by this impressive Smart City

Smart Living Standards in Capital city Islamabad

Capital Smart City, Islamabad seeks to offer a variety of services and facilities, with a focus on smart living standards in Islamabad. The goal of this society’s plan is to provide its citizens with a friendly, healthy atmosphere.

People should feel content and comfortable in order to live tranquil lives, according to CSC. This housing society may soon offer a desirable pool of residential and commercial prospects. Within the grand city, there are three different types of sophisticated and contemporary villas:

  • vintage villas
  • upscale villas
  • exclusive villas

These clusters of villas all share cutting-edge technological characteristics that enable them to offer their residents first-rate amenities. The traditional homes are built with aluminium-based windows, unique bespoke tiles, attractive doors, a well-equipped kitchen, lovely cabinetry, and other materials.

The residents’ preferences are being taken into consideration when the premium villas are developed. Your preferences for interior design will be taken into consideration by the developers. Then there are the opulent, elite villas, which will have the highest calibre of sophistication.

The interesting thing about these villas is that residents may use their cell phones to immediately link to their home, allowing them to track traffic.

Urban Opportunities

The Capital Smart City has provided a number of urban opportunities as well as additional services that are essential for daily life. It has evolved into the first type of dwelling that can provide you a wide range of jobs. It implies that this society also goes by the name of a commercial housing centre.

Infrastructure at the State Of The Art:

Due to its stunning infrastructure, it draws in foreign investors, which inevitably creates employment prospects for its citizens. So, the Capital City housing program can also help Pakistan, our beloved nation, grow economically.

24/7 Security surveillance

The safety features of a Capital Smart City are its most significant feature. This housing development’s security system is modern and sophisticated. It guarantees the security of its citizens. In addition to that, the city also contains the aviation village.

Religious Places & Parks

There are numerous mosques inside the Capital Smart City to accommodate people’ religious needs. Children can be entertained in the parks and gardens that are lovely and soulful. These elements mostly serve to assist the individuals who arrived for a standard living.

Smart Transportation System

The Capital Smart City Map’s layout and design are intended to create a smart transportation system for the city. For its citizens, cyclists, and public transportation buses, it guarantees clean, open, and spacious roadways. They have incredibly effective systems throughout.

Smart Environment

The Capital Smart City has a modern environment. Residents can enjoy a very contemporary and opulent lifestyle there.

Job Opportunities

 By being the first commercial hub in the area and luring foreign companies and investors to engage in the spectacular housing project, the housing society will benefit its people. A range of commercial and service sector job possibilities would also be created by Capital Smart City, improving Pakistan’s economic situation.

Quality & Comfortable Life Style:

The society is built in a way that fosters a robust social environment in the area, allowing residents to enjoy a seductive and tranquil lifestyle and enabling the society to serve as a focal point for commercial, residential, and recreational options.

Identity & Heritage

With new landmarks built in the society and new religious and cultural centres, Capital Smart City will become a trademark of specialness and heritage. The society will become an iconic destination for both visitors and locals.

Resources Management

The Capital Smart City master plan is designed in a way that the infrastructure of the community is created to highlight the community’s natural features while making development as environmentally friendly as feasible. One of the key features of this creative housing program is the advanced solid waste management system that is integrated into society, as well as the adequate supply of water and power.

Friendly Environment 

The society is designed so that protecting natural resources is a top concern and that the surrounding natural regions are not affected. As a result, Capital Smart City develops into a community where its citizens may actually live in a peaceful, quiet environment.

Blocks for Capital Smart Cities

The following are Capital Smart City’s blocks:

Overseas Block:

This city will quickly become the preferred future location for Pakistanis residing overseas. One must include a copy of their or an overseas national identity card with all other necessary documents when booking a residential or commercial plot in Capital Smart City’s Overseas block.

On February 20, 2018, the capital smart city unveiled its international block in the society at London Dorchester. For the first time in any housing society in Pakistan, this one is the first to have an especially created overseas block that is just allocated for Pakistanis living abroad.

With this program, Capital Smart City hopes to provide abroad Pakistanis with a safe and worthwhile investment opportunity in Pakistan. Because of its exceptional facilities and location, Overseas Block quickly rose to prominence as the centre of Capital Smart City.

The Overseas Block’s location is:

The Overseas Block of Capital Smart City is situated close to the Motorway M-2 in the upper section to the right of the society’s major promenade. Direct access from the proposed designated Interchange on the Motorway will be possible to the foreign Block.

