5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town on Easy Installments are located alongside the Soan River, connecting the GT Road to the twin cities. It is a CDA-approved housing society, which Bahria Town Private Limited designs. There are 5 and 12 Marla plots for sale in Bahria town on flexible installments. The plots are of various sizes that are consumer-friendly.

Like these plots for sale, there are several reasons that you can also find in Faisal Hills so that people would invest freely.

Bahria Town Islamabad Owners & Developers:

The developers of 5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town Islamabad are very talented, namely Bahria Town Private Limited. These are the designers maintaining a good reputation in the real estate and construction sector of Pakistan.

The 5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town is a place where you will love to spend your time. The whole housing scheme is designed to guarantee that people live their lives the way they have always dreamed of, in the right lush green environment.

Similarly, the owner, Malik Riaz Hussain, is the chairman and the founder of Bahria Town, and his son, Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik, is the chief executive. Bahria Town is delivering highly preferred residential and commercial projects in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Nawabshah ever since its establishment in 1996.

The designers of the housing development are recognized for delivering advanced projects in the real estate sector. Following are the highly notable projects in the major cities, comprises:

Rawalpindi / Islamabad:

  • Safari Valley
  • Meadows
  • Bahria Homes
  • Awami Villas
  • Bahria Heights
  • Bahria Hills
  • Executive Lodges
  • Overseas Enclave
  • Safari Apartments
  • Safari Villas
  • Safari Mall
  • Civic Center
  • River View Commercial
  • Bahria Enclave
  • Bahria Golf City
  • Bahria Garden City
  • Agro Luxury Farm Houses


  • Bahria Greens Karachi
  • M9 Underpass
  • Central Park Apartments
  • Midway Commercial
  • Clifton Flyover
  • Bahria Farmhouses
  • Jinnah Avenue Commercial
  • Hoshang Pearl
  • Opal 225
  • Bahria Town Tower
  • Bahria Town Icon
  • Bahria Paradise
  • Bahria Golf City Karachi
  • Bahria Sports City
  • Bahria Heights
  • Bahria Homes
  • Bahria Apartments


  • Bahria Orchard
  • Safari Villas
  • Bahria Oasis
  • Ahram-e-Misr
  • Executive Lodges
  • Canal View Residency
  • Golf View Residencia
  • Bahria Nasheman
  • Al-Rehmat Project
  • Bahria Education & Medical City

Additionally, Bahria Town Corporate Offices are located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Nawabshah, and Peshawar.

Bahria Town Islamabad NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Bahria Town Islamabad is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). 5 & 12 Marla plots in Bahria Town are good investment opportunities as The NOC was approved on the 5th of July 2001.

The residential society has nine phases, and so far, all of them are approved by the relevant authorities.

Since Bahria Town has all the consent and approval forms signed by CDA, all the constructions in Bahria Town are also entirely legal. Hence, it is safe to invest in the properties available within Bahria Town, especially 5 and 12 Marla residential plots on easy installment plans.

Bahria Town Islamabad Location:

The location of 5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town on Easy Installments are open for booking in Bahria Town Islamabad nearby Jinnah Avenue in zone IV of Islamabad. Many popular residential and non-residential areas are located in the proximity of the housing society.

Also, the location of Taj Residencia is called a prime location as it is located in the main sector of Islamabad.

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Nearby landmarks and places of Bahria Town are as follows:

  • Bahria Agro Farm Houses Islamabad
  • Bahria Enclave Islamabad
  • Bahria Enclave-II Islamabad
  • Bahria Golf City Islamabad
  • Bahria Golf Heights
  • Bahria Hills Islamabad
  • Soan Gardens
  • Airport Housing Society
  • Zaraj Housing Scheme
  • Golden Jubilee Residential Cooperative Housing Society
  • National Cooperative Housing Society
  • Gulrez Housing Scheme
  • Safari Villas
  • Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Islamabad
  • Bahria Enclave
  • Saddar
  • Ayub National Park
  • Jinnah Park Rawalpindi
  • Green Enclave FGEHS Islamabad
  • Murree Toll Plaza
  • Korang River
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Joyland Rawalpindi

Accessibility Points:

The project Rudn Enclave Islamabad also provides easy accessibility to its people, just like it offers its customers. Following are the quick & easy accessibility to the Bahria Town Islamabad:

