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Urban Sole is branded footwear from the house of the SHAFI (Pvt.) Ltd., a traditional leather shoe manufacturer which has its own tannery that produces the finest quality leather in the world with an experience of producing premium quality footwear for over 2 decades.

Urban Sole was launched in 1998 as a truly national brand and has since then become a renowned not only in Pakistan, but is supplied to customers in Middle East.

Nationally Urban Sole enjoys the Value of its premium products that are known as “Genuine Leather” Products with 40 company operated outlets and more than 250 Relationship accounts. Thus Quality is our prime focus to meet the ultimate customer satisfaction under ISO 9001: 2008.

Urban Sole is a consumer focused brand which means that it is constantly evolving and innovating with time to improve the quality, look, feel and image of the footwear that it produces so as to match and exceed consumer expectations and to provide them with the highest value and quality footwear. Urban Sole footwear stands for comfort, flexibility and artistically designed casuals. The combination of durable but supple leathers and the timeless hand sewn craftsmanship that goes into making every Urban Sole shoe creates the unsurpassed "comfort by construction" for which Urban Sole is renowned for.

From smart ergonomic design concepts to the highest quality materials and workmanship, Urban Sole has its own design, development, marketing, and distribution departments that ensure quality at every step of the way. Urban Sole footwear is partially hand-stitched as well as made on state of the art technology imported from Germany and Italy, allowing it to maintain the premium quality that Urban Sole footwear is known for.

Today, the Urban Sole has become a premium brand in Pakistan with its impressive line-up of footwear that is much sought after and respected for due to its quality standards. From its easy and comfortable range of sandals, or classic moccasins for a night out or even a business meeting, to the rough and tough digger for any outdoor endeavours, Urban Sole has something for everyone.

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