Plot Dimensions & Cost of Overseas Block:

The Overseas Block has plots measuring 5 Marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 kanal, and 2 kanals to accommodate Pakistanis living abroad.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Overseas Block: Reasons to Invest:

The overseas block plays a very vital role in the housing project for Capital Smart City. It expresses gratitude and appreciation for all the work and efforts that Pakistani nationals living abroad have contributed to our nation. For Pakistanis living abroad, Capital Smart City provides a credible and profitable investment opportunity to invest in their own country.

The online booking option is specially designed for those investors who are unable to physically visit the office and want to make a booking online. .

Required paperwork for booking in the international block:

These are the papers required to reserve a plot in Capital Smart City Overseas block.

  • 2 passport size photos
  • 2 copies of your NICOP.
  • Your next of kin ID and two photocopies are required.
  • Land reservation fee

Holding an overseas block:

The acquisition of land in the company’s overseas block is expected by the first quarter of 2020. To avoid delays in the possession and distribution of your land, investors should adhere to a payment plan and make all scheduled repayments. Overseas Prime Block: Overseas Prime Block is the most important block of Capital Smart City. The block is for expatriate Pakistanis only, but has more modern and luxurious amenities.

Residential plots in overseas prime blocks:

The following residential plots are for sale in this block:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 channel
  • 2 Channel
  • 4 channels

Commercial land in prime blocks abroad:

The following commercial lots are available for purchase in this block:

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Overseas Prime II:

This project offers opulent yet affordable residential locations.

Residential lots in Overseas Prime II:

The following residential plots are available for purchase:

5 Marla

7 Marla

10 Marla

12 Marla

1 Channel

2 Channel

Company block:

The company’s launch event was held on May 2, 2019, Capital Smart City announced the ;Executive; to the community. In addition, the company provided a brief overview of the key aspects of this

new block and the option for customers of the main block to temporarily move their plots to the executive block.

The conversion of these plots was offered by the officials only temporarily; after the deadline for applications on 24 May 2019, a 30% surcharge must be paid to the company to convert these plots or reserve a new plot in this block. Plots in the executive block in the main smart city are approximately 30% more expensive than plots in the main block, and those who want to convert their plot after the deadline will now have to pay a fixed fee.

General block:

The company initially started planning with a general company block, which was then expanded to include additional blocks. The community consists of various-sized residential and commercial plots ranging from 5 Marla to 1 and 2 Kanal plots in various blocks.

Capital Smart City

Location of General Block in Capital Smart City:

The general block of the smart city capital is located behind the Overseas Block social block, which is

located to the right of the main boulevard in the smart city capital. You can check out the master plan

below to get a broad idea of  where the blog is located.

Smart homes:

Capital Smart City has introduced the first-ever smart homes and Travelers International, a pioneer in

property development and investment in the UK, at its apartment complex known as ; Travellers Lake Boulevard.

Special characteristics and amenities:

These smart villas are divided into three categories based on characteristics: classic, premium, and exclusive. Each category offers its tenants smart features and smart technology.

Custom tiles, windows, cabinets, doors, a fully equipped kitchen, and many other appealing elements can be found in classic homes, depending on choice.

You can choose a premium villa if you want to customize it to your preferences because premium homes allow you to decorate them as you see fit.

An exclusive villa is another option if you desire a luxury lifestyle that is out of this world. These villas are truly smart; your house is connected to your phone, and you can use it to monitor traffic on roads and in parking lots.

The villas have the following practical features, to name a few:

  • Smart switches
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • Electronic door lock
  • Gas detector
  • Smart windows and doors
  • Magic wand
  • Using mobile devices for remote access
  • Smart motion detectors
  • Indoor and exterior CCTV cameras

Villa Types:

There are two primary Smart villa sizes available:

5 Marla and 10 Marla. Each size offers two categories of villas in terms of lodging and interior design.

The type of 5 Marla luxury villas in Lake Boulevard are as follows.

  • Villas Abbey (5marla-3 bedrooms)
  • Beach villas (5marla-4 bedrooms)

The type of 10 Marla luxury villas in Lake Boulevard are as follows.