  • Nearly 2 min drive from Corniche Road
  • Nearly 4 min drive from Kahuta Road
  • Nearly 6 min drive from Main PWD Road
  • Nearly 6 min drive from Allama Iqbal Road
  • Nearly 5 min drive from Central Avenue
  • Nearly 10 min drive from Soan Avenue
  • Nearly 10 min drive from Defence Avenue
  • Nearly 12 min drive from Faisal Avenue/ Islamabad Expressway
  • Nearly 14 min drive from Kallar Syedan Road
  • Nearly 15 min drive from National Park Road
  • Nearly 16 min drive from Morgah Road
  • Nearly 24 min drive from Caltex Avenue
  • Nearly 25 min drive from Adyala Road
  • Nearly 25 min drive from Srinagar Highway
  • Nearly 29 min drive from Dhamial Road

Moreover, the housing scheme is surrounded by several popular residential societies. Moreover, it proposes great investment opportunities as it provides a variety of plots. The 5 Marla and 12 Marla residential plots are available at reasonable rates and with an easy installment plan.

Bahria Town Islamabad Master plan:

The master plan of 5 & 12 Marla plots for sale in Bahria Town is very flexible. It is planned with great commitment and care. It is situated nearby Jinnah Avenue. The housing society is being developed as per up-to-date standards.

It deals with residential plots, commercial plots, and apartments of different sizes at reasonable prices.

A large portion of land is distributed for the parks and playgrounds. Furthermore, several roads and boulevards are also added to the master plan of the housing scheme. The residential society is divided into the following Phases:

  • Bahria Town Phase 1
  • Bahria Town Phase 2
  • Bahria Town Phase 3
  • Bahria Town Phase 4
  • Bahria Town Phase 5
  • Bahria Town Phase 6
  • Bahria Town Phase 7
  • Bahria Town Phase 8
  • Bahria Town Phase 9

Plots for Sale in Bahria Town Islamabad:

Like Park View City Islamabad, the plots for sale can be easily accessible at reasonable installment rates.

Residential Plots:

The residential plots of the following sizes are available in Bahria Town:

  • 5 Marla
  • 12 Marla

Facilities & Amenities:

The Bahria Town Islamabad is providing all the modern facilities and amenities at budget-friendly rates. Just like Capital Smart City, 5 and 12 Marla plots in Bahria Town Islamabad will represent all of the smart features within the society. The facilities are part of this luxurious community that could be termed as a complete residential scheme.

The Bahria Town Islamabad presents different plots sizes, including 5 & 12 Marla plots in Bahria Town. These are smart properties that you can buy at the best prices.

Modern infrastructure:

The housing society is trying to reach a sustainable transport system to ensure motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and other freedom demands. The society will present a high-tech transport infrastructure using higher effectiveness.

The Urban Look:

Life in cosmopolitan centers has shifted basic civil civilization. In the contemporary urban realm, all modern-day facilities will be available in this society. So, this is why the housing society will be expected as an entire modern residential center, using an ultra-urbane atmosphere.

Similarly, the project Blue World City also provides easy accessibility and its whole outlook to its people, just like this project is offering its customers.

Botanical Garden:

The society will provide a botanical garden to offer a natural lifestyle with all the modern amenities. The nature-close ambience will provide a unique experience that could not be found in any of the housing societies in Pakistan.

With the increasingly busy city life, people gradually get away from the natural environment affecting their health. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, society is developing this botanical garden to ensure an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Eco-friendly Environment:

The Bahria Town Islamabad is planned in a way that promised the protection of natural resources. They ensure that the natural regions of the environmental surroundings are not bothered. That’s why The Bahria Town becomes a relaxing place where the residents may experience surroundings of tranquillity and calmness.

Grand Mosque:

Society is going to cater to all the needs of the residents that also includes religious needs. For this, the developers are building a beautiful grand Jamia mosque. This mosque will be an intelligent mosque with all the modern technology and architecture.

However, several mosques are located in the locality of the housing society as well:

  • Masjid-e-Riffat
  • Jamia Masjid Rehmat
  • Jamia Masjid Chaudary Abdul Aziz
  • Masjid Khadija-tul-Kubra
  • Jamia Masjid Phase 3
  • Jamia Masjid Phase 4
  • Jamia Masjid Azmat
  • Jamai Masjid Rashida
  • Jamia Masjid Mustafa

Fuel Station:

As mentioned above, this society will be like no other. It is represented by developing a dedicated fuel station for the residents’ convenience not to go out of society to fill the Gas in their vehicles.

Health Facilities:

The developers have paid particular attention to the health facilities. For this purpose, the developers will develop state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics. The emergency will be open 24/7, the staff and doctors will be available all the time.

Education Complex:

To make sure the provision of international level education to the children. The teaching staff will also be professional and trained in their specified fields to have the best education.

