Avalon City Islamabad is an ultra-modern residential development aiming to become the first technological city in the country. The residential society is an exclusive development situated near the prime location of Chakri Motorway Interchange. The housing society is a soon-to-be-approved project developed by renowned urbanist ZKB Developers.

Avalon City is a state-of-the-art development that offers the most economical prices compared to the other housing societies available in the market. The magnificent residential development aims to provide advanced technology solutions for all the basic necessities of life with top-notch amenities and facilities.

Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon City Islamabad Owners and Developers:

The owners and developers of Avalon City Islamabad are the respectable business group Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB Developers). The housing society is a joint development between ZKB and its local and international partners, including Urban Solutions, Chaghi Enterprises and CIT Group.

The flagship collaboration aimed to provide world-class facilities while maintaining international development standards and timely delivery using inventive concepts and cutting-edge technology. The urbanist group is known for hiring the most skilful and expert architecture teams.

Avalon City Islamabad Owners and Developers

Taj Residencia, Nova City Islamabad and Al-Noor Orchard are other major projects developed by reliable and reputed urbanist groups.

Zahir Khan & Brothers ZKB:

Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB) is among Pakistan’s most reputed business groups. Ahmed Khan Andarh is a Pakistani politician, former senate member, and the current CEO of ZKB group. The construction company is Islamabad-based and has been operating for almost 40 years in the country’s real estate sector. Initially, the urbanist group operated solely within the Balochistan region and, with time, expanded throughout the country.

Avalon City Islamabad Owners and Developers

The urbanist group has gained experience in data management, web designing, climate change, and architecture development in countries like the U.S., UAE, and China. The company profile has a strong team of 1,000-5,000 employees working nationwide and internationally.

The urbanist group has a wide range of experience with 152 successfully delivered projects with annual revenue of $5 Million. ZKB has endeavoured to improve the quality of life of people across the country and develop cutting-edge projects that will provide smart living solutions.

Avalon City Islamabad Owners and Developers

Avalon City Islamabad NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Avlon City Islamabad will soon be approved by the concerned development authorities. The owners of the residential society have followed all the protocols during the development process and will soon be receiving the NOC approval of the residential society. Being an approved project enhances the value of a residential project, making it a reliable investment.

Avalon City Islamabad Location:

The location of Avalon City Islamabad is prime as it is located near Chakri Road. The residential society’s location is the main feature that has been attracting a lot of investors towards it. The Rawalpindi Chakri Road is one of the major routes that makes housing society highly accessible from twin cities.

The route will also substantially assist the housing society’s accessibility from the Motorway Chakri Interchange. Also, Adiala Road is just 12 minutes away from the housing society. Avalon City Islamabad is neighbouring some of the most notable housing projects of the capital city, like the Airport Housing Society, Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Kingdom Valley.

Avalon City Islamabad Map:

Avalon City Islamabad Map

University Town, Rudn Enclave, and Kingdom Valley are some other convenient investment options available for the investors of the capital city.

Avalon City Accessibilities:

Following are some of the accessibility points of the housing society:

Avalon City Islamabad Location

  • Located at Chakri Road
  • Almost 12 min drive away from Adiala Road
  • Almost 40 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
  • Almost 41 min drive away from Chakri Interchange
  • Almost 42 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
  • Almost 42 min drive away from Thalian Interchange
  • Almost 45 min drive away from Srinagar Highway
  • Almost 44 min drive away from International Islamabad Airport

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are the nearby places and landmarks of the residential society:

Avalon City Islamabad Master Plan:

The master plan of the Avalon housing scheme is skillfully developed by the experienced team of ZKB Builders and Constructors. The housing society is well-planned and possesses all the features to provide a luxurious and comfortable life. The residential society is a gated community with 24/7 surveillance and provides world-class facilities and amenities. The housing society also aims to provide world-class education and health facilities.

The housing society’s master plan is to revolutionize the living standards in Pakistan by providing its residents with advanced technology solutions to solve their daily problems. The master plan includes smart facilities like automatic street lights, 3D theatres, virtual theatres, WiFi trees, and electric bikes. The residential project is divided into blocks that offer different plot sizes for residential and commercial purposes.

Avalon City Islamabad Master Plan

Avalon City Islamabad Plot Sizes:

Following are the plot sizes available in the housing society:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan:

The payment plan of Avalon City Islamabad is intelligently designed, keeping cost-efficiency as the primary consideration. The housing society payment plan offers 3 yearly payment plan that can be paid in flexible 36 monthly instalments. The plots can be booked through a 10% down payment, and a 10% confirmation fee will be charged. Some extra payment will be charged for the membership.

