Blue World City is the most talked about and popular housing society in the eyes of investors right now. It is an upcoming venture by Blue Group of Companies. It has been very popular in the eyes of investors. Not only this but it is right now one of the most affordable housing societies in Islamabad.

Pakistan has seen a rise in housing societies in the past two to three decades, especially in all of the metropolitan cities of the countries, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, etc. These housing societies are at a distance of a mere 25-30 kilometres from the city zone. However, they can easily access the city zone.

With many people migrating from rural to urban areas, the population of cities has increased rapidly. The cities have become quite populated. Hence, many people have opted to reside within housing societies that are near the city and in this crisis, the top housing society that you should be looking at is Blue World City.

The popularity of Blue World City is increasing day by day and due to its international marketing strategy, it is seen to be on quite the rise. It is also the first-ever housing project that is a collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese architects and designers.

Blue World City

This is soon going to be one of the most unique and affordable housing societies in its locality. The housing society will also soon be having the addition of Chinese citizens due to the CPEC route near the housing society. Blue World City aims to create absolute diversity within its housing society.

It is currently the most affordable housing society in the market, and it is being designed and developed in a very high-end, international manner and standard that will be available for anyone with a humble background to afford a dream plot in such an eloquent housing society.

It’s going to be a dwelling and investment hub both for local and foreign investors. Packed with all sorts of amenities and features that no one can ignore or not invest in. The facilities and amenities being provided and designed in Blue World City are of the utmost manner and the international standard.

Society has not been officially launched just yet, but development and construction have already begun in the first phase of the society. And soon the mapping and allotting of blocks and plots will begin. The work and construction for the main gate entrance are almost complete as well while the construction for the main boulevard road has begun.

Blue World City Location:

Blue World City is being developed at a very prime location. The society can be accessed via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 to Chakri Road if you are heading from Islamabad and it will also be accessible via Ring Road after its completion. It will soon also be accessible from farther points of Rawalpindi.

It is one of the societies that are being developed very close to the new Islamabad International Airport and other than Blue World City, there are also many other housing societies being developed in the area near the airport. One of the main drawbacks of Blue World City is that it is being developed a little further away from the Islamabad city zone, but it can be considered as a good thing as it keeps one away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The developers’ main goal for Blue World City is to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Fresh air and nature are important for everyone to have access to and investing here, is a great opportunity to stay away from the hustle and overpopulation of the twin cities.

Blue World City Projects Details:

Blue World City has acquired a land of 5500 Kanals, upon which there will be many residential and commercial plots built and constructed. This land will further be developed and divided into four sub-phases and then divided into more plots for residential use such as houses, apartments, villas and commercial areas, etc.

The society is offering the following plot sizes:

  • 5, 8, 10 Marla plots
  • 1 and 2 Kanal plots
  • 4 and 8 Kanal farmhouse plots
  • 5 and 8 Marla commercial plots

With such amazing and optional plot sizes available in the housing society, who would not want to invest or reside in the magnificent Blue World City.

Other Living Complexes:

Following are some of the other kinds of living complexes offered here:

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Farmhouses

According to what each person’s budget and feasibility are, they should be able to invest in whichever housing society they deem worthy of their investment.

Facilities and Amenities:

 Following are some of the facilities and amenities that are being developed and provided in the society:

  • Gated Community
  • 24-hour Security and Surveillance
  • 24-hour Ambulance Service
  • Health and Hospital services
  • Educational Hub
  • Jamia and Mosques
  • Parks and Jogging Area
  • Gold Club
  • Entertainment Hub
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • 3D/IMAX Cinemas
  • Wide Roads
  • Commercial Hub
  • Establishment of Public Transportation
  • Police Station
  • Safari Zoo
  • Water Filtration Plant
  • Underground Electricity
  • Overseas Block

Overseas Block:

One of the most interesting and unique blocks being developed in Blue World City is the “Overseas Block”. Now what is this block, you must be wondering. It is being specifically developed for overseas Pakistani citizens residing abroad.

This designated block is a safe way for overseas Pakistani to safely invest within Pakistan in the real estate business. the block is constructed and intended solely for overseas Pakistani citizens who have acquired the exceptional taste of living abroad.

The block is constructed that will outshine the rest of the housing society. The block is fully equipped with all the amenities, added facilities, and upgraded security systems that sets this area apart from the rest of the housing society. The housing society is the only one in the region offering the lowest rates for the convenience of its investors.

