Business Ideas in Pakistan with Small Investment


Have you ever wondered what is a business idea? It is quite an intriguing question that we are pleased to clear for you. A business idea is kind of a concept with all the details, that could be implemented for financial benefits. It could be focused on one or more products and services. The idea or concept is the baseline of a business pyramid. Some of the most promising business ideas have the quality of innovation and uniqueness.

Increasing competition has made it difficult to easily succeed in the market. A person has to incorporate efficient innovations in the business or any other work to stand out and shine among others like a North Star. Every field has tough opposition from rivals, and thus one has to diversify his portfolio to earn enough for the fulfillment of his needs and wishes.

Such victories require new and relevant ideas. This is why you do not need to worry because we bring you the best high yield return on small investment business ideas. Following are the splendid small investment business ideas:

1-Real Estate Property Investment:

It is a medium level investment business but it has a high yield return in comparison with other businesses. It is also one of the most famous among the population of Pakistan. There is a renowned trend followed in Pakistan by the real estate investors, they buy a less developed property, then leave it for some time and when the rates are in favor,  then they sell it for a good amount than they bought

People also get confused about investing in real estate or stocks. So, we highly recommend that you should go for investment in real estate as it has more profit returns and it is safer than stocks. The real estate profit makes a person acquire double or triple investments.

Although commercial properties require higher investments it also has higher profit potential. No matter how small a commercial plot is, but even then the profits are higher. There are some factors involved in this such as the location and the market trend. But overall the yields are higher than the residential plots.

Nowadays renovations also contribute to the value of a residential or commercial property. In recent times, people are following the trend of installing tiles on the floor and walls than the chips or keeping it simple. This gives a beautiful and modern look to the property and may have more profit if they sell or rent it out. The chances of profits get elevated. If you want higher rents out of your property, then this is a good idea to apply rather than renovating the whole house just install tiles on the floor and you will be able to acquire more rent.

Concerning real estate, another high-profit idea is middle or high-level investment in the development of farmhouse and holiday resorts. These properties are bought and are hired on rent by the rich people who can pay any amount that you demand and spend their vacations in that serene spot. But the location in this investment always matters because the farmhouse location must be tranquil and peaceful with all the modern facilities available 24/7.

2-Poultry Products:

Nowadays the poultry sector is going on the rise because it is the winter season. The demand for poultry farming and poultry products shoots through the roof. Every person tries to consume more chicken and eggs along with other poultry products.

Poultry Products

It is a medium-small level investment business that you can even start from your home by installing a cage and a little area for the hens to roam around and lay eggs. You would be able to use it for yourself and your business. In winters the chances for the growth of this business are increased manifold.

If you have a large open land area available, then you can conduct open poultry farming or if you have a limited piece of land in your house lawn/roof then shed farming is recommended as it also provides shelter and a cozy environment in winters.

All you have to do is have a set of skills and knowledge about the feed and necessities of the chickens etc. In this regard, if you install a shed farm then feasibility reports are also necessary along with other permits from concerned authorities.

3-Café and Coffee Shops:

According to high-level studies conducted by reputed organizations, it was revealed that the cafes and coffee shops are in high demand and this business never goes into loss. This business is considered to be one of the top 10 businesses in the world and comes in the high ranking of the crude oil business. This business is a medium or small level investment depending on the size and category of the shop you are opening.

Café and Coffee Shops

The busy life of the 21st century has made people exhausted from their jobs and they want a tranquil and peaceful environment where they could relax and enjoy beverages and food. Such places then become high in demand. All you have to do is choose a prime location for such a business and a high profit is guaranteed. These places are hot spots for you to enjoy your leisure time with friends and family.

4-Digital Marketing:

In this digital age, every business has become digital and thus the need for marketing a business or venture has also shifted towards digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

It is due to the rapid utility of the internet and social media, social media platforms are a favorite for business marketing and its digitalization. With the personal interest of Prime Minister Imran Khan towards the digitalization of Pakistan`s businesses, this is the most suitable opportunity and time window for the people to start providing the services of digital marketing to boost their own or businesses of their clients.

You have to develop a good business plan with a targeted audience. Do not forget to consider the latest trends in the industry as an up-to-date business is a key to success. If you are not aware of the latest developments, then that might lead to the failure of the venture.

You must also provide or market the services on diversified social media networks to make a good amount of profit from different sources. Search Engine Optimization skills are also necessary for this kind of business. These services include web development, social media planning, graphic designing, social media marketing, etc.