  • VILLAS HOLLY (10marla-4bedrooms)
  • Royal villas (10marla-5bedrooms)

Payment schemes for capital smart cities:

Following are Capital Smart City’s payment options:

Payment schemes for capital smart cities:

Following are Capital Smart City’s payment options:

Price of Capital Smart City Smart Villas:

For your convenience, the Smart Villas’ costs and dimensions are listed below:

Executive Block Residential Villas in Capital Smart City Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule for Residential Villas in Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City

Payment Schedule for the Overseas Block Commercial Plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad:

Capital Smart City

The society provides a range of plot sizes in residential, commercial blocks, and luxury villas, from the currently sold-out 7 Marla to 1 & 2 Kanal Plots in convenient 3.5 years Quarterly installments. Please see the payment schedule that is provided below for more information.

Plots at the following addresses are subject to the additional fees:

  • Main Street (100 feet above) 15% Extra
  • Road Main (41 to 99) 10% Extra
  • 10% more while facing a park
  • 10% more on corners

Payment Schedule for Commercial Plots in Capital Smart City:

Plots ranging in size from 4 Marla to 8 Marla are available in the society’s commercial zones on a 3 year easy installment plan. A complete payment schedule is attached for your review below:

Capital Smart City
Capital Smart City

Payment Schedule for Capital Smart City’s Prime Block Residential Plots Abroad

Capital Smart City

Prime Block Installment Plan for Capital Smart City Abroad:

The most recent Overseas Prime Block payment schedule is not yet accessible.

Residential Plots for Overseas Prime II:

Capital Smart City

Residential Plots in Capital Smart City Payment Schedule

Capital Smart City

Payment Schedule for the Capital Smart City Apartment Villas:

Capital Smart City

Payment Plan for Trivellers Smart Homes in Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City

Payment Schedule for Capital Smart City One Capital Residences:

Capital Smart City
Capital Smart City

Farmhouse Capital Smart Payment Plan:

The costs for the farmhouses in this housing society are as follows:

Capital Smart City

Residential Plot at Harmony Park, Capital Smart City, 3.5 Marla:

According to recent developments at Capital Smart City, a new block of 3.5 Marla residential plots has been launched at the most competitive prices to give investors who want to invest in the cutting-edge housing project an equal opportunity.

Capital Smart City is taking this initiative to provide potential investors a chance to join the community who previously were unable to do so due to the increased price of the homes being sold.

These 3.5 plots, each measuring 20 x 40 feet and 90 square feet, are located in a prime location at Capital Smart City Islamabad’s “The Harmony Park block” near to the Executive Block.

The Harmony Park, which has recently been created, will have the same amenities and development requirements as the rest of society, but the costs and sizes of the available properties are relatively lower.

The map below shows the approximate position of the Harmony Park Block.

Price and Payment Plan for the Capital Smart City

The plots are offered with a 3.5-year simple installment plan for just PKR 12000/- per month.

Capital Smart City

Note: A 50% payment will receive a 5% discount, and a full payment will receive a 10% discount. Development costs are not included in the prices. If you choose a plot on Main Boulevard that is 100′ or above, there are additional 15% charges.

The Villas Apartments Are Presented By Capital Smart City Islamabad

The Villa Apartments, the first of their kind, were introduced by Capital Smart City Islamabad with the intention of introducing a futuristic and incorporated into its Harmony Park Block.

These villa apartments provide you a special opportunity to join this ground-breaking housing project and live luxuriously in addition to being cost-effective.

With the creation of “The Villa Apartments,” Capital Smart City has combined its resources, knowledge, and wealth of experience to provide these cutting-edge living solutions. You have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with these homes to experience the most economical version of an urban lifestyle.

Where the Villa Apartments are located

The Harmony Park at Capital Smart City, a lovely yet reasonably priced living block dedicated to the Villa apartments and 3.5 Marla residential options, is where the apartments are located.

The executive block is anticipated to be next to the harmony block, which will benefit from a prominent location and cutting-edge amenities.

The 3.5 Marla residential Plot offered by Capital Smart City at The Harmony Park Block contains a map of the Harmony Block.

Villa Apartment Types

Two different styles of villa apartments are being introduced by Capital Smart City Islamabad:

  • 660 square feet, 1 bedroom villa apartment at 5 Marla
  • 856 square feet, 2 bedroom villa apartment at 5 Marla

      The moniker “The Villa Apartment” comes from the structures’ external and structural resemblance to villas. These apartment villas will have three floors: the first level, the second floor, and the ground floor. There will be two neighbouring flats in each structure, making a total of 6 units per building.


      For your convenience, the Floor Plans for each of the villas are listed below.

