Awan Town Lahore is a well-established residential society approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA). This Society is located in the west of the city Lahore, nearby Multan Road, administered and owned by the Local Government Administration. It is mainly a middle-class residential project that delivers all the basic and advanced residential amenities to the residents at modest rates.

The housing scheme has a legal status as the NOC and layout plans are approved, all the constructions and developments are taking place within the allotted area. The developers of the society have made the best use of the allotted land in creating a prime housing scheme.

The housing scheme offers residential and commercial plots ranging from 3 Marla to 1 Kanal, and luxury apartments. The properties are available for possession at simple payment and installment plans.

This housing scheme is the best option for the middle-income group of the city due to the affordability of prices. Since its beginning, society has been offering quality residential and commercial apartments where all the facilities are at one’s disposal.

Owners and Developers:

Awan Town Lahore is owned, developed, and managed by the Lahore City local government administration. The town is part of a vast administrative area of Karachi while offering a range of spacious plots for sale and apartments for sale.

Awan Town Location:

Awan Town Lahore Location

The location of Awan Town Lahore is situated on the west of the city against Allama Iqbal Town Lahore. It is a Union Council (UC 110) situated in Iqbal Town Tehsil. The society is nearby Multan Road that makes the society easily approachable. Although the housing scheme is distant from the eastern, posh areas of Lahore, it is easily accessible to the other important commercial zones of the city.


Following are the points that can be easily assessable:

  • Approximately 20-minutes’ drive away from Johar Town
  • Approximately 8-minutes’ drive away from Multan Road
  • Approximately 16-minutes’ drive away from Mustafa Town
  • Approximately 9-minutes’ drive away from Allama Iqbal Town
  • Approximately 25-minutes’ drive away from The bus terminal of Thokar
  • Approximately 30-minutes’ drive away from Wapda Town and Gulberg III

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are the Landmarks and Places nearby:

Awan Town Lahore Nearby Locations areas

Allama Iqbal Town, Wapda Town, Gulberg III, and Johar Town are the opulent residential societies in the surroundings of the housing scheme.

Awan Town NOC:

All the NOCs and other documents are legally approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA). All the construction plans, installment plans, payment plans, and layout plans are approved by LDA. The constructions within the locality of the society are taking place under the authorization of LDA.

LDA has granted approval for water supply, electricity, and Sui gas as well as the construction of residential and commercial plots. Also, the housing scheme is free of any charge of fraud and land encroachments.

Awan Town Layout Details:

The housing scheme is extended over an extensive area that is filled with residential and commercial plots ranging from 3 Marla to 1 Kanal.

8 Blocks are fully developed with a large number of plots and commercial areas equipped with all the facilities.

There are many playgrounds and parks, schools, and vast parking areas that can accommodate a large number of vehicles. Moreover, for enhancing society and filtering the air, there are adequate areas for and green belts and planting trees.


At present, 8 Blocks in the society are completely developed and are offering residential facilities to a myriad of families. These residential blocks are as follows:

  • Ali Block
  • Qutab Block
  • Jinnah Block
  • Kausar Block
  • Madina Block
  • Rizwan Block
  • Ahmad Block
  • Usman Block

This division of society into blocks is for the sake of easy administration and management. The make-up of these blocks spotlights the prowess of the engineers and architects. All the blocks are equipped with basic and ultra-modern facilities and there is a 24/7 provision of security, clean water, electricity, and Sui gas in all of the eight blocks.

Apart from residential and commercial constructions, each block is decorated with green belts, flowerbeds, and shady trees to intensify the beauty of these blocks.

Plots Sizes:

Awan Town Community offers residential and commercial plots of the following sizes:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Plots are also available for commercial purposes and are used as shops, clinics, salons, real estate companies, offices, and gyms. Apart from selling and purchasing, the housing scheme also offers plots on easy rents.


Awan Town Residency features elegantly designed residential apartments. These apartments feature single and double storeys with,

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 6 bedrooms

The apartments receive all the basic and latest facilities 24/7. The apartments are beautifully designed, and a proper system of ventilation is provided. There is an uninterrupted supply of water, electricity, gas, internet, telephone, cables, and a safe and intact internal wiring system in each house to avoid any kind of accident.

Awan Town Payment Prices:

Awan Town Community has the most affordable payment plan. For instance, Details are attached.

Awan Town Lahore Payment Plans

Modest and affordable prices of plots are the hallmark of this society. The starting price of a fully developed residential apartment in the society is PKR 30 lacs Only. The rates of plots here remain steady and fluctuate only with the fluctuation of rates in the real estate market.

Payment of plots can be done through easy monthly payment plans. With the down payment of 30 percent, the leftover funds can be paid through quarterly installments, covering a time frame of 1.5 years to 5 years. The facility of bank loan is offered for the convenience of the clients with a loan period of 20 years.

Facilities and Amenities:

Awan Town Lahore Facilities

If you are planning to have a house of your own at the prime location of Lahore where all the amenities are at your doorstep, This Society is the best option to choose. Luxury residences at attractive prices and payment plans are offered here, along with all the basic and modern facilities.

Basic Facilities:

There is a continuous and uniform supply of water, electricity, Sui gas, to all the residences in the society. There are water filtration plants and water coolers installed at different points within society.

In case of any power breakdown, there are electricity backups and power generators to ensure a continuous supply of electricity to the residents. Although other parts of the city face the issue of gas load-shedding especially in winters, Residents will not face any shortage of supply if you are a resident of this planned colony.