5-Daycare Centers:

Daycare centers are popular in urban areas because of their utility for the working class. In a household every person has to do something whether that may be a job or a business, they would have to go to the office or work from home, in either case, they won`t be able to attend to their children properly and also attend to their work. So in such scenarios, daycare centers are highly popular and in demand.

Day Care Centers

But before you start this mid-level investment business, you must be aware of the neighborhood to make a feasibility assessment and ensure the locality you have chosen has enough children and working parents to cater to their need for a daycare center.

You would have to rent a building or area where you will have to provide a child-friendly and safe environment along with relevant and trained staff to handle the needs of the children in a professional manner. You can offer a variety of services in this center such as food, tuition, a play area, trained staff, gadgets, and other safe play equipment for children. This is also among the emerging trends in the urban areas of Pakistan and it is indeed a profitable business if provided good facilities and trained staff.


Rural areas in Pakistan are not much developed so most people head towards the urban cities to find jobs, for education purposes, or for any other reasons. In any case, they would need a reasonable and affordable place to stay for both long and short periods.

Day Care Centers

This mid-level investment business is quite beneficial in the urban environments of Pakistan. These hostels for boys or girls are in high demand as they provide an affordable option and provide all the basic needs of a person.

In a city usually, the hotels are expensive to stay, especially for the students who have to stay in the cities for education for a long period and they also need to acquire the needs such as the internet for research and study purposes. Hostels in this environment a perfect opportunity for the students and similarly a great business opportunity for you.

You can buy and develop your building or hire a building for this purpose and amend it according to your business plan and needs and facilities that you are going to provide in this regard. You should provide all the basic amenities in the hostel ranging from the bed, water, gas, electricity, food, safety, laundry, support staff, and transport service.

You may provide single bed accommodation. Make sure to develop it in the locality where there are lots of universities, schools, colleges, and offices nearby to fully avail the opportunity and your business may flourish.

7-Fish Farming:

This is one of the most convenient ways of conducting business. This could be started with small to medium and high-level investment. It depends on the amount of investment that you have. If you have a good amount of investment then you may buy a 5 Marla, 10 Marla, or 1 Kanal land and invest to develop this place into a fish pond.

Fish Farming

Do not worry if you lack a large amount of investment. You can launch the fish farming business in your house as well. All you have to do is procure the fabricated fish tanks and buy the small fish to nurture them to a specific size and weight.

Make sure to have the understanding and required skills/knowledge to initiate this business to make a good amount of profit by selling big-sized and healthy fishes. This business booms in the winters so keep in mind the seasons. Keep in mind all the needs of the fish to keep them healthy and profitable. Otherwise, there could be loss with damage to the health of the fish and your business may face loss.

8-Compact Organic Farm:

Organic farming is a new trend in contemporary times. Nowadays the excessive use of artificial fertilizers has endangered the health of the people. So, people want to move away from the food that is produced by artificial fertilizers and want to consume healthier and naturally produced food.

Compact Organic Farm

This is a small and mid-level investment business idea. Such farming could be launched concerning the level of investment. If you have a small investment then you might even start from your house, maybe on your rooftop or on your lawn. If you have a mid-level investment then you may buy some 5 Marla, 10 Marla, or 1 Kanal plot or even bigger as per your investment limit, and then you may start your business. All you need is a little bit of knowledge and skill about organic farming, crops, and types of natural organic fertilizers.


This is also a small level investment or you may increase your budget and open up a mid-level salon. These are very profitable businesses as not every person could afford the expensive beauty salons so they head for these mid or small-sized salons and make use of them for all their beautification treatments.


These could be launched from a small neighborhood and as women are always looking for good salons near their homes. . Men who are also interested nowadays are going to salons. They especially go to these salons on special occasions such as their wedding or family weddings, on Eid, or any other ceremonial activity.

To start this business, keep in mind that location matters a lot where there are no or fewer salons, and access to your salon is the easiest and convenient. You would also have to invest in the clean and beautiful furnishing of the interior, sitting area, quality beauty products, etc.

10-Online Teaching:

With the recent lockdown situations due to COVID-19, the tutorial and tuition sessions from educational institutions have been shifted online. Several kinds of software are being used to operate these online tutorial sessions. It is also an efficient way of learning and also a safe way in this unforeseen pandemic.

Online Teaching

All you need to do is to have an acquired set of skills for your subject area. This is the best way nowadays to spread invaluable knowledge and experience that you acquired over time. This is a low or no investment business. All that is needed for this lucrative idea is to have a laptop or desktop and an internet connection.