      Apartment in a villa payment schedule:

    Capital Smart City

    Floor Plan for a 3.5 Marla (650 Sqft) Villa Apartment:

    Capital Smart City

    Floor Plan for a 5 Marla (856 sq ft) Villa Apartment:

    Capital Smart City
    Capital Smart City

    Prices and the Villa Apartments’ Payment Schedule

    Capital Smart City’s Harmony Park Villa Apartments are available with a practical 4-year payment schedule. Bookings begin with a 10% deposit and are followed by 10% confirmation fees after 30 days. The remaining balance is then due in monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments, depending on your financial ability.

    The detailed payment schedule is shown below:

    Recall that a discount of 5% is given for full payment and 2.5% for partial payment. All prices include construction fees.

    On the choice of category plots, there are additional fees, such as

    For a corner, 5% more is charged, and Main Boulevard attracts a 7.5% premium.

    With only a 25% Down payment, you can also choose the Villa site from the map.


    We advise you to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance and reserve your villa or residential plot immediately because these villa apartments and plots are only available in extremely small quantities at incredible low costs for a very short period of time.

    How you can secure the Plot of Your Choice?

    Residents must submit an application either online or at the city office in order to reserve their selected plot in the Capital Smart City Islamabad. The following papers are required in order to reserve a plot in the Capital City.

    • You’re National Identity Card in copy form
    • A duplicate of the identification cards of other family members, such as the mother, father, wife, brother, and sister.
    • A passport-size photo of you
    • Your payment sum, presented as a check, cash, or pay order
    • If you are a resident of another country, you must affix a copy of your foreign national identification card.
    Capital Smart City

    There are a number of distinctions between the Overseas and General Blocks of Capital Smart City; we are listing a few here for your better understanding.

    Block General

    For only foreign nationals

    Advanced security features

    A further Smart feature

    Excellent location within the Society

    Plots will be delivered to owners by 2020.

    Block Overseas

    Anybody can reserve a plot in the general block.

    Not including any additional security measures

    Fewer intelligent characteristics

    It is on the other side of the overseas block.

    By 2021, plots will be delivered to their owners.

    Latest Capital Development Smart City:

    Islamabad’s growth is progressing pretty quickly. The society has inked a number of partnerships with top-tier businesses to introduce cutting-edge features and future technology to the community.

    In order to establish an 18-hole golf course that meets international standards, Move pick’s services have been hired. These hotels and resorts will be built in the community to provide the best hospitality services possible. A memorandum of understanding has also been inked with National Defence University for the creation of the university’s newest campus within this beautiful housing development.

    At Capital Smart City, the development work has advanced past the earliest stages; in fact, since the project’s official start two months ago, the pace of the activity has accelerated somewhat. With the aid of cutting-edge gear, the levelling and charting of the ground is almost finished.

    Four tube wells are functioning on the site to provide the existing water needs of the community, and more than 200 large, heavy machinery are being employed for initial construction.

    The Capital Smart City in Islamabad is undergoing rapid development. The management is doing all possible to ensure that the quality of the work being done day and night will not be compromised in any way. Here are some recent, noteworthy developments:

    • Access to Main Boulevard and Main Roads
    • Foreign Blocks 1 & 2
    • Villas are progressing
    • Overseas Prime and Capital Hills
    • Additional Structures and Buildings

    Given that it is situated in phase 1 of the society and is given precedence, the officials have chosen to begin development work in the overseas block first. It’s probable that construction will shortly begin on the remaining blocks. The following discusses the society’s major development status.

    Network of Carpeted Roads

    In order to facilitate travel and transit inside the community, the construction of concrete carpeted roads has been given first priority. The 300-foot-long Main Boulevard is now almost complete.

    Progress in Overseas Block Areas 1 and 2 Sites 02 and 03:

    The progress work at sites 1 and 2 has started, according to the society’s most recent development work, and now that the area has been levelled and plotted, the society is concentrating on building the infrastructure.

    Block C of the abroad block is currently undergoing excavation, as well as construction work on the sector mosque, the shaft framework, curb stones, and saucer drains.

    Building and structure progress shots provided by CSCI: Access road from Chakari Road to project site asphalt work. Originally scheduled to begin in December 2019, asphalt construction has already started six months early.

    Capital Smart City will officially launch on May 2nd, 2019:

    On May 2, 2019, Capital Smart City Islamabad received its official opening at a ceremony conducted on the property of the development.