The developers of Bahria Town have built several educational institutes within the premises of the housing society:

  • ACE International Academy
  • The City School
  • Roots Millennium Schools
  • Stemma School System
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • Allied School
  • Dar-e-Arqam School
  • Silver Oaks School & College
  • The Paragon School & College

Moreover, several educational institutes are located nearby:


  • Headstart School, Kuri Campus
  • Sehberg School System
  • Supernova School
  • The City School Satellite Town Campus
  • Westminister School & College, Margalla Road
  • Roots Millenium School
  • The Smart School G-9 Campus
  • Headstart School, F-6/2


  • Chenab College F-8/4
  • Grafton College of Engineering & Sciences
  • Islamabad Model College for Girls G-6
  • National College of Arts
  • Rawalpindi College of Commerce
  • Universal College Islamabad


  • Abasyn University Islamabad Campus
  • Capital University of Science & Technology
  • COMSATS University Islamabad
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University
  • Institute of Space & Technology
  • Rawalpindi Women University
  • Riphah International University F-6 Campus
  • The Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences, & Technology

Sports Complex:

The sports complex will provide globally recognized sports facilities to the residents. These facilities will be for all the age groups of the people. Several facilities are going to be available under one roof.

Business & Commercial Hub:

The developers have taken care of all the needs of the residents, economic & commercial needs. For this reason, society will provide an all-in-one commercial area. From these areas, the residents may fulfill all the commercial needs from within the society.

Likewise, Nova City Islamabad is also the exclusive venture where you can find amazing shopping malls just like this development characteristics.

Secure Community:

A sense of safety is necessary for a housing society. A gated community ensures safety. A security system with perfectly installed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance gear provides all-inclusive security to the people.

The society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof system to provide a high safety level for the inhabitants.

Wide Carpeted Road:

The roads and other infrastructure are developed with professionalism and equipment to ensure the perfect development. The Main Boulevard and streets are wide and spacious enough to give away a beautiful look.

Salient Features:

5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town offers the following comfortable and salient features:

  • Green Belts along the streets and roads
  • Hospitals
  • Mosques in every Block
  • Wide Main Boulevard
  • Street Lights
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Clean Environment
  • Gardens
  • Graveyard
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Gated Community
  • Security Guards
  • Walkthrough Gates
  • 24/7 Emergency Help Center
  • Beautiful and Spacious Parks
  • CDA-approved
  • Broadband internet services
  • Commercial Markets
  • Continuous Utilities; Electricity, Gas & Water
  • Education Institutes
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Theme Park
  • Security & Surveillance

Guidelines to Follow Before Buying a Property in Bahria Town:

The guidelines to follow are:

Document Validation:

Please, ensure that you have verified all the documents and are one hundred percent satisfied with them. Similarly, do inquire about the approved NOC of the housing society by the CDA. In this way, the satisfaction of the customers can be ensured.

Financial Security:

Before finalizing any deal to buy the property, please ensure that you have adequate resources to purchase the property. In this manner, there will not be any issues related to the acquisition of the property.

Site Inspection:

Before buying the property or even verifying the documents, make sure to visit the site of the property you want to buy so that you can make an informed decision about buying the property you are interested in.

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

Following documentation is required to buy 5 and 12 Marla plots in Bahria Town Islamabad:

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next of Kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients

Through this method, you can also book residential and commercial plots in other housing societies such as Discovery Gardens Islamabad, ICHS, and Prism Heights Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about 5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town:

Q1: What is 5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town on Easy Installments?

Ans: 5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town are good plots presented in Bahria Town Islamabad.

Q2: Where is Bahria Town Islamabad located?

Ans: Bahria Town is located close to Jinnah Avenue.

Q3: Is Bahria Town legal?

Ans: The NOC of the housing scheme is approved by CDA.

Q4: Who are the developers of Bahria Town?

Ans: Bahria Town is a project by Bahria Town Private Limited.

Q5: What type of properties are available in Bahria Town?

Ans: Bahria Town offers residential plots and commercial plots at affordable rates.


5 & 12 Marla Plots in Bahria Town on easy installments is surrounded by several popular residential communities. It is easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi as well. CDA approves the housing scheme.

It offers residential plots of 5 & 12, Marla, on easy installments and at very reasonable charges. The housing development promotes a sustainable environment too. Hence, Tajarat Properties recommends you investing in Bahria Town. For further details or information related to top projects like Blue World City Islamabad & Bahria Town Karachi 2, Tajarat Properties is here to assist you.