Graphic Designer

  • Graphic designing has become a very appealing business idea by which you could generate a hefty income. It does not require any kind of investment except a set of skills in graphic designing, a laptop, and an internet connection.

You could work alone online and freelance or you could work as an employee for some company in an office. As the world is moving rapidly towards digitalization of the business and access to the internet is becoming easier the need for online marketing and thus the need for graphic designers is increasing day by day.

12-Online Business:

In the past, retail businesses worked more traditionally. But with the rapid advancements, in technology, the businesses have shifted towards E-commerce. A high trend was observed in recent times of lockdown situations due to the spread of Coronavirus.

Online Business

For the launch of E-commerce, you need a small investment to initiate your business. For it, you also need the knowledge of the supply/demand trends in the market of E-commerce. You can operate this business from home or any location using your mobile and internet connection. It is that convenient. Once your business is known in the market then you may invest and earn more.


This is a recent trend in the market that is a very interesting and lucrative one. It is a small investment business for which you need a laptop, a camera, and an internet connection. For blogging, you need to have writing skills.


Vlogging is also similar in the sense that you need to have the skills of video recording. For this, you will also require a good quality high-tech vlogging camera with video editing skills as well.

You may also have the opportunity to visit new places, taste different food, or record and share the experience of visits to any place with your followers in the form of photos and videos. People love to follow vloggers and enjoy their experiences.


14-Clothing Business:

The clothing business is an evergreen sort of business. It requires less investment and has the potential of high yield return. This business needs a little information about the demand and supply of the kind and category of clothing preferred and in demand according to the culture of the target audience. You can start your business in the form of an online business through E-commerce or sell from any retail shop by buying the shop or renting it.

Clothing Business

15-Catering Business:

It is a mid-sized investment business idea. Any occasion or ceremony requires food and décor etc. So the catering business throughout the year remains in demand. At the beginning of your business try to acquire the orders of small events that require small investment equipment and less manpower to handle the event. Then once you gain further knowledge, experience, and recognition in the industry you may invest more and expand. For the wedding season, this is a highly lucrative business no matter what city or any urban/ rural area you choose. Before launching, make sure to do thorough research and set a menu and rate list.

Catering Business

16-Food Stalls:

Food stalls are quite an interesting small investment business idea. This requires less investment and once the business gets famous then it could become a very fruitful ventures. These stalls could be extremely diverse. One could start with any food source from these stalls. Even the stall of french fries has good profits with small investments.

Food Stalls

Food trucks are the newest edition in the league of food stalls. As they are more mobile and can easily change location frequently and conveniently. You may park the food truck anywhere and maybe without even paying any rent. For example, during the  break hour of offices, you may park outside the offices in a parking lot and make use of the opportunity. Food trucks are also a small investment business opportunity.

Food Spots


Freelance is one of the easiest and is a zero investment ideas for earning a good amount of money. Market saturation with jobs has reached new heights. There are tons of people who are qualified and could easily outrun you.


So if you have limited skills but are refined, online freelancing is the way forward for those who do not have any jobs. It is also a good income opportunity for those who despite having jobs wants to increase their earnings and meet ends.

18-Bee Farming:

This business is as sweet as its name. It is a small and mid-level investment business. It is categorized among one of the most economical businesses in Pakistan with high yield returns. Not just that it is good for business but also for different sorts of crops. It is a great source of pollination from one plant to another.

It is a well-known business in Pakistan and flourishing at a rapid pace too. The products are not just honey but wax too which is used in many other industries. All you need is wooden boxes to house a group of bees in it and take them to the seasonal areas where bees would have sufficient food source from the flowers and make honey and other products.

You also might need some initial skill and knowledge that you will acquire from online courses or from any other organization that deals in bee farming and they deliver free/paid courses to teach this skill to interested people. This is a small investment business but it needs continuous mobilization for the making of honey by the bees

Bee Farming

19-Private Chef:

This business in high demand in urban areas. People who are choosy and sensitive when it comes to their culinary needs prefer to hire a personal chef who prepares their food as per their set guidelines and with top-notch quality and taste. This does not require any kind of investment, it’s just that you need to be a good chef with superb innovative and diverse cooking skills.

Now it’s up to you and your skills how much you earn and the organization you are working for. You may charge per hour, on a weekly, or monthly basis. If you are someone who loves to cook then this could prove to be a dream job for you. You will enjoy and earn money at the same time and you will also not get bored.