    Site Offices Distribution: July 12th, 2019:

    The official dealers of the mega housing society, including Sky Marketing, were given permission to receive site offices at a meeting hosted by Capital Smart City officials.

    In CSC, Freij International will build an entertainment park:

    On October 23, 2019, Freij Entertainment International and Capital Smart City inked an MOU to build an amusement park close to Capital Smart City Islamabad. The largest traveling entertainment firm in the world, Freij Entertainment International is renowned for planning exciting carnival rides, enjoyable fairs, and challenging games all around the globe.

    Mr. Freij El Zein, CEO of Freij Entertainment International, and top CSC management signed an agreement to work with Future Developments Holdings, the real estate development firm in charge of Capital Smart City’s master planning, to build many of the country’s first amusement parks at the Capital Smart Smart site in Islamabad.

    For the construction of the most exciting amusement parks in various Pakistani cities, including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, Freij Entertainment International has signed a contract. With record completion times of 2-3 months for world-class entertainment projects in over 26 countries, Freij International is the most effective and capable provider.

    This is a key step in providing much-needed leisure and recreation facilities throughout Pakistan as well as improving economic growth in the nation, according to Mr. Imran Zahid, Chief Commercial Officer of CSC.

    These parks for recreation will boost people’s quality of life, create job opportunities, and stabilize the local economy. The interest and investments made by foreign businesses in Pakistan will boost that nation’s economy and pave the way for additional investments and commercial prospects. This is a really positive step that will soften the image of our nation and make it more inviting to both tourists and the local populace.

    Updated: Capital Smart City Development Status

    By November 21st, 2019, Capital Smart City had acquired with possession more than 5,570 Kanals of fresh property along the Chakri Road and the River Sill. The management has begun work on the master plan for this extension area, which will soon be included to the Capital Smart City site.

    Expanding Land

    • The development work being done at the CSCI location has advanced significantly. The development includes:
    • Advancement Site-01 Access 2
    • Current Base and Electrical Work
    • Site-02 Main Roads R-1 and Access 1 & 2 are making progress.
    • Ongoing base construction at the intersection of Chakri Road and Access Road 2.
    • Current gardening projects
    • Electrical task
    • Areas 1-2 of the Overseas Block Progress Site
    • Block A: Plots are being cut
    • Earthwork
    • Supporting work
    • Excavation Development
    • Executive Blocks at Progress Site-4
    • Main sewerage line backfilling is ongoing.
    • Earthwork
    • The base layer and the street and road’s sub layer
    • Structure and Building work
    • Grider-16 Rebar Fixing at Access Bridge 2
    • Transom Pier 1 at Access Bridge 2 Rebar Fixing
    • Grider-14’s forming at Access Bridge 2
    • Rebar Fixing in Block- Overseas Block-C for the Bowl
    • Curb stones for the island at the intersection of Chakri Road and Access 2
    • At Access 1, the drain wall’s supporting structure
    • Brick Masonry for the First Floor of the Overseas Mosque Parapet Wall
    • Ground Floor of an overseas mosque: Electrical Cable Pulling
    • Ground Floor of the Overseas Mosque Stair Frame
    • Fixing Rebar for Columns – International Block B Smart School
    • Lean Overseas Block – Lean Concrete – A
    • Rebar fixing for a plinth beam is now being done.

    First-balloting Smart City Capital

    A month has been added to the date of the first ballooning event in Capital Smart City. The voting was originally slated to take place in the third final week of November in 2019, but the management of Capital Smart City decided to push back the event by another month due to the “Political Unrest” scenario in the Capital region.

    For the investors and clients who qualified for the executive and foreign blocks of the society, voting was supposed to take place. The society has also made a map available for eligible CSCI investors to choose plots from. Only those investors who have reserved their plots with a half- or full-payment are eligible for the selection option.

    The eligible members had until December 5th, 2019 to select their preferred and plot numbers, after which the selection option will no longer be available. The members have the opportunity to make their final decision while visiting the Capital Smart City corporate headquarters.

    Map of Capital Smart City’s Overseas Block:

    The map of Capital Smart City’s Overseas Block is shown below:

    capital smart city

    Information about the ballot: The first ballot will include any eligible files that remain after the plot selection process is complete. In the third week of December 2019, a computerized ballot to assign numbers to residential and business plots will be conducted.