Following is a convenient payment plan for the residential society:

Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

Avalon City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities:

The facilities and amenities of Avalon City Islamabad are world-class, aiming to achieve Pakistan’s first technological city. The housing society is filled with all the modern-day’s necessities to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The developers have the vision to provide quality living that supports a green ecological environment.

Following are some of the facilities and amenities offered by the housing society:

Avalon City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

Grand Mosque:

The Grand Mosque of the housing scheme is another beautiful addition to fulfil spiritual needs. Its modern and divine architecture is soul-soothing and calming. The Jamia masjid is in a rapid development phase.

Gated Community:

Avalon City Islamabad is a secure gated community with 24/7 surveillance. Being a gated community raises the standards of a housing society. The housing societies owners did not compromise on the security of their future residents. A boundary wall protects the residential society’s confines to keep the high-tech level of security.

Eco-Friendly Environment:

The residential society developers generated a green ecological environment in the most fruitful landmarks of Islamabad. Its serene and eco-friendly environment attracts a lot of overseas investors.

Health Facilities:

The developers of the housing society kept a significant thought for the health care needs of their residents. They developed international standards for hospitals and clinics. The emergency centres are going to be open 24 hours a week.

Business Hub:

The Business Hub of residential society is another beneficial feature of residential society. The productive business hub added to the project would allow the residents to achieve many commercial benefits. Many international and local brands will be present at the residential society’s commercial hub, allowing its residents to experience the best shopping experience.

Water Resources:

The developers of the housing society kept a particular approach towards the water necessity of their future residents. They create a clever water reservation system to save a large number of water resources. The future residents living in the residential society will barely face any water crisis. The resident will also plant water filtration plants for clean and safe water.

Education Complexes:

Education is one of the most important necessities for modern living. The housing developers are planning to develop international standard schools and education complexes. The most skilful and highly educated teaching staff to provide quality education.

Smart Street Lights:

The developers of the housing society are determined to provide their residents with smart facilities. A smart streetlight is a type of street lighting that uses digital facilities such as cameras, light-sensing photocells, and other sensors to provide real-time monitoring capabilities. These facilities eliminate many factors of traffic emergencies.

3D Theatres:

The 3-D film is a marketing term for an entertainment presentation system combining physical effects in the theatre in synchronization with the movies. Avalon City Islamabad owners aim to provide the ultimate entertainment experience for their residents.

Virtual Theatres:

Virtual Theaters are one the most modernized forms of entertainment. Virtual theatre is a broad category that runs from high-quality performance recordings to staticky live zooms and is characterized as a genre only for its dependency on WiFi. Avalon City Islamabad is introducing the first virtual theatre in the country to revolutionize the entertainment experience.

WiFi Trees:

Tree WiFi works by using containers designed like bird houses that have a specific installation to be installed in the trees, it has sensors that measure and tell you exactly the quality of the air at that time, and of course, a router that is in charge of broadcasting the internet signal. The housing society’s owners are planning to plant WiFi trees in the residential society for the residents.

Automatic Air Conditioned:

Central air conditioning is a system in which air is cooled and heated at a central location and distributed to and from rooms by one or more fans and ductwork. The housing society has an impeccable central air conditioning system.

Avalon City Salient Features:

Following are some of the salient features of the residential society:

  • Multiple Escalators, Elevators, and Travelators for Vertical Access
  • Exclusively Designed for Both International and National Brands
  • Business Centre
  • Free WiFi Facility
  • Customer Care Centre
  • Centrally Air Conditioned
  • Banking Facility
  • Standby Power Generation
  • Grand Mosque
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance
  • Upscale Shops
  • Exquisite Banquet Halls
  • Large Food Courts Having Wide Array of Restaurants
  • Open Air / Terrace Hotels
  • Gym, Spa, Sauna, etc.
  • Ultra-Luxurious Hotel Apartments
  • 3D Cinemas
  • Virtual Centers
  • Automatic Traffic Control

Why Invest in Avalon City Islamabad?

Avalon City Islamabad is compassioned to become the very first technological city in the country. The housing society possesses all the potent qualities of becoming a high-yielding investment opportunity. The housing scheme has exceptional qualities from exclusive location, progenitive land, majestic architecture, and a peaceful green environment.

The housing society is a peaceful, eco-friendly project that offers all the modern life amenities. Another engaging quality of the housing scheme is the affordable prices that allow investors from all distinctive classes to invest in the project. The budget-friendly payment plan of the housing society is a major step toward raising the living standards in the country.