Private Chef

20-Personal Trainers:

This is a very profitable business for high profile individuals such as celebrities, politicians, wealthy businessmen, etc. hire personal trainers to avoid going to public gyms. They want top-notch training sessions to train well. The international level athletes who need higher and tough level training skills to improve their body’s ability to achieve higher athletic goals, they pay huge amounts of money to hire the services of good trainers.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are in demand with celebrities who do not want to go out in public gyms. These high-end celebrities hire highly qualified personal fitness trainers who give personal training sessions in their gym or the gyms of the trainers. They may give individual or group sessions.


If you are a fitness fanatic and want to convert your passion into a low investment business start-up, then this would become your dream job. It will also serve the people by helping them keep fit and maintain good health.


This is a small investment business but it could be expanded into a mid-sized and large gym with further investment after it gets successful and you have enough to further invest in the equipment and maybe hire some trainers to better manage the load.

The location also matters as you do not want to launch your new business in a neighborhood where there are already several other gyms. So make sure to thoroughly research the locality and market for recent trends and where there is a dire need for a gym.

22-Vacation Spots:

The development of vacation spots is an extremely profitable business. This is a mid-sized to high-investment business because every facility is required to be high-quality. The location also needs to be high scenic and it should be covering a large piece of land to give off a spacious and luxurious experience to the people hiring your place.

Vacation Spots

Nowadays tourism is on the steep rise in Pakistan and this is one of the best times to invest in developing the vacation spots in mountain area area or any tourist spot in Pakistan that has a high influx of tourists on monthly basis.

23-Mobile Accessories Business:

Mobile Accessories Business

This is one of the most profitable and sustainable businesses in Pakistan as far as the usage of mobile stays, this business not going down. It requires a small investment. You can launch it from a small stall or proper shop, it depends upon the level of your investment. Mobile accessories include such as mobile cover, protector, software fix, hardware fix, headphones, and much more.

24-Travel and Tourism Agency:

With the end and rapid decline of terrorism in Pakistan, along with the personal interests of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the tourism and travel business is on the rise and booming in Pakistan. Northern areas present a lot of tourism opportunities.

Travel and Tourism Agency

Every province has its dedicated sites for sightseeing and tourism. These might include historic places or some refreshing park or lake, or it could be some cold hill station that presents beautiful landscapes.

This could be started with small or high-level investments. In the beginning, you could become the tourist guide and once you you will be able to construct your tourist spot.

25-Online Channels:

This online channel idea does not require any investment. It needs an internet connection and a computer (desktop or laptop) or cell phone to upload and edit videos. All you have to do is to register your channel on the respective website and start uploading videos of your talent.

Several media platforms could be exploited to upload your videos and make money online. One of the most popular trends making rounds on the internet and uploading them on the most prevalent online platform, YouTube.

26-Application Development:

The world is moving towards digitalization and applications (apps) are playing a significant role in this automation. App development is a low-cost investment business idea that only requires the needed skills to develop apps. You would also need a laptop and internet connection for this process. You could work for some organization or have your own business online.

Application Development

Another way is that you may open your own digital company and provide the services of app development and sort out the apps` issues. The new trend is the development of apps in the local languages.

So, you should develop the apps in English and also in the Urdu language. This provides a good income and it will also serve the people of Pakistan who do not understand the English language and they may operate the apps in Urdu. You will also have the option to develop for Android users or Apple users.

27-Private Educational Academies:

Private educational institutions are on the rise in Pakistan. Education has become more of a business. This is a small investment start-up idea that you may later on expand and invest more. You could even start by renting one room even from your house.

Private Educational Academies

All you need is a set of skills and complete practical knowledge about your subject to deliver in a meticulous way to the students. Once you become well-renowned in this field which happens a lot then you invest more of your earnings and expand the academy.

Initially, you should start with primary classes and then move up. Another trend is the coaching classes of CSS courses. To appear in CSS exams students pay higher fees to acquire coaching from the teachers who have appeared and cleared the CSS exams. This has quite a good scope in Pakistan that you may begin if you are good at teaching and delivering knowledge.

28-Retail General Stores:

This is a small investment business that could be started from even a small stall This is one of the most popular and small investment business ideas in Pakistan. These stores are present in every corner of Pakistan and run on good amounts of profits. This is because it provides each necessary thing that is used on a daily basis and all that on just a short distance on good prices conveniently.

Retail General Stores

29-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultancy:

A search Engine Optimization consultancy is small to a mid-sized business idea that provides its services to higher rank the business online. This business provides the skill and knowledge to launch and sustain while providing high-quality services to clients hiring your services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultancy

The services that this provides are diverse such as analyze, review, improve and remove errors from websites, increase ranking on search engines, and social media. It helps a client to raise his business earnings through spreading more and more awareness to the people by recommendations that SEO experts ensure to reach the interested people. In short an SEO expert helps to grow business online.