    The remaining plot files will be included in the first ballot following the selection process, which won’t take place in the third week of December 2019. For the allocation of residential and commercial plots in the abroad and executive plots in the project, a computerized vote will be employed.

    The copy of the ballot notice released by society’s representatives is attached:

    capital smart coty

    Benefits of Investing in a Smart City in a Capital:

    • Pakistan’s first ever smart city
    • Dependable & Honest
    • Contemporary and upgraded housing
    • A sound investment
    • Easy payment schedules
    • Stylish Facilities
    • Development in Grade 8
    • Foreign company investment
    • University of National Defence
    • A profitable investment
    • Smart applications
    • FWO-designated interchange
    • Variety of vocations and jobs
    • Management of Resources Effectively
    • A fresh venue for entertainment
    • A no-shedding zone for loads
    • Using electric bikes is convenient and environmentally friendly

    What you should choose Capital Smart City?

    The advantages of investing in Capital Smart City Islamabad for local and foreign executives and investors are numerous. The following are some of the primary benefits that will persuade you to invest in this city:

    • Trustworthy and Reliable
    • It offers a contemporary lifestyle of the finest calibre.
    • You are guaranteed a secure investment.
    • Global businesses to invest in this city
    • Utilizing smart apps, it is future-proof.
    • A fantastic means of entertainment
    • Free from gas, water, and electricity load shedding
    • Efficient handling of resources
    • The city’s government provides a variety of occupations and new career opportunities.
    • Plans for grade 8 development, to take advantage of the environment’s health and sustainability
    • The residents of this smart city will enjoy living in a setting with 1,000 eye-catching amenities.
    • Simple payment plans for reserving any plot/s
    • Given that it is a future metropolis, investors should expect the highest rate of return.
    • Easy instalments are available for the Capital Smart City payment plan.
      • The Bottom Line: This city is a large and sophisticated housing project in Islamabad thanks to a number of distinguishing characteristics.

        No.1: All around Pakistan, the developers enjoy a stellar reputation.

        No.2: This city’s master plan features a full complement of cutting-edge facilities and is both contemporary and future-proof. Additionally, the investors make it very worthwhile to live.

        You can buy a block of land in Capital Smart City or look at houses for sale in Capital Smart City to start building the house of your dreams.


      The reputation of the owner and developer is the most crucial factor in whether a housing project succeeds or fails. Given that Habib Rafiq is one of the most reputable names in Pakistani real estate, it is only natural that investors have complete faith in the project. Most of the plots in the community have previously been sold and are currently being resold for a profit.

      Both the development and the master plan appear to have great potential and will help Capital Smart City become a very prestigious project. It will be a special and comprehensive bundle for every member of society. There is no doubt that Capital Smart City will be one of a kind and the most effective housing projects in the area with all the enhanced features and amenities.

      With all the benefits and privileges modern society provides, there is little doubt that investing in it over the short to long term will yield the highest return on investment.

      Capital Smart City FAQs

      Q: 1 Smart city is distinct from other cities in what ways?

      Smart City is a cutting-edge new home complex constructed with cutting-edge development and contemporary infrastructure. The high standards, cutting-edge amenities, innovative facilities, eco-friendly smart environment, and strategic planning set it apart from other housing societies.

      Q2: Given that it is governed by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, why is it referred to as Capital Smart City Islamabad?

      This society is known as Capital Smart City Islamabad since it is right on the edge of the current Islamabad area. The layout design for Islamabad city is now being revised, and the newest version may include this society.

      Q3: When will work on the interchange begin?

      Construction on the society’s authorized interchange from M-2, which has received FWO clearance, will begin in 2020.

      Q4: Is the Capital Smart City a society under the law?

      Yes, investing in Capital Smart City is entirely legal and safe. You can confirm that RDA has approved its NOC by visiting the RDA’s official website.

      Q: 5 when will the society allow owners of the plots to take possession?

      By the first quarter of 2020, investors who have made all necessary payments are anticipated to receive possession of their plots in the executive and international blocks.

      Q: 6 what innovative and special services would this society offer?

      The Capital Smart City will be an autonomous housing community with several distinctive characteristics, including a BRT system, climate control apps, free Wi-Fi hotspots, traffic man is this society a favourable place to make long- or short-term investments?

      Q: 7 Is this society a favourable place to make long- or short-term investments?

      Capital Smart City is a civilization that is worth investing in, and it presents both long-term and short-term investors with a fantastic opportunity.

      Capital Smart City

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