Avalon City Islamabad

Technological City Features:

Following are the features offered in a Technological City:

  • Load Shedding Free Environment
  • Automated Traffic Control
  • Automated Utility Supply
  • Environmental Collection
  • CCTV with Facial & Object Recognition
  • Automated Street Lights
  • Automated Air Conditioning Control System
  • Electric Bikes
  • WiFi Tress

Guideline for Buying and Selling a property with Tajarat Properties:

Following is the guideline to following for buying and selling property:

Documentation Verification:

Verified documents are required. Ensure your documents are verified, and your form is filled with the most accurate information. That will help you in buying and selling your property. After the verification test will be no such doubt in the authentication of the society.

Financial Security:

After consulting the society for investment, make sure you have a solid financial plan to pursue your investment. So, there will be no inconveniences in the future instalment of your investment.

Property Visit:

A satisfactory visit to the society’s location will help avoid any scams. Moreover, it will help you know the exact location of the property.

Avalon City Booking Procedure:

The booking procedure of Avalon City is effortless. The owners of residential society are assured to make the simplest booking procedure just like for their investors.

Steps to follow are written below:

  • Visit Tajarat Properties office
  • Consult with our expert marketing agents
  • Carefully describe the dimension and type of property to purchase
  • Fill out the booking application form
  • Attach your CNIC copies
  • Pay the down payment via pay order or cheque
  • Cash Payments are also accepted after the confirmation by the management

Documentation Required For Booking:

Following are the documents to book a property in the housing scheme:

  • Two passport-size Pictures
  • NICOP for overseas clients
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the I.D. card of your next Kin

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about the Avalon City Islamabad:

Q1: How does a technological city differ from other cities?

Ans: A technological city is a cutting-edge space with smart technology, innovative development, and modernized infrastructure. It raises living standards by providing smart apps, features, an eco-friendly smart environment, and strategic planning, providing the ultimate living experience to its residents, which makes it different from other projects.

Q2: Where is Avalon City Islamabad located?

Ans: Avalon City Islamabad is located at the prime location of Chakri Road.

Q3: Who are the developers of Avalon City Islamabad?

Ans: Avalon City Islamabad is a collaboration between ZKB developers and its partners Urban Solutions, Chaghi Enterprises and CIT Group.

Q4: Is Avalon City a legal society?

Ans: The housing society is striving soon to be a NOC-approved project.

Q5: What are the unique facilities this society is going to provide?

Ans: Avalon City Islamabad aims to be the first technological city in the country that will provide a self-sustainable environment that features facilities such as a BRT system, climate control apps, free WiFi hotspots, traffic control apps, surveillance systems, appliances control apps etc.

Q6: Is this society good for short-term or long-term investment?

Ans: Avalon City Islamabad is a society worth investing in. It is a golden investment opportunity for the long-term as well as a short-term investment plan.

Q7: How to carry out the Amalgamation of Plots?

Ans: Steps to be followed are:

  • Submit the required documents
  • After the completion of the process and on the given date, the customer will collect a new allotment letter

Q8: How do mortgage plots in a housing scheme?

Ans: Steps to be followed are:

  • Submit a request application
  • Pay NOC / NEC fee
  • Issue NOC / NEC to the bank

Q9: How to carry out the cancellation of files?

Ans: Steps to be followed are:

  • The owner has to submit a request application
  • To collect cancellation letter from the office

Q10: How to take possession of a Plot in Avalon City Islamabad?

Ans: Steps to be followed are:

  • Member will apply for SOD & PDCS (Statement of Dues & Post-Dated Cheques Statement) from BCD (Building Control Department) on Computer Generated Letter
  • Before applying, he has to pay the possession fee and will attach the deposit slip along with the application
  • BCD will issue SOD & PDCS, and the member will pay accordingly.
  • Now member will apply on the prescribed application and will attach the following documents:
    • M.S. letter &/or Allotment Certificate (Copies)
    • CNIC (Copy)
    • Affidavit
    • Post-dated Cheques (PDC)
    • Fee / Charges deposit slips
  • BCD will process their application and get approval
  • BCD will approach the applicant to visit and get on-ground Possession and Possession Letter

Q11: What is the Avalon City Islamabad office contact number?

Ans: The number of Avalon City Islamabad head office is 0330 3005552.

Q12: What are plot sizes available in Avalon City Islamabad?

Ans: Following are the plot sizes available in the residential society:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


Avalon City Islamabad is a magnificent residential development that provides its residents with a maximum and unique living experience. The housing society is a joint venture between the ZKB and its partners. The soon-to-be-approved project is in a rapid phase of development that will provide smart facilities with top-notch amenities available at the most economical rates.

Its remarkable features, ideal location, magnificent view, international-themed restaurants, and facilities attract many foreign investors. The residential society will be a safe and successful investment for its buyers in the coming years.

For more details, please visit Tajarat Properties. Our other exclusive projects are Capital Smart City, Park View City, Bahria Town Karachi 2 and Blue World City.