Blue World City Overview

Blue World City is a high-rate project that will cater to the requirements of residential and commercial in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. It provides its residents with all the high-class facilities and features that will make living peaceful and convenient at affordable rates.

The different categories and sizes of residential and commercial plots are available inside the community with an easy payment plan. Blue World City’s facilities and amenities are unique from other housing societies that offer an elite-class living standard to the residents of Islamabad.

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This project has been created in partnership with Blue World City and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The best location in Islamabad has been chosen by the developers.

It is located on the main Chakri Road, near Chakri Interchange, M-2 Motorway, and the CPEC Route. Investment in this highly successful project would be a life-changing opportunity for you.

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Facilities & Amenities in Blue World City

This housing society is built on international infrastructure with all the high-class amenities and facilities. The main objective of the developers is to improve the living standard of Pakistani residents at the most affordable rates.

Some of the most significant Blue World City Facilities and Amenities are as follows:

Gated Community:

Blue World City is a gated community and secured with heavily guarded by security guards and a protected surrounding wall. It also features key cards and face recognition that will avoid mishaps and unwanted visitors inside the community.

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Blue World City Gated Community



All religious activities will be entertained inside this housing society. So that people can pray and fulfill all their religious requirements peacefully without any traveling or hurdles.

For the Jummah prayer, a Jamiah Mosque will be constructed for the convenience of the visitors and residents of this housing society.

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Blue World City Blue Mosque


All Basic Utilities:

The availability of all basic utilities such as water, gas, and electricity will be provided to the residents of the housing society. All the utilities will be available 24/7 to the resident so that there is no hurdle in their daily routine chores.


Blue World City All Basic Utilities


24/7 Security:

A highly professional and trained security team will 24/7 ensure and monitor the security of the residents. CCTV cameras will be installed everywhere inside the society to get the surety of security so that residents can have a secure environment to enjoy luxuries.


Blue World City 24/7 Security


Educational Facilities:

The Blue World City facilities and amenities also include the facilities of educational organizations to meet the educational requirements of the students in this society. A high-standard education with an international curriculum will be given to the students.


Blue World City Educational Facilities


Healthcare Facilities:

A 40-bed and fully operational hospital has been designed inside the society to facilitate the residents in the best manner possible. A highly professional team of doctors and nurses will be appointed to diagnose and treat the patients with the help of modern machinery and technology.


Blue World City Healthcare Facilities


Spa & Pools:

It another luxury that will be provided to the residents is the availability of a spa club and pools with fresh and warm water. The residents can go to these places for relaxation and enjoyment.

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Blue World City Spa & Pools


Police Station:

To control illegal activities and help criminal encounters. A police station has been placed inside the society to facilitate the residents of this housing society.


Blue World City Police Station


Recreational Facilities:

All recreational facilities will be provided to the residents which include lakes and oxygen parks. All the children and youngsters will have quality time there. This society is surrounded by green spaces that will help in making the environment peaceful. Making social connections, and positive impact on health.

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Blue World City Recreational Facilities


Sports Complex:

The multifunctional cultural and sports complex will be built inside the society to promote and entertain diversity of cultures and extracurricular activities inside the community.

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Blue World City Sports Complex


Water Filtration Plant:

The developers and management of this housing society have made it a sustainable and self-sufficient project. It is unique from other housing projects.

The Blue World City facilities and amenities are of high quality and unique. It is a worth-living society. The improvisation of the water filtration plan will provide the residents with clean and fresh water.

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Blue World City Water Filtration Plant



Blue World City is the dream society to build your new home or start any business. The developers have built many world-famous attractions inside the society to attract investors and residents.

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Blue World City’s facilities and amenities are more unique and modern than the other housing societies in Pakistan. It has all the facilities and features that anyone would love to have in their lifestyle.

If you are interested in booking your plots in this splendid housing society. Then contact Tajarat Properties as soon as possible.

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