30-Shirts and Mug Printing:

Shirt and mug printing is a small investment business idea that needs a small portable printing machine that is used to print any sort of design or picture on the mug or front and back of the T-shirts. All you need to have is the understanding to operate the machine and develop contacts in the market to generate your business orders.

Shirts and Mug Printing

Several kinds of printing machines with different price tags are available in the market. It is also based on the amount of investment that you have. While you establish your work area, also visit the offices of a variety of companies and organizations that would require your services. This will help you identify the needs and demand and help in generating new clients, thus more orders.

31-Transport & Logistics Business:

Transport business is a small, medium, and large-sized investment business idea. It depends on the available investment. It means that you could start with a rickshaw with a small investment. When the earning or investment increases then you might move towards taxis, vans, trucks, etc.

Transport & Logistics Business

You will have to plan the route and goods for carrying from one place to another, then implement the plan effectively and efficiently. In the meanwhile, you will also have to control and keep an eye on the management of the vehicles. You will also need to develop the supply chain and management skills for the development of the business.

32-Architectural & Renovation Consultancy:

This is a small and large level business idea where you can provide services like renovation of the infrastructures and places to provide a modern and high-tech look to the place and provide a striking ambiance.

Architectural & Renovation Consultancy

You may also provide services to the real estate housing societies to help them in designing and provide architectural assistance. Clients are different and similarly, orders would be diverse. Some will be bigger contracts and some will be small. But you must have the skill, knowledge, and experience to cater to this diversity to boost your business and experience.

33-Medical Store & Pharmacy:

The pharmacy business has great potential in Pakistan and it is one of the most profit-making businesses. It is a mid-sized investment business, which could be expanded with further earnings and investments. All you need for this business is a bachelor’s degree and a permit along with a shop and further medical supplies to initiate the process.

Medical Store & Pharmacy

In this business, you must keep one thing in mind that location, variety, and discounts matter a lot. The locations matter in the sense that for example, the pharmacy is close to an area where there are hospitals and clinics then you will have the chance to have a good level of sales and earnings or the place of the business should be in the main market with a prominent appearance to attract the patients into buying medicine from your shop.

The variety works in a way that you should have all or most of the medicines required by people with diverse medical needs. Along with this, you must also develop relations and contacts with the doctors, hospitals, clinics, medical stores, and other pharmacies to get recognition and awareness among others.

34-Careem/Uber Driver:

This has broken the records of creating jobs for unemployed persons in Pakistan. Males and females both are highly satisfied with this easy profession. All you need is a normal bike or car to register with Careem as a driver and start making money. It is that easy.

Careem/Uber Driver

The requirement to be part of this colossal community is that you need a driving license and the vehicle in which you want to register with the company. You also need a smart cellphone to communicate with the customers.

35-Home Based Food Business:

Such businesses are more famous for those who have fewer business options and a small investment. All you need is cooking skills, a cell phone, an internet connection, and a vehicle (a bike or car) for delivery purposes.

Home Chef Delivery

This is a very interesting business niche. If you are food-savvy, then this could prove to be a great opportunity for you in Pakistan. This way you will need a small investment to start-up your own home-cooked food business.

You could start this individually all on your own or you could get yourself affiliated with some food delivery company and their delivery riders will pick the order of your home-cooked food and deliver it to the customer. Both patterns of a home-based business are fruitful and both require a small amount for investment.

36-Event Management:

Event management is a creative and interesting business. It requires managing full-fledged events and achieving a successful result in the best way possible. The occasions’ magnitude may differ. Some would be big and some mid-sized or small. In whatever condition, you need to have the required knowledge and experience to manage the staff and other work. The client will specify his wishes and needs and you would have to accordingly implement your strategy, this strategy must be comprehensive.

Event Management

The ceremonies may also vary from occasion to occasion. Some may be wedding functions like Nikkah, Valima, Mayoun, Mehndi, and others may be award ceremonies or formal and casual parties, etc.

37-Career Counseling:

Career Counseling is a kind of business in which the welfare of the students is also involved. Career counseling is a sort of venture where you guide the people and especially students of universities about which field or business to chose and how should they initiate and sustain it.

You need to have a certain level of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the latest and futuristic trends to guide others with experience and information. You will assist your clients to highlight the certain factors that will affect your career and its growth. You will also have to help in the assessment of their interests and abilities in that specific field or in some cases to change the field if required. In this way, you will guide them to achieve their goals and lead a successful life.

Career Counseling

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