Blue World City Islamabad is an approved and reasonable housing project in the capital that offers golden investment opportunities. The housing scheme is located on the most scenic locality of Chakri Interchange, proximal to the new Ring Road. BWC is a project of the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) who have collaborated with the world-renowned Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company.

Blue World City File Verification:

For those who want to know about the BWC file verification procedure, Tajarat Properties brings a complete guideline on how to verify your BWC plot files. The file verification procedure is simple and can be followed by both local and overseas Pakistanis.

You can verify your plot file through the following ways:

  • Contact the management of Blue World City that is active 24/7
  • Contact Tajarat Properties, and we will help you verify the file registration
  • You can also visit the official website of Blue World City for online verification

Blue World City Online File Verification:

Those who want to verify their plot registration file online should follow the given steps:

Step 1:

Go to the home page of the Blue World City website through the link

Blue World City Online File Verification

Step 2:

Click on the “Online Services” at the top of the home page

Blue World City Online File Verification

Step 3:

Now click on the “Online Registration Verification

Blue World City Online File Verification

Step 4:

A window will pop up on your screen after clicking “Online Registration Verification”

Blue World City Online File Verification

Step 5:

Enter your “Form No.” and “Security Code” in the respected spaces

Blue World City Online File Verification

Step 6:

Once you enter the form number and security code, a new page will appear on your screen, revealing the online file verification search results.

Blue World City Online File Verification

However, if the information entered is wrong or the file verification information is fraud/scam, then the result will show “No Result”.

Blue World City Online File Verification

Benefits of Blue World City File Verification:

Real estate investment is one of the means to secure your future. Therefore, a person must make secure investments, go through all verification processes, and know their importance. Below we list some of the benefits of Blue World City file verification:

  • Prevention from scams
  • Saving lifetime investments
  • Prevention from financial swindles
  • Prevention of heavy financial losses
  • Ensuring purchase of legal properties
  • Prevention from falling into the hands of scammers


Blue World City is a top-notch residential scheme that is the centre of attraction for all investors. The housing society cost-effective plots on flexible payment plans. You can book your plot and verify your plot registration file through different methods. This blog is focused on the Blue World City File Verification process. File verification helps you not fall prey to scammers and secures your lifetime investments.