The block is a little bit more of a top-notch area of Blue World City, as it is being developed in one of the most primer locations of the housing society and with a little bit more increase in your budget, you too can afford to live in one the most glorious blocks of the society.

Blue Hills – Farmhouses in Blue World City:

Blue Hills – Farmhouses are a new up and coming project of Blue World City. These Farmhouses are offering the most beautiful and scenic view of Blue World City, on where they are being constructed and developed.

Farmhouses have been on the rise in the market among the rich and famous. With the cities now being overpopulated and becoming more metropolitan, people have found that investing in farmhouses is a great way to have a break in between the extremely busy city life.

Farmhouses today host a new subculture for Pakistan’s lifestyle conscious and wealthy class of people. They are not just being used for residential purposes, but some owners today, are also using them for commercial purposes. Renting them out for weddings, parties, corporate events, etc. is the current trend.

Blue World City

There is a sudden rush or surge in investments in farmhouses due to the cramped surroundings of modern urban cities. People prefer farmhouses to experience comfort in a second home, wherein they can also discover the joys of a country living.

The Blue Hills are being developed and constructed in the most prime locations of the entire housing society. It is the absolute star of the society. It is an absolutely magnificent place to invest in. This is the kind of place that you invest in to experience a lifestyle like never before. The uniqueness, features, amenities, serene location, etc. everything you name it, and it has it.

The Blue Hills are the topnotch feature of the entire housing society. It is going to bring more eloquence and beauty as well. You may choose to invest within any plot size according to your budget. Blue World City is one of those housing societies that has been selling out like hotcakes due to its convenient location, easy installment plan, and very affordable rates.

Blue World City offers a variety of plots to invest within whether for houses, villas, or farmhouses. Blue Hills Farmhouses offered by Blue World City are absolute state of the art farmhouses. These farmhouses are located in the prime locations of the housing society. With many different plot sizes available for whichever one you want to invest in.

Blue Hills is a great investment opportunity for anyone looking into investing in a farmhouse, to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Trying to find peace and tranquility in such a fast and modern city is what everyone truly wants at the end of the day.

Blue Hills Location:

The Blue Hills are being developed and constructed in the prime location of the housing society. These farmhouses are ideally located in the most tranquil area of the society with a water stream flowing nearby and beautiful sceneries all around.

Blue Hills is a great opportunity for you to escape from your everyday work life and the intense city life to find peace, by being surrounded by nature. It is a place where you can relax over on the weekends and enjoy the serene and beautiful environment around you and who does not want to get away from the constant rush and concrete jungle of the city? Everyone does and so should you. Being close to nature always puts you in a better and positive mood.

Blue World City Location

Situated near the main Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities these farmhouses are a great place to relax, experience a life filled with luxuries and enjoy a natural environment.

Farmhouse Sizes:

These farmhouses will be designed and constructed to whatever design the investors would like to choose. Following are the plot sizes:

  • 4 Kanals
  • 8 Kanals
  • 12 Kanals
  • 16 Kanals

Anyone can choose whatever plot size they would like to choose from according to whatever their budget is. Being certain in your mind about what you want your budget to be is very important as that will help in deciding in what plot size you can potentially invest in.

Blue Farmhouses Payment Plan:

As mentioned before Blue World City offers 4 different plot sizes in terms of the Blue Hill Farmhouses. The table mentioned above can help in guiding with the prices and all for the payment plan of the Blue Hills Farmhouses. As the table shows that Blue Hills offers a variety of plot sizes for the farmhouses. You can choose whichever payment plan is most suitable to you and your budget.

Blue Hills Farm houses 4 Year Payment Plan


With the city zones now being crowded and overpopulated, many individuals have sought out the comfort of investing within housing societies that have been located out of the city perimeters.

Moreover, these housing societies are a mere 25-30 kilometers from the city zone, which include all sorts of facilities that one would find in a city. These housing societies are created of the absolute state of the art.

There is an unexpected surge in the inclination towards building farmhouses because of the crowded environmental factors of present-day metropolitan urban areas. Individuals reap the benefits of comfortable country living that is an experience like no other.

The Blue World City is one of the many housing societies that is right now very popular in the eyes of the investors. Not only this but it is also one of the housing societies at very affordable rates to invest in.