Educational Facilities:

To provide quality education to the inhabitants, schools are established in the society. The schools nearby the colony are Lahore Grammar School (LGS), The City School, Dar-e-Arqam, Beacon house School System, The Educators, and Lahore Garrison and Education System. Moreover, there are tuition centers and academies throughout the society.

Health Facilities:

Clinics and pharmacies are present in society provide the best health facilities to the residents. Skilled medical staff is available at the clinics, and the pharmacies are supplied with local and imported medicines.

The surrounding medical zones include LRBT Eye Hospital, Al-Awais Optics, and Eye Clinic, Hijama Clinic, Nawaz Sharif Social Security Hospital, Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman General Hospital, and Services Hospital Lahore.


Many shops are located in the society that provides the residents with all the items of daily use. Apart from these shops, Emporium Mall, Amanah Mall, and Gulberg Galleria are some of the shopping centers nearby.


Amina Masjid is one of the mosques located in the society that can accommodate a large number of Muslims to offer their prayers. The surrounding mosques include Jamia Masjid Quba, Zikria Masjid, and Jamia Masjid Rizwan.

Food Courts:

The famous eating zones near Awan Town include Pizza Hut, Subway, Hardee’s, OPTP, and McDonald’s.

Safe and Clean Environment:

The residents of the society are given 24/7 security. There are walk-through gates at the entrance of the colony, also, security cameras are installed at different places throughout the colony. Guards keep on guarding in the society for the safety of the residents.

The environment in the housing scheme is clean and refreshing due to trees and other plantations. There is a proper system of waste management, and trash carts are installed all over society.

Other Facilities:

The residents of the society are also facilitated with 24/7 internet through the best internet providers of the country. There is the facility of telephone to converse with the people living far off. ATMs, gyms, are also there to facilitate the inhabitants. For children, parks and playgrounds are developed where they can play and amuse themselves.

Salient Features:

Awan Town Community is home to all the basic and modern residential facilities. The housing scheme features a high-end lifestyle through luxury apartments and provides a complete living solution to its residents. The housing scheme includes the following salient features:

  • Gated community
  • Internet
  • Ecofriendly
  • Floriculture
  • Prime location
  • Approved NOC
  • Main boulevard
  • Simple payment plans
  • Latest security system
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Vast parks and playgrounds
  • Interwoven street and road network
  • 24/7 supply of water, electricity, gas
  • Flawless sewage and drainage system
  • Spacious apartments with a system of ventilation

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantage and Disadvantages of Awan Town Lahore are:

Advantages Disadvantages
Spacious residential and commercial apartments Perception of heavy traffic area
Elegant design
Easy payment and installment plans
Bank loan facility
Water supply
Secure boundaries
Secure wiring
Carpeted roads and streets
Sewerage and drainage system
Health zones
Fitness zones
Parks and playgrounds
General stores
Eating zones
Clean environment
Friendly and responsible staff

Why Invest in Awan Town Lahore?

In a country where it is difficult to earn money due to lesser opportunities and is caught in the crisis of water, gas, and electricity, every citizen wishes to invest the hard-earned money in a residence where these basic facilities are at hand. Awan Town Lahore fulfills the desires of the customers and offers commercial and residential plots and apartments equipped with the latest facilities at reasonable prices.

The payment and installment plans are convenient, and the buyers are also facilitated with the option of a bank loan. Furthermore, the society is granted approved NOCs and is free of land encroachments. So without further ado, be a part of this great venture, and buy a house of your own choice.

Steps to Follow Before Buying a Property in Awan Town Lahore:

The housing scheme offers you an amazing experience of luxury living in Lahore. However, follow the below-mentioned guideline before you buy your property in this housing scheme.

  • Check the NOCs approved by Lahore Development Authority
  • Verify the documents from Lahore Development Authority
  • Visit a trustworthy property dealer
  • For buying or selling a property, do check that the funds comply with the purchase or sale plan.
  • Look over the accessibility of the facilities like water, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Make a detailed inspection of the infrastructure.
  • Examine the locality and check your proximity to hospitals, educational centers, offices, etc.
  • Inspect the security provided to the inhabitants of the society.

How to book a plot in Awan Town Lahore?

For booking any kind of property in the housing society, visit the booking office with

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Passport size picture
  • Down payment

For online booking, visit the official website of the housing society or the website of Tajarat Properties

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What is Awan Town Lahore?

Ans: It is one of the standard residential societies in Lahore that is offering commercial and residential plots at reasonable rates.

Q2: Is Awan Town Lahore a legal housing society?

Ans: It is a housing society with all the NOCs and layout plans approved by Lahore Developmental Authority (LDA). Society is clear from any kind of land encroachments.

3. What facilities does this housing scheme offer?

Ans: The society offers the basic facilities of water, electricity, and Sui gas. Apart from these, there are schools, health zones, shopping centers, and playgrounds.


Awan Town Lahore is a union council and a principal middle-class residential project located in the west of the city against Alama Iqbal Town Lahore. Plots and High-standard residential and commercial apartments ranging from 3marlas to 1 Kanal are offered at affordable prices, starting from PKR 30 lacs.

The apartments are equipped with all the basic and modern facilities that upgrade your living standard. There is an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity. Schools, clinics, general stores, cafes, and many other amenities are offered here. In a nutshell, Awan Town Lahore is a place where you can enjoy a standard residential experience and live the life of